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Nigbit- January- 2015

Home Terrorists, Slowing it Down, Israel May Be Right

France has just been hit with the worst terrorist attack in decades where 12 people were killed over satirical drawings (cartoons) of Mohammad by home grown terrorists to prevent free speech.

Such horror was conducted by two brothers of Islamic background that live in France. As of this writing they have not been apprehended.

Since they live in France, it is a fact that there are people there that knew what they were getting ready to do as well as people that know where they are now.

Don’t be mistaken, these attacks are approved by most Muslims even if they say they do not agree with the killings. However, there are some that is genuinely sorry for the deaths these terrorists perpetrated.

None the less, they are being shielded, helped and I believed supported by family members and friends. These that had knowledge and or could have stopped them.

Will it happen again? Yes! It will happen again in France and the United States and in other nations. Is there a way to slow it down or make them think twice before any of them decide to do something like this again? Yes!

Israel has the right idea. They tore down the homes of terrorist families. It greatly reduced attacks so they abandon the practice because the world complained that it looked inhumane.

But since the attack on their Holy Temple that brutally killed 5 Rabbis while praying Israel once again returned to tearing down families homes. As of now not any serious bombing has occurred again. It will, but tearing down homes will make those that want to do attacks think twice about their own families and their families will think twice about not trying to stop them for fear they could loose all they have because of them.

Such measures as this should be adopted by the west to deter the same terrorist attacks. Places like France, Britain, United States and other places. But because of the way our houses are structured, demolition would affect the neighborhoods.

But we can change laws to put them out of the country. We should accept Israel’s policy. But instead of tearing down homes, put families out of the country. Yes, put out of the country their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and first cousins. There is no way someone in these groups do not know what is going on by their family member(s).

This will deter home grown terrorists, but the free nations are, well, soft. Terrorists know this and care less about killing 5, 10, even 20 people or more because they know our soft system of brining them to court and giving them life in prison is most likely what they will get. Once again they win.

We never win by locking them up or giving them long waits for courts. Justice should be as swift to them as was to those they killed. Deporting or if a citizen, pay no attention to it but declare them a threat for enabling others. Their removal should should be just as swift.

It this would happen then we would not be wasting money in court and having families of terrorists get lawyers to defend them. These families would be gone. For example, the Boston bomber.

Countries must realize we are at war with terrorists. France, whose majority population didn’t think that going to Afghanistan or Iraq was really necessary. But since the senseless killing has come to their doorstep, they finally realize why they should be fighting the enemy in their own countries rather than on their or our home soil.

Stop Bashing Israel for protecting their people but learn from them how to “do unto them the same as they do unto you.” Get some guts! You think about it!


Obama and France March, Why US Didn"t Show

Much to do with nothing is made about high end people from the US not attending an open end street march for solidarity with millions of French people against Free Speech following the horrific killing of cartoonists there. The complaint is that high end presidents and officials from many other countries were there and so should have someone from the United States been there also.

Well, our president is not like other world figures. If the president of Israel or Canada was shot, would terrorists hold this as a great victory? No!  A small victory against Israel.  But Israel does not have the most powerful president in the world nor are they sending military and drones or even killing high level terrorist bosses.

However, it would be a great victory to kill the President of the United States and even the Vice President as labeled, "this was for killing Bin Larden." Terrorist would feel embolden and grow even more.

Yes, security was an issue and well considered. There are many news media's that has a lot to say. But it ain't their life being exposed like targets, as you saw. French protection did not reach out to the millions that marched. A bomber could have easily entered the midst of unsearched people and found their way close enough to the president to detonate a hidden bomb. You think about It!