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Nigbits February 2013


Where are the Ministers on gun control

Why aren't ministers at the helm of gun control? We have top notch ministers that are as silent on gun control as they are on preaching the truth. It's this silence that has lead Christianity into overflowing gayville of a lost battle to far gone to turn around.

Once you see you're made past mistakes why don't this spirit in them stand up and say, "I will stand for God no matter what." But pastors have been caught up into so much favorship until they preach from the pocket books of their followers rather from the word of God.

Once again another great sin has entered into society and pastors sit and wait until their family members are accidentally shot before they do some thing about it. Buy then it's too late. Just like gay rights over took the church by the church being silence.

That battle is lost and can only be repaired by Christ. Now a Gun battle is before the church and the opportunity is here to speak out about it and against it.  But I fear that the Church is the problem and the gun owners from the pastor down to the church beast master rat owns a missile loading gun with pictures pasted on the pages of their bibles like photos of a lover.

It's no longer "for the love of God, but "for the love of Guns". It's no longer protecting children, but think themselves their pretending power by reading scriptures that say, "blessed are the little children" or  "It's better to jump in the water and drown your self rather than hurt a little child".

Don't Republican pastors and their followers believe in what they preach? No! Don't Democratic pastors and their followers believe in what they preach? No! Where is the sound of protection from ministers? Am I the only one that care? That speak for God. That doesn't care what the news media say.

Pastors should be leading and not from behind. Maybe they are cowards. Maybe church followers are cowards. Is this God worthy? I don't think so.....You think about it!


Gays, Boy Scouts and Satan

A lot of talk is going around by followers of the big "D" about allowing gays into the Boy Scouts. While I don't agree with Republican ministers on much I do have concerns of my own and agree with them on this issue.

I've never been a Boy Scout and can care less about them if all they do is produce grown up versions of Republican haters of poor people, people of color and supporters of the Tea Party Constitutional hardliners against those that just want a fair share and chance to get ahead in this country.

However, I must say some have a point by not wanting gays as leaders. Let me make this clear. I said leaders. I have no problem with them being in the Boy Scouts or in any area of our society as workers and leaders as long as their leadership is not telling and showing one how to act and love, character and overall twisted moral values.

A gay leader in "show and tell" is in the position of answering questions like, "is it alright to be gay" before or around a camp fire." Their answer will be yes! This is bad for straight kids and even more worst for young innocent kids who's parents are raising them the way they want them to be.

However, if his or her leadership position is in other categories like, teaching automotive, clothing's, leading a squad in the military, cooking, playing games in high profile sports, normal jobs, etc. I'm for him or her doing their fair duty for the country.

But we who are spiritually bound to up hold God's word is bound and must realized we are in a battle against principalities of the Devil and he has a very large following starting with the news media. Their job is to bring down the church in steps and doing a very good job of it.

If gays want equal rights, particularly as being married couples, then they should become pregnant and produce like a married man and woman couple does . Now that's equal rights and fair.

On this Boy Scout issue I side with those who side with the word of God without twisting his word. But Satan is moving and  picking up steam fast. He's gaining ground right before our eyes and the majority doesn't even care.

But wait a minute. Didn't the majority die together in the flood.

You think about it!


Catch the State of the Union for Conservative Churches and Congress
on Weekend Finisher 2/15/2013

There is bad teaching in this country about our Christian religion. There is a reason why people still act and behave the way they do after nearly thousands of years of preaching. Only in this site will you learn how to truly serve God. Please study all the reference and believe.


President Obama speech from Chicago is right but not too effective

President spoke to a crowd of waiting kids in Chicago which has been nearly the leader in the country of gun violence, mostly by blacks on blacks, on the important's of family. He spoke at Hyde Park Academy

Mr. President spoke of good parenting and stable families and that destiny should not determine where you live but by how hard you work. He highlighted the important of family and education. He said we should encourage marriage.

While the speech was dead on point I find that the one's needing to be at this gathering was not their.  The people needing to hear gun violence talks was not there, mainly gangs and others that look toward the gun to settle their disputes.

I would like to see a call for a meeting with these kind of people promising no tricks of capture by the police for the next 24 hrs except for those that are wanted for a crime. These are the ones that the speech did not reach just like speeches before have not reached them.

Speaking to those not doing the violence is good but does not reach those doing the violence. Obama should not be the one to come to Governors and mayors States and cities to attempt to do what they were elected to do. Even I know that gangs are not sitting around watching TV most of the time.

I also know that face to face talks and conversations with gangs and members about the violence and how it is destroying families can only hope to get through and reach minds and hearts. Helping to find them jobs and opportunities for them to find other alternatives to their life style.

Obama cannot stop what is already out there unless the cities take actions themselves. This is something that should have been done long ago. We cannot expect Obama to baby sit elected officials to do their jobs. Baby sit pastors to do their jobs. Communities to do their jobs.

We the poor cannot make this happen. Only officials in office with the power to move forward decent plans can make this happen. What are they waiting for? You think about it!


Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves but Why?

Forever Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as Freeing the slave by passing the "Emancipation Proclamation". Do blacks give Abraham Lincoln credit and thanks for this? The answer is yes. No telling how long slavery would have continued if such did not happen.

But let's get so behead of our selves in worshiping this president as a fun loving slave lover of blacks. We have to understand that he had slaves before and during his presidency and the Civil War. These blacks were treated as the slaves they were. They had no more rights under him as did under any other slave owner. Slaves was the lowest of the low.

Having a slave was like having a dog on a lease. They were some what and some time tied to a fence pole and could not get away just like a dog. If he broke loose he was beating and suffered harsh treatment.

At least the dog could come back home or stay gone with out altercations. If the dog ran away he didn't have a bounty placed on him. If the dog decided to come back home he was given a big hug, pat on the head and a meal and not whipped half to death. However, the slave was treated worse than the dog Abram Lincoln owned.

So, we know that before and during the war Lincoln had no desire to free slaves. It was when the south, the confederate army, put up such a vicious battles against the North Rebels that if dawn to him and his officials that the only way the confederates armies were to be defeated was to cut off their weapon flow.

They determined that slaves were the money back bone of the Confederate Army. Money coming from the sale of cotton, tobacco and other goods worked by the slaves kept money flowing to the Confederacy to buy more weapons, food, hardware and ships from Britain and other places.

Lincoln figured out that if he freed the slaves they would no longer want to work for those of the South and would quit and leave. This would devastate the economy of the South and soon cut off money needed to fund the Confederate Army. This was exactly what happen to the Confederacy Army and lead to their surrender because of the Emancipation Proclamation. These are facts.

While we give Abraham Lincoln credit for freeing the slave let's not forget that he didn't do it because it was in his heart to do it. He cared about nothing but his power and defeating the South. Understand that the South had their own president and government also. They wanted to rule the country too. Such would have brought devastating consequences to the North for the spread of hate would have been a disease.

Do I thank Abraham Lincoln for USING US. You betcha! If not then, then when.

But let's not get all carried away. I'm only interested in the HEART at that time and it wasn't LOVE. It was CONQUEST and POWER. It was pretending Christians on both sides fighting for the rights to control slaves. You think about it.


GOP and carnal Christians want to cut social programs

It's still sad to see the so-called Christian Republican Churches play Christians. Sometime, well I know that they are of the Devil. There is no way people can have this much hate for the poor other than people who idolize Satan in helping him overthrow the word of God.

Republican carnal Christians are so sick that they really think they are well and doing the will of God. I don't see how but they do. They have no conscious, no pity and no shame in their game. They hate in the name of their god, Satan, and Satan love them for it and nudge them on to do more to bring down all those needing help from the government.

Here is what carnal Christian with inner horn pushing out from both sides of their brains want to do to poor people that God care so much for. It is stated on a carnal Christian site just what Republican so-called Christians want to do to poor people. They go on to say.......

"We need to let successful earners, investors, and risk-takers keep more of what they earn as an incentive to remain the activists who drive the economy."

In other word, they want the rich to keep their money and not give one penny to help the economy because one penny just might end up in the hand of one poor person......... Again they say what their heart feel below.....They say......

"The GOP should stop paying people not to work as part of their spending-cut campaign. With unemployment falling modestly in the last couple of years, food stamps have exploded by 7.2 million recipients. That’s 10,000 per day, according to Ohio University professor Richard Vedder, even in an expanding economy. Social Security disability payments also have exploded. So have long-term, extended-unemployment benefits."

Above you can see how Republican lie. It's impossible to have 10,000 people enter on food stamps a day. This would be 280,000 per people month and 3,360,000 per year. These people are loco....... They go on to say........

"It’s this simple: If you pay people not to work, they won’t work. And if they won’t work, the economy won’t grow." "This is part of the spending-cut message. The GOP has to repeat this message again and again. "

If they make cuts as they want to, then some one tell me where are all these people suppose to work when there are no jobs. Republican carnal Christian doesn't care. I'm so glad I'm not a Republican so-called Christian. I would not attend their Churches nor do I want to hear any of their ministers preach at all. They are liars and hypocrites.

Maybe they will come to a little of their warp senses before it's too late and join Obama. If they do they still have 99% of stupidity left to work on. You think about it.


Travon Martin's Family in suspense

To day on CNN this morning Travon Martin mother was asked if the "new Stand Your Ground law", which was just upheld by Gov. Scott Brown and the possible ruling by the court that Mark Zimmerman would go free if the Judge rule he was "self defending him self", would she be satisfied with the ruling. Also, would she abide by the law and not move forward because the law ruled fairly. She replied, that she would abide by the law in it's ruling as being fair.

Wait a minute! This is still America. This is still the fair law and jury that DNA has proven to prove our fair court rulings has unfairly incarcerated hundreds of innocence men not to mention those innocent ones that died by execution. Just because the court might find Zimmerman innocence does not mean the judge ruled right. This can be argued by Zimmerman following Travon out of his protected area forcing Travon to defend himself.  Shouldn't Travon have the right to walks the streets too.

Though she said she would abide by the ruling, I know deep down she is just speaking to the media. She could not have believed what she said because no one likes to lose. And the loser is never pleased. That's the reason they went to court in the first place and that's to get justice. To Win!  This mean that there are too many answers not satisfactory answered. Not to her and not to most of us.

We love to not want to talk about race in this country and try to convience ourselves that the United States is no longer a racial country. That our laws are fair to every one and every one are treated equal. If you believe this then let me sell you the White House real cheap. Lets say $500 dollars free delivery.

This case must move forward to a trial by jury so all details will be heard by us who don't have all the facts. A not guilty ruling by a judge is simply proving the power of the powerful to manipulate the law and the people through slick ruling. Let the trial go forth!  Any thing less will be racism. You think about it!