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NIGBITS - August 2013


God is not in the healing and miracle business

God is not in the healing and miracle business and never had been since bible days. There is absolutely no one in the world can prove other wise.

Proof: Look back at history of the Church and the world. Nothing but sickness and diseases, war and uncontroled weather and cahos.Poor suffering people all over.

Pastors: Can do nothing but lie to you about what God will do for you individually. Some, ignorantly believe this as though God will do for  them because they are so much more special than the next person.

What the pastor say sound good until you are on your death bed or committed. After which, they can only cover their lies on God by saying, "The Lord giveth and the Lord take away" or "It's the Lord's will."

We all will be better of if we teach what God really want us to know and live by. Pastor, teach Love!" and stop the lies."

God has become a bounty Hunter

This is a tough title, but fitting. I was speaking with individuals from the local Church, which you know, that when you speak to a real crocked so-called Christians you can't tell them nothing. They are hell bound with ignorant and don't want to see the light thinking they no it all.

I was told that there was this Bishop that preach some what regularly and the misguided people is going crazy over the lies he tell. Let me tell you what this guy said this Bishop said. "He said the bishop was in this certain city dealing with pastors in an heated meeting where another pastor stood against what he was talking about and had him removed." " He said three months later this pastor was moved to another Church and later died." "He said the pastor said this happen when you mess with a man of God.'"

This is why I preach to those that have an ear, let them hear. God has become a murderer for this character. Now why would God kill another for disagreeing or opposing him when I never heard of this pastor's power and frankly neither have my readers, you.

Many pastor's and their members that believe such foolishness will enter hell having no use for God. He can't use foolish people or liars. Read, "Into the Mind of God" front page.


Republican so-called Christians want stop hate

Can some one tell me what is wrong with the Church on the right. I call them the lunatics of the earth. The pressure put on real Christians to see if we can endure them. Well, I don't want to but I got to try to love and reach them. I don't have to be a fool though.

We as Christians are going through hell having to war with them over good and evil. Evil has taken over their soul and has  sewn their hearts to their DONKEY.

These idiots are back on the birtha issue again. All over the south they still maintain Obama is a planted spy by the Taliban. That he has lied about his past and may not even have a white mother. Even he may be from outer space.

These so called Christians are just as batty as a bat. That is, they stay upside down so long that when they do turn right side up or try to think and react, wellllll...., it's batty. Batty, Batty, Batty!

As a proposed Church they can't get away from hate. What in God's name are their minister's teaching them. Certainly not love of fellow man. Maybe some in the wine at that last supper. You think about!


Civil Rights Set Back as NC Pat McCrory sign Racist Voter ID Law

Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday signed into law a bill requiring voters to produce a photo ID when they go to the polls. The new law brings sweeping changes to the state’s election process by reducing the early-voting period by a week, abolishing same-day voter registration and ending straight-party voting, cuts the early voting period from 17 days to 10, stopping straight-ticket voting, not allowing a person to register and vote on the same day and no Sunday voting, etc.

All these and more are Republican schemes to keep minority voters from voting. Depraved NC lawmakers are cheering in hope that it will keep minorities away from the voting polls by causing hardship and thinking minorities would get discourage and stay home.

Law suits has been filed. Whether win or lose all this voter ID does is cause minorities so eager to vote that they will make it a challenge to secure any ID needed to be ready to stand in any line and vote on time.

I didn't vote for McCory but I do no that many blacks voted for him by mistakes. They were confused in the already voting precedure at the booths. Some mistook McCrory TV smiles on his ads for Governor of NC as being a Democrat. He got over.

But as I always say, "smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within." Yes, this time McCrory got Over. It want happen again.

However many North Carolinians oppose shortning the voting time. But most racist North Carolina So-called Christians support the Idea of a voter ID by 75%. Satan will do anything to win. But he's still a loser just as North Carolina Republican so-called Christians are losers with Christ. Think about it!


Church claim God heard prayer gave life back

Today on CNN A 37-year-old Ohio man whose heart stopped for 45 minutes earlier this month was unable to be revived by doctors. Tony Yahle who was discovered by his wife barely breathing was rushed to the hospital where doctors later pronounced him dead. It was stated that his son rushed in and said Dad you're no going to die today. Soon after small heart beats was seen on the monitor. Doctors rushed back in to give further aid. His heart slowly sped up so that a week later he is speaking.

This is a great story. His son Lawrence, 17, said it all happen because of their faith in God and faith of their Church. He said that God head his prayer and the prayers of their Church.

This is the kind of stupidity and ignorant that's going around in today's Churches where people does nothing but lie on God with out any thought of understanding to what they say.

As I listened I wondered "why God would bring this guy back or heal him" and no one else in the hospital. What was so great about him? The fact about it was that God had nothing to do with it.

I still wondered why, if this young man had such powers with God, wouldn't he and his family or Church wouldn't go next door or across the hallway or even in other emergency rooms and plea for the life and healing of others. But this didn't happen. Their supposed God cared nothing for any one except his father.

These are lies and many lies like these that has Church people looking ridiculous during times of sickness and pleading for help with no results in times of sorrow. Many lose faith because of lying pastors.

There is a history of mistakes made by doctors. I believe many patients have died because doctors didn't take the time  with patients when their hearts stopped. They have a certain amount of time to spend and when that time is up they discontinue efforts.

Vanessa Tanasio, aged 41, had a massive heart attack and she was declared dead after arriving at the hospital, according to AFP, and a cardiologist was able to unclog her artery and shock her back to life.

Another patient in Australia also came back to life last week after her heart stopped for 42 minutes.

Hell is going to be full of people that does nothing but lies on God. Why can't we just say I live to give God thanks for another day. This is something we are supposed to do every day from the heart through serving. We say it knowing that God did not intervene but that we thank him for all things any way. Good things that is! You think about it!


Antoinette Tuff, a real hero -Was it God?

Antonette Tuff, a Book Keeper, at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy just outside Atlanta, is being held one of the greatest hero in our country when it came to handling sensitive situations with guns.

As a gunman with mental problems stormed the school, she calmly talked the gunman down to surrender with no one hurt or killed which would have certainly happened if the police would have had time to place their sight on him not caring whether he had a gun in hand or not.

Her courage prevented death on both sides something that if Republicans had their way it would have been a shoot out between teachers and suspect which could have led to teacher's with guns being killed with guns in hand. Things has a way of not working out the way you want them.

Instead of Republicans hailing the perfect handling situation they want more guns in school and especially in the hands of school teachers who themselves might end up becoming a deranged shooter.

So-called Christian Republicans will stop at nothing until their entire party is armed and the United States are taken back to the early western days when gunmen's and outlaws did what ever they wanted with out care or chase. The evil within will never cease.

But let's get back to Antoinette Tuff, who stated God was using her for this moment, in so many words, to do what she did. While I am an equal employer minister, I have to call out lies on God when I hear them.

God had nothing to do with her talking this gunman down yet letting countless other school kids die brutally by being shout and cut apart by gunman's as though God cared nothing for "suffer little children.

What she did will do nothing for guns or death occurring in schools or any where in the future. So what will come of her actions she say God was part of? Nothing! When God decide to intervene it will not be petty. It will be so huge that millions will immediately change their thoughts and hearts, maybe in time or too late. Either way we will no it's God and not made up twisted wanta be happening.

Antoinette Tuff, if a Christian, did no more than what any Christian or sensible citizen was supposed to do. Show love toward every one. Do it right and love over comes. This is what the word of God told you to do.

However, she did prove that we do not need more guns in shool, just common sense and more love between our fellowmen. Congradulation and honors go to Antoinette Tuff.  She's really is Tuff! You think about it!

North Carolina Red Necks And Christianity

The South has always held itself as being the bible belt of the United States. Here you can find bible shouting Lord Jesus fouled mouth liquor drinking gun toting hating left over rebel regime still embodying the spirits of their dead fallen demonic possessed comrades.

The Southern rebels can't let go of their  power not having over others and would like to bring back the days of yesteryear where the white rebels of the south once again rule with a dictator as a president and cabinets in congress that only listen past their views, decisions and laws while every one else is held hostage by their gunly weaponry might of persuasion overkill.

As most civilized Americans just want to get along we find ourselves having to battle past losers wanting to be winners. A battle for freedom and justice for all and a battle long won through the Constitution yet, having runaways and strays still intent on regaining one day what they can never have.

Such is the case in North Carolina, a deep rooted red neck so called bible belt love of God and guns state has declared that Southern so-called Christians will take back the south.

Throught a small town in New Bern NC, known for it's deep hate for ciivil rights and our black President, Obama, has place in certain hot spots areas like Trent Woods and Country Club road housing area has signs and flags located at the edge of their property that stick out from trees like a pink elephant. The signs read, "Let's take back our state".

These are so Called Republican Christians that believe they can, in some way, do away with and or stop the rise of education and progress through those they once dominated. To separate and divide those that back the betterment of those that cannot do, cannot afford, do not have and those that look to others in particular status's for help.

Marching across a walking overhead walk way we saw the devil at work as many in a small town called, James Cith, just a few miles from Trent Woods, hell impeachment signs to impeach Obama. This was a strong show of how these holy Ghost sausage grinders wants to keep Obamacare out of the hands of those that God told us to look out for. The poor!

These so called bible belts Republicans need our help. They need to be retaught the bible because they never understood it from the start. They can't love!  Send them to my sight. While you think about that, you think about it!