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Just a reminder of changing a heart and mind

I want to take this time to say to all the readers that I know there are some with mind altering thoughts toward the way you see the new Christianity way of serving that is only the old way of serving. I hope you are challenging your pastors and sending out warning to all you can that true Christianity is Love and Obedience and not pretending or lying on God.

It is up to you now to make sure that those who want to be Christians are acting and behaving like Christian and not like complete lunatics. From now on what you read here and have read here will always for the rest of your life be in your mind. If you build upon it and not try to find ways to doubt it, which you can't, you may well be one of those that just may make it in.

Remember, nothing is what it had seem to be. Nothing has been real as it was told to be. No minister on the face of the earth can claim God is working in healing and performing miracles, especially, in American lives and no body else.

To reach the heart of God is through serving. It's all in the Bible. The Bible tell us to watch as well as pray. Watch these slick ministers and remember what you read here. Why are there so many graves and sick institutions all around the world? And why isn't the millions of pastors healing them as they say? Why are they centered around the healthy and not the hospitals, nursing homes and the such? Why do they have so much money and what have they done to earne it? LIED!

Now you ask your own question, you got one. Think about it. It's about LOVE!  Learn how to harness it. Think about it again!