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June 11, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

Judge Not lest you be judged
Why do so many people in the US think they are better than any body else in the world. We have attained so much over other countries that some of us here actually think they are the gift to the world. That everything should be centered around them and what they say should go. They think they are right and every one else is wrong and if you can't live by their standard then you should be casted out, disposed of or let die through slow starvation while they watch eating a strawberry sundae topped with walnuts.

It's obvious by now that I'm talking about the Republican Party and their ideals of voting and picking candidates who definitely feel that the rest of us are not worth saving. These candidates put on false faces and magician's smiles to deceive. Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within. Tell you what you want to hear but have plans to do the opposite. They are not evil but just have twisted intentions.

Without knowing us poor people they have already determined that we are losers, criminals, welfare recipients, slum dogs, low life dark faces and oh yes, we are immigrants of parasites wanting their wealth.

Wealth belonging to high minded bright eyes uppity folks who cling to their green backs close under their arms tightly clinched while they determined who deserved it more but coming to the only conclusion they know of and that it is, "it's them". They have also formulated that because of their status that Heaven belong only to them because they say it.

With the many of so-called Christians in the US you would think they would be better people toward not only people abroad but to those right here under each other's nose's. But so-Christians are not. I'm using the term so-called Christian to reflect both the attitude of Democrats and Republicans who tell people who and what kind of people they should be.

Most of the people who are always telling somebody else how to act and behave, mostly church people, are not fit for God's service. People like judges and jurors sentencing people to death,  sending people to jail, accusing people of crimes. People that are totally messed up, like, not mixing with certain races, liars, abusive people, slick and cunning, night time drug smokers and drinkers, proud people, those who dress up thinking they are all cute and somebody with closet full of keep quiet and hidden skeletons.

Yes, skeletons that most of us have and try to keep hidden whether they are seen by others or unseen. Either case, with our skeleton out of the closet behavior, we attempt to change our old ways through growth and change however,  taken on more new deplorable attitudes and characters just as worst as those left behind supposedly hidden in our skeleton closet.

Yet, supposedly reborn, so many think that they have the right to judge others simply because their rotten character and slickness is cooly hidden. They think that "what's done in the dark" type things or mutter under voice, "I can't stand you", or sneaking around with him or her unmarried are not the same sin as "who did that guy rape, rob or steal" from.

The truth about the matter is that you are no better than the person you're trying to judge no matter the great pretension you think you are fooling God with. But as Americans we pride ourselves as already little gods and that give you the right to judge others despite your own faults.

It's ok to judge in the natural sense of order. Making laws to rule out those that would do harm in building a society of civil people. But judging those that do harm to the society does not free you from the judgement of God.

For it is, in the end of days and time, a time that you will be judged. And the end for all criminals is the same for all criminals. You may have judged rightfully according to man made law but now you must be judge according to God's law. And the wages of sin is DEATH! The same punishment, that is, hate, envy, pride and so forth you handed out is the same you shall receive in the end when you stand to be judge and condemned.

Now you think about that!

Exactly who has the power to judge. Many in the Church are saying that the Bible said not to judge? By not judging other Christians, they say, make you obedience and sensitive to others who commit sin.

However, I find this to be a complete lie according to the word of God and false teaching is leading those that Pastors are bound to correct the wrong way.

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