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May 18 2011
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Mr. Ward

If God doesn't intervene within the next 20 to 30 years nearly all Americans might be homosexuals.

With so much homosexuality leading to legal marriages between same sexes in the United States, I question the Christianity stand against it and the role of the government and it's people to protect it. Even against God.

Coming out against homosexuality in this country will all but get you killed. And I believe that with most Americans who support homosexuality, if they could get to God they would kill him too. Especially those on CNN and other news networks who push to make sure God's word looses credibility.

What is his word against homosexuality? Leviticus 18:22, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."  You here that CNN, people of America?

No one want to hear the truth and especially wanting any one including God telling them how they should live. Why? Because many have become little gods within themselves and has no need for an outside God they can't see or feel his immediate wrath. I do what I want to do.

Satan has a plan to corrupt mankind and it's working. Since God has been put in a box, the next thing in Satan's plan is get his followers to lock down the Church, the one entity left standing in the way of total filthiness and nasty corruption of the entire earth.

What does he do? Satan formed institutions and organization made up of homosexuals and future homosexuals to partition the government to up hold their right to break God's law and give them their rights according to the constitution to be free to have a man on man and woman on woman sexual relationship.

The legal excuse used was their  freedom and rights, not only to love each other, but to be afforded the same rights to marry each other just as a real marriage between a man and a woman even though they can not have babies nor carry on the populating of the earth.

Satan has one great trick up his sleeve to make this possible, use the government, homosexuals and all those who will become homosexuals in the future to band together. Get all gays to so-call come out from hiding and use their Voting Power against elected officials! Get the government to threaten the Church to back off or lose their privilege. Then get the media to humiliate and cut down any one denying them their rights and promoting better understanding of gay people.

The media and the government bought in on Satan's plan. Gay people can now marry each other, courtesy of the government. And they have the news media like CNN and other media's along with high profile figures and gay possible's like Grant Hill to bash any one who now calls homosexuals gays. They are trying to make it as acceptable as hot dog and apple pie. It's still filth!

Many Years ago to quiet the Church, there was another plan that Satan put forth secretly, which until now,  has just come to light against those who will speak out against homosexuality in the name of the Church. The plan was to get all high powerful Ministers and invite them to dinner to cozy up. Power corrupt power! Being in the loop the ministers are silent in public but vocal behind close doors.

Because of these high profile Ministers, the Church has lost another battle which charge they were put in control of. Homosexuals and the government score one against the Church.  The Church score 0!  Now only Jesus can fix it.

For all you who supports gays, stop calling yourselves Christians. I would love to debate any one who try to get me to go against God! "I love' gay people,the person  but I will never  support their habit. Most Americans are not Christians.

As Sylvester Stallone said, "Church"!, "live for something or die for nothing". Let's go to work!

Think about it!

gays marriage and the Church