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January 20, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward

So-called Christian Republicans are using God's name in vain for political power over the poor.

While I wait to see from the Republican clowns who will rise as the Devil's Advocate, I see no need to continue writing about who might and may. I'll leave that up to the big boys in the Democratic Party and the news until one claim victory.

However I will focus on those issues that affect the Poor Party Movement and it's way of survival which I believe the Republican Party is a threat.

However, within this party there is a certain element that's a great threat to the mission of Christ. Meaning the so-called Christian Republicans that support the rich agenda of seemingly eradicating the poor and or down grading them to faceless people against the will of God.

For centuries fundalmental so-called Christians have lied and used the Bible, not to promote love, but to separate and divide people of color, race and positions while putting themselves high on the throne of glory and prosperity.

Now for some reason I can't, for the likes of me, find anywhere in the Bible where God created different people from several different images of himself. Or, that God told Adam and Eve to multiply but destroy or make slaves of those who doesn't look like them.

Maybe "love thy neighbor" to Republican so-called Christians mean their family members and close friends that live next door to them or in their neighborhoods and nobody else. Maybe providing for the sick, widow, poor and the shut-ins mention in the Bible is just misprints or it's just there for Democrats only.

As I told you in another reading that there is no such a word as "conserve or conservative" in the Bible. God could never judge people because of their color and misfortune, or by their wealth or well off. Nor could he allow folks in Heaven because they were good with investingtheir money while lesser folks had to struggle just to  put food on their table or pay bills with just enough left over to buy a few simple enjoyments.

Folks keep saying the "opportunity is there for every one". "If you work hard you will be rewarded'. This sound good coming from the mouths of those who mostly don't have to worked hard to get theirs. The old "silver spoone" phrase is true and still remain true today.  Thinking and feelling that every poor man or women should do the same no mater their background or character is idiotic thinking.This doesn't mean a thing to that poor person who works hard and still get no where.

This is how the world works. Some make it, some don't. There are always going to be poor people needing help from those who have made it. From those who have, they are to give. Especially Christians. That's according to the Bible.

Here're more phrases used by Republican so-called Christians and their party toward poor people who can't make it along.  For example: "I don't want to give you any of MY money". "Let the poor die". "Let them suffer". "Who cares if they get sick". "I shouldn't be using my money to take care of them".

False so-called Christians are what they are! Not Godly at all.

I'm glad God's love is equally divided. Not one sided and focusing on one race. The Republican's idea of Christianity is like their money. They want it all for themselves.
World domination is what they want. For now, the Whitehouse.

How wrong they are. How devilishly deceived they are in thinking they are doing God's will. "In Vain do they worship Him". Think about it!