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July 23, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Gays has put the world in more danger of destruction than terrorist ever could.

In New York City on Monday, July 25, thousand of gays will come out to get married to same sex.

As published by New York Daily News - An agency called "NYC & Company is working to create a multi-channel, global communications and marketing campaign - NYC I DO - to promote the vibrancy and attractiveness of the five boroughs as a gay weddings destination," said Kimberly Spell, the agency's chief communications officer.

The agency is already promoting an NYC I DO page on its website - - that tells couples the rules for getting married here, offers them deals on hotels and lists popular wedding venues.

Many states are giving in to Gay marriages. The only reason I can see for this to occur is that most of this country is gay. This include many Church members, politicians and the news media. How else can they continue to oppose God. The need heavy weight backing.

Politicians hate to hear this and those supporting them hate it too, because it might hurt their party vote. Like I've written before, this country is no longer in the hands of God but in the hands of the Devil. Satan keeps winning and the Church keeps losing. Who is this country more afraid of, God or gays. Gays win hands down.   For the Loves of gays has put the world in more danger of destruction than terrorist ever could.

I am not changing my stand whether Democratic politicians visit my site or not. I stand with God and will die for my cause. I love this country but love God much more. Seeing it being destroyed like this do nothing but bring tears to the eyes of God. And a thought comes to mind, (bible) when a question in heaven was asked, " How long", and the response was, "not long".

Some of you high class minister won't agree with me when I say the Church era is finished. Churches may go through the motions but only a "FEW" is holding on. To prove me wrong, revert the gay tornado that's plowing through the country. You can't! The Church can't stop this Sodom and Gomorrah train roll. It's more powerful and has more support than the Church or all other religions, to include Islamic religion and it's just getting started.

It's just a matter of time when God will have no choice but to take action through events that is being escalated by gays and worthless people that do nothing for God but talk and take his creation and power for a joke.

We think we will solve our debt problems. We will but slowly. It will seem like new life has poured back into the US and other gay excepting countries. Fun and enjoyment will be the norm. But suddenly the time will come when a wicked nation, a wicked world must pay to the creator whom we kicked dirt in his face after he's given us so much.  "How long", "Not long".

We may not can stop the filth but we can slow it down if Christians would get out of their buildings and began marching down streets with voices and signs. Cowards! This won't happen!
No place in Heaven for cowards.

For the saints, I say "endure unto the end". Fight back, for the "same shall be saved".
Think about it!
Christian Conservative need salvation! Repent Now!
Bishop Ward

Gays has put the world in more danger of destruction than terrorist ever could.

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