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The End of a Pope - Not mine

As you know the Pope of Rome, King of the Vatican and leader of millions of Catholic followers has stepped down from his rule. Many of his followers are crying and filled with sadness and much woe as their leader and their connection with God is no longer possible or temporary broken.

Soon there will be another Pope to take his place and the kissing of hands, bowing and giving the highest respect, glory and praise will once again be given to this new Pope of the world.

As I have said many times, the world has a big problem with who exactly is God? Better than this, who is Jesus? What role do Jesus play in the Catholic Church?  I am told by the Bible there were only one mediator between God and man and this was Jesus.
There is only one way that man much come to God and that's through Jesus.

But in the Catholic Church one must come through the Pope.The Catholic Church consider Popes to be mediators between man and God or is it mediator between man and Jesus. 1 Timothy 2: 5: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."

So, why do Catholic followers come out in droves, filling streets, waving and shouting through open windows with tears of joy while others push and shove through large crowds trying to get to touch the Pope or even asking a blessing from him for sickness and other problems? They think he has some special connection with God because of how he present himself.

Like Protestants pastors, he can't bless any one nor can he heal any one. If he could you would think he would heal all the health problems he has that forced him from his position. The question must be asked, why can't he heal himself? This is a fair question posed not only to the Pope and the Catholic Church but to all pastors and their followers as well. They can't!

Many in the Catholic Church see the Pope as a way to Christ and God for them. That the Pope and the Church have been given the power to forgive sin at the snap of a finger. To forgive one's sins "right now" instead of Jesus.  If this was possible we wouldn't need Jesus. This rule out Jesus as dying on the cross and shedding his blood, not the Pope, but Jesus's blood.

Jesus gave his life so that each can ask forgiveness for their our sins. No one can forgive for God. Yes, we are supposed to forgive each other's sin but not when they continue to sin. If we forgive their sins it is just us that did it and not God. Their sins are still upon them until they personally ask God through Jesus only for forgiveness.

Can a liar enter Heaven because the Pope forgave them each time they told a lie? If possible, then we do not need God, just the Pope. By having a Pope to forgive sin in human form go against every thing that God wanted and did through Jesus. This makes no sense.

The Vatican is a false elusion of Heaven duplicating it's superiority of power over man and the world with great amounts of gold, treasures, arrays of decorative robes, traditions and doctrines as it sit in Rome as Heaven, a separate sovereign city-state. It also see itself as the "Holy City" duplicating Jerusalem.

The way to God is not through a Pope or Priest but through Jesus. We all come to God by our own confession of our own sins before God from our own Hearts of forgiveness believing that Jesus has made this possible because it was Jesus that made it possible for our forgiveness of sins making it possible to pray straight to God for ourselves.

We need no one else attempting to pose as mediator for us as though they took part in the shedding of blood for our sins. We need no one to make us believe in God by sitting on a Throne as if he is God, ruling as if he was God. 

All hail and give honor and glory to him as he duplicates Jesus's Kingdom and kingship by visiting countries and meeting heads of states having them kiss his ring upon his hand while bowing to him. These Heads of State even confer about the business of the world with him as if he was God and already ruling over his kingdom, the earth. Yet, his duplication of King of earth is another elusion, for earth is destine to be ruled by Jesus as "Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

How blind is the people in the last day when they no longer can tell what is right and wrong. When they no longer can see truth when it stair them right in the face. When they no longer want to be rule by the word of God but by man.

Is this the identical situation where Israel no longer wanted God to be their Judge and Leader because they, Israel, wanted a judge they could see like the other countries? Has God and His Son been replaced by Catholic followers with a Pope and Vatican they can see and feel? No!

Once again, how blind is the people to levy such a great sin toward God. To return to Emperor worshiping. "Woe unto the soul that sinneth". "For it shall die." "Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God name in Vain." In this case it has been changed to the" Pope." "The blind leading the blind". The Pope may be their leader but not mine. "Who so ever will, let them come."...... The world has gone the way of Satan.

You think about it!