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The Ultimate
The Day of Enlightening and Eye Contact

(Ephesians 1:18 ) “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling,

The scripture above has been cut short because I only want to deal with this part. If you want to read the entire verse 18 an 19 go to my home page and toggle down.

I want to deal with enlightenment. This is a word that is just about the most important word next to staying saved. There are a few lunatics out there that consider "once saved always saved" no matter how many small children they murder" they're still saved.

But I do agree with them that once saved you stay in the good grace of the Lord to remain saved. If you are truly saved then you will always be saved because you will have no desire to do wrong. Now take that!  But wait! This is not altogether true.

There are those that are babes or know just enough to be dangerous to themselves. These are those that will not study, no every thing, twist the word of God to continue their sins while believing in God and Jesus. They figure as long as they go to Church this is enough to call  themselves saved. ,,, No, no, no, hands up before your face! I don't think so. Get back jack. See you later alligator.

You can't continue to sin against God and think him a fool just because he is a forgiving God......

This means not acting like a fool and doing any and every thing secular people does thinking if you rape the neighbor's dog it's ok or if you provided the guns to murder sweet old ladies that's ok too because you told yourself "you" still love God because "you" said "you" was saved.

Well, it is "you" saying it and not God, and God has already decided that "Only the righteous shall see God" "not sinners." (Proverbs 21:21 NKJV) He who follows righteousness and mercy Finds life, righteousness and honor. Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Do I have to explain this too? Enough said.

Listen up!....

We are suppose to go to Church as sinners becoming babes and working toward becoming an adult in full knowledge of God through Jesus. We go to Church to be enlighten. We are enlighten by ministers who know their job as a pastor to tell and do the right thing for God toward leading the people in knowledge rather than robbing them with lies when they come to hear them.

But if the pastors teach false religion not of the Bible then the people remain ignorant in the Lord's purpose and way of serving him. If pastor's keep preaching the kind of religion I see on You Tube and in most Churches for fame and fortune then the people remain in a dead state waiting for the second white throne judgement thinking they are covered by the blood cause God will forgive them for that which they don't know when they should have known. I don't think so! Whew! That was a mouth full.

Being enlighten means you don't fall for empty prayers because your know that prayers are hopes and wants and if you want to move forward it is you who must get up and do or make it happen in your life. You do this realizing that God has already blessed you from birth to become what ever you desire to become or have and you automatically give him thanks. You don't need to ask for something you all ready have.

Being enlighten is realizing that staying on your knees will not pay the light bill or house note. You Got to go to work. No prayers are going to allow you to ask God for that you refuse to do for yourself. God is not going to give you a glass of water when all you have to do is get up and get it. You have already been provided all you will need to improve your situation. Life, health and strength, blessings, desires, wants and blessed to take action to make it happen.

Think about this? What do you think will happen if God answered, if possible, every prayer Church people said he would? It would be a mess on earth. Yachts in every driveway. A carnival Cruise Ship on on the other. One house taken up three blocks. Every child having their on personal passenger airplane. Tanks and cannons sitting in front yards. More money than we can use. Parting day and night. Destruction of earth!

Yet, the pastor will tell you to ask God. This don't work and never worked except in ancient times and for some particular reason when God needed to make a point. We pray to keep hope alive and in faith that their is a God and to give thanks to God for the great blessing he already give along with the knowledge of salvation for life for all those who seek the face of God.

God is not every where. Only in the Spirit word in you. God is not involved in such things as: "riding around with you in a car, boat, train, gold mind, grocery shopping, buying a new set of clothes, riding with you in an airplane, stopping you from cursing, shooting some one, preaching at the pulpit, sitting with you in Church, going to the moon with astronauts, causing you to shout in Church, screaming, speaking in lying tongues, laughing like hyenas in church, telling the pastor to collect large sums of money from you, telling members to use buckets to collect money, telling how much to pay, turning your pay checks over to pastors, pay your so-call tithes rather than buying milk or paying your light bill, cutting the lights out in Church, healing cancer, diabetes, heart problems, praying to heal those on their death bed that mostly always dies, pretending to pray for the sick by pastors when they cannot heal themselves or family members, attempting to bless wooden building and land that God has already bless from the foundation of the earth, telling people to tell some one else something and saying God told them to tell you, to discriminated against races and poor, to make rap music or any ungodly music not honoring God, not studying, stealing, lying, drinking, drugs, fornicating, adultery, gay life style, murder, religion one moment and sinning the next, preaching Christmas, Easter, stealing from the people and the Church, crying with tricks to fool the weak into giving and more and more and more.

Nothing wrong with learning from the Church on how to live for God if what you are learning is such things as: How to love equally whether black or white. How to care for your fellow man whether black or white. How to keep God in one's memory at all time, meaning the word. How to treat your neighbor as you would yourself. How to take the blessing you already have and build upon it.

How to reach out and teach others how to lean and depend on the word of God to guide their life. How to understand truth when you hear it. Learning the purpose for your giving and not giving because you are made to feel guilty about something. Having common sense to go to the doctor before you get too sick the doctor can't do you no good. Learning to diet and exercise properly. Learn what to eat to keep the temple of God, you, fit for God's purpose. Listening to what the pastor is saying and ask your self if what he or she is saying make sense.

Learning that God has a Kingdom to run and don't have time to come to this earth and spread himself around while his servants in heaven do nothing. Learning that God would not leave his throne to come to earth because it is not written for him to do so. Learning that Jesus has not and will not return to earth until he call for his brides, meaning us. This is call being caught up.

Learning that pastors have no power to save you or heal you, just teach you. Knowing why ministers can't heal those at hospitals, nursing homes, veteran hospitals or any other place. Asking why they pretend to heal at Church and not these places? Learning why one should serve God. Learning what waits for those that truly serve God. Learning what (I) will become after death.

Rejecting the Pope as God's personal messenger on earth and recognizing that we all are sons and daughters given the word of God equally between each person that accept him. That once saved we all are call Saints by God and not just a picked out few from the Catholic Church. That tithes are a means to rob the people and has nothing to do with salvation nor the New Testament Church. That tithes are not mention in the New Testament because we are under free grace and free will. That God soesn't make any one do any thing.

As Christians....

When are you going to grow up in the word of God and graduate in it? Why can't one walk without the pastor reminding them of their faults? When will Church people become Kings and Priests? Why are people still being taught in Church after years and years of going? Why are Church people still asking God to help them with this and that when he already has? Why, till now,  are many just learning the truth from me?

Here's something that will make you slap your......... ( please fill in ).

Are you worthy to go to Heaven? Why? What have you done so great that God would want you in Heaven? If you died right now what good would you be to God and his plans?

So many attend Church but know absolutely nothing about what is going on. They take Church lightly. As a place to hang out at on Sunday or to pretend like they have some kind of power over others. They think they really have it. Yet, they no nothing of the mysteries of God. Many don't even no the simplest reason for creation or why God went through all this trouble for us. To many Church is just a thang.

Being enlighten make one aware of their surrounding. You become watchful and see things clearly. Not easily fooled because now your eyes of understanding has been open and now you see.

You see who has sparks of love and who need nudging. For example, when you walk in grocery stores and other places you have the desire to show love toward others by speaking or greeting them. When you past another in a store you look them in the eye for contact. For them looking your way to share a glimpse of love, a sparkle and smile coming from them. Yet, many will not look your way. They will turn their heads to avoid speaking to you or look straight ahead..

With the many Churches I figure most are members and call themselves Christians, yet, never learned that we are brothers and sisters and like brothers and sisters acknowledge each other when we meet. I see more hate, evil and stuck up people as I struggle to see the good and kindness in all rather Christian or not.

What I see are those who look forward or turn their heads in order not to speak or to be spoken to. But I keep trying to make eye contact so that a sparkle of love and light with a small smile may shine thru.  Sometime I even speak first to some time get a smile but most time ignored. This is what many do to God today even after God has spoken to them.

But do I stop trying? No! Do I stop preaching to those that do not want to hear? No! Do I compromise to those that don't want to hear? No! Would Jesus give up simply because many will not listen? No!

Being enlighten give you a greater sense of serving. An awareness of what's around you. Unveiling part of that which was once a mystery.

With your new enlightenment, let you eyes be open and see clearly. Thing are not what they seem. It is not as easy as you think it is.  Christianaty and other religion's been around for a long time. Why haven't they made a different? Look back throught the ages and tell me what you see. The same preaching during Hitler time is the same preaching now. World war 1, 11. The killing of the Jews and slaves. Something is wrong, but now you see.  You will never be the same again.

Now read the Bible and see new truth. Be watchful and stay away from traps of the devil. The Bible say many may say Lord, Lord or that they no God but God said he do not know them.  Now is a good time to get to know the real God and his serving.

Now think about it!