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Mr. Ward
The Conservative False Church And Islamic Terrorists

It is time for the Conservative Republican Churches to be expose to who they really are. They
have used the Bible for decades to promote hate and discontent between brothers and sisters in all races. They care nothing for the poor nor do they really care about children's in shelters and
home needing mothers and fathers who can, with all their wealth, take care of them.

This False Church, as I will call the conservative so-called Christians Republican and
Conservative others, have many ministers posing as men of God that has lied to most people
using God's name as a pretext to twist their spiritual thinking toward believing in them rather
than God and his word as written. That it is they, not any other organization or people, that God
uses to promote his agenda of creating worthy folks for the kingdom of God.

All Conservative Churches build their fortunes off the backs of wealthy and rich people and yes
poor unknowing people who think they can buy some kind of miracle from God by donating their
money. The Church has taught these people that through paying large amounts of (money) tithes
to their Churches that God will heal their diseased bodies and give longevity to their old age and
protect their bank accounts and even cause them to grow through their faithful giving. This
slickness has made it possible for many high tech mega churches to grow and bring great wealth
to their pastors and friends.

Teaching the love of God to their followers are quite different than how it is taught in
Democratic Churches. For example, the Bible teach us to love God. This is something the False
Church doesn't understand. Let's read in Matthew 22:27, it read

"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind".

They fail to see that this mean that they should obey and follow in the teaching that God believe in. That is, in loving not only him but having a heart for others that are not of you. Lets read, John 13:34

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also
love one another".

Now we see it was commanded that Christians should love each other. This scripture doesn't stop
there, it mean to love everybody whether Christian or not. There is no way one can care about
another or go out into the harvest and try to bring others into Christianity without having a love
for them that will produce the same type of love in them toward others. 

It is possible to spread a false love out side of the bible by twisting it to mean something it really
doesn't mean. If that false love is achieved then the recruits from it has nothing to build upon
except false love reasoning based on what and how they was taught by their leaders. Reason
being, false love include twisted lies.

It is the Church responsibility whether Democratic or Republican to show genuine love all the
time rather than presenting a part time love for 3 years 11 months that end up showing your true
self and false love at the ballot box. This is the time when Conservatives Churches vote against
that which could help the poor. Voting time is when the False Church of conservatives show
their true selves using reverse love. Vomiting up what's buried deep within their churning and
burning stomachs that can no longer be held within. Bursting forth is the true self and
representation of their father Satan and his ideals of what separatism should be.

Interjection... Democrats don't start thinking you are holy simply because one of the false
Churches has been exposed.....

Let me pause here to let the Democratic Church no that what I say go for them also. There is
mostly sinners in this outfit as well, yet, there are a few who believe God is still in charge and is
stilling ruling the hearts and souls of those that will do his will. Those that believe in love of all
men no matter of color, religion or nationality. Ready to defend every word of God that Jesus
delivered from God. To defend those messages after the death of Jesus which was divinely
inspired and giving to disciples to further inspire and excel upon that which has and has not
reached the ears of the knowing and unknowing. To explain and clarify. To tell the truth and
nothing but the truth..... That sounded so good it made me shake!... Now back to the False

Terrorists are like Hard core Republicans

Over the past years the Conservative false Church, their behavior and attitudes against the word
of God, has given me no choice but to treat them as I treat Islamic terrorists. Not hating but
having deep desire to speak with them and share the real love of a real God with them. To get
them to shut up for a while and just listen with common sense.

I find both are interested in nothing but country, Constitution, guns, founding fathers,
suppression, slavery, killing and separation of races all in the name of their God.  And Yes! both
believe they are doing their God's will. And yes, both will use their God in any way possible to
achieve their goal of one nation and one party with out any other parties to oppose them or their
views. Both want control of the world, their nations and their governments even if they have to
lie  twist and kill to achieve their objectives.

Some of you may say this False Church will not kill, but let me refresh your history. This false
Church is a make up of the most notorious hate groups in the United States that call themselves
Christians. There are millions across the internet on twitter and websites that spew out hate daily
that claim to be Christians. There are pastors who stand up in Church and secretely teach hate
through secret code words. Then there is Rush Limbaugh who is the father over all Republicans
so-called Christians. Yes, nearely, not all, has the capability to do harm. However, the only thing
that hold them back is the LAW. The criminal Justic System. Death and prisons. For example, if
Rush Limbaugh and his followers did not fear the law and had free hand as they want, do you
think they would not do harm to those they preach against? Of course they would.

So, why would one that really has a desire to serve God want to put their soul in jeopardy by
continuing to be a part of something that keeps their hearts from really opening up to God but
always being straddle the fence being neither hot nor cold and fit for nothing.

I could forgive them and continue to say they are Christians. Yes, I could. But I want! I can't!
Why? Because they have emerged themselves so deep into their conservative views that I could
not live long enough to actually forgive them. Why? Because it it they who must individually
reject the the Republican Conservative Party and Democratic Conservative stand and then I can
forgive them. Forgiveness is based on whether one has stopped  and breaking God's rules and do
right toward their fellowman.

Because this False Church has such hard core followers in it that it is almost impossible to
change many of them no matter what I say or anybody else say will make a difference. You see
how hard it is to help a terriorist. Zilk!

Like Islamic terriorists, the conservative Churches are bad for this country. It's a shame that in
our country we have anti-Christ's embedded so deep in our society. And it's bad and getting
worse. You as Christians have not been preaching the right Christianity. Now it's time to do so.
Speak to your Republican friends and or send them to my ministry website.

Many of us think that our job of salvation is nearly complete just because every one know about
Jesus. But now you are finding that salvation is an ongoing practice. And going out into the
harvest still apply. There is a whole new crowd of sinners closer than you've thought. Right next
door. The Conservative  and Conservative Republican Party. Now go out and get your name in
the Book of Life.