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Church Sayings Not of God That Make No Sense

It has been proven that Christianity has been falling backwards for thousands  of years. Yes through time the Church which was the foundation of God's master plan has fallen faster than God has anticipated, I believe. During biblical time, and especially during New Testament era of the Church, strict words was laid out on how followers of Christ was to believe and become one with the word and each other.

Disciples of Christ, I'm talking those in the Bible, knew how to understand what they received from Jesus. They understood the word and understood that as leaders they had to translate the word of God to others far and near in a way that at all times their followers would know how to worship God in a way that represented the intentions of God. They knew how to worship. How to explain Jesus. How to act, speak and when and where to do all of this.

Let me explain. I'll break it down just a little bit so even a 5 year old can understand it.

Disciples knew that Jesus was going away. They also knew that he wasn't coming back until a "house was prepared and made ready" for thes,e his disciples, and all those disciples following after them because Jesus said so. In looking at a section in the Book of John it read....

John 14:1-3, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

Many people go around doing and saying that Jesus was doing things for them out of the ordinary. They even go around saying backward things that's not only not Biblical but just don't make sense. This apply to backward and twisted songs we have been bombarded with. Many in the Church have no clue to how ridiculous they sound and the terrible things to do.

I will give a few phrases and explain them away as lack of knowledge and understanding by Church people of high positions, ministers and especially those women that lie in the face of God as Prophets and predictors of nothing. they are false pretenders.

The verse above, John, will set the course of where I'm going with this. In Jesus own words he said, "If it was not so, I would have told you." Told us what? Jesus said, " I go to prepare a place for you."

Many for decades have been taught that:

1.  Jesus is with you or us! The pastor actually have people believing that Jesus is actually with them. That Jesus is literally with them and they can do anything. Even jump off a mountain, race down an highway going 100 miles per hour not fearing an accident or getting a ticket because Jesus is with them pushing them on.

People are so confused and mis-taught that when an accident happen and they didn't get killed they say, "God was with me", Oh thank you Jesus" like if Jesus hadn't been with them they would have died. They never think that if Jesus was really with them the accident would have never happen in the first place.

Why would Jesus be with you and seeing you heading toward danger, seeing the fright on your face and knowing that this accident will either kill you, leave you broken and scared for life, yet, let this this happen. That Just before the incident Jesus hop out of the car.

Now come on people, you have got to be from the funny farm to believe Jesus is that heartless. Another lie your pastor got you believing.

2-8. Many people and pastors have told you to "turn it over to Jesus." I'm still trying to figure out how you do this. Slick folks will tell you to just tell Jesus what ever you want.This sound good but is Jesus suppose to bring to you what ever you're asking for?  How will he do it? Will he steal some body else's things that they worked for and give it to you? no letting you work for it or strive to get it or make something happen for yourself.

Confusion come in with the scripture,Matthew 7:7  "ask and it shall be given unto you"; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" Is Jesus speaking about "asking to be saved by confessing your sins" or is he talking about giving you a brand new car or house you can't afford or want work for.

I believe what he is alluding to is that if any one seek or come to or want to accept the Lord in sincere heart then they will find or receive him and the door shall be open or the Lord will come into your heart.

Now which scenario sound more truthful? Asking for some physical things or any other thing you know you want receive or my true version of "accepting Jesus as your personal Savior and allowing Him to come into your heart by way of the "Word of God." More below at number 7.

3. The Lord will get me this job, car, help me pass a grade, cause me to have a child, help me to do rap music, gave me this night club, told me to preach, gave me this job, gave me this Church, gave me my talent (who's you), and this goes on and on.... WAIT A MOMENT!

Let's take a look back at John 14:1-3, "I go to prepare a place for you." If you like take a moment to read this over and over again until your spirit reveal truth to you. I'll pause here.......................... hum hum hummmm, hummm, hum, hummm. Time up! he answer isssss! Jesus is not here! He's not on earth. Haven't been back in any way since he left. He said he was going away. Away from who? Us! 

He then said, "I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." Jesus said he will come back only at the time when every thing is prepared in heaven for us and it is this time and this time only will He, Jesus,  come and call us (come up here) and receive us unto himself (descend from heaven in the sky) (caught up).

Now, what do we get from this? We get lies from Church folks pretending that Jesus has lied about going away from earth. That some how he has slip back down to earth, undercover, doing secret things for certain ones and not others.

Pastors have used John 14:3 thinking they were giving people hope when they were lying to them given them false hope from a simple scripture that only mean "coming and accepting Jesus or giving your life over to Jesus."

Millions of people walk around blind as a tree trunk saying Jesus did this or that for them. But as you see, they lie. Jesus is not on earth. He said he wasn't.  I'm only repeating what he said. Don't get mad at me.

4. Let's look at another saying. " I'll pray on it". Where did they get this from. You can't make a decision until you pray on it. Is God suppose to help you make up your mind. You mean you don't have enough sense to know right from wrong. What good are you if some one have to tell you some thing right often. Well, for me I don't need you. I want you to think independently of me. I want you to impress me.

If I ask you to throw me the ball, I want you to either pick the ball up and throw it or if you have it, throw it to me. I don't want you to tell me to let me pray on it when you already know I want you to throw me the ball.

What if I want you to take a trip with me. Would you say let me pray on it. Who are you praying to. What has God got to do with you making plans for a trip, or throwing a ball or writing a special note for some one. Is God reduced down to a babysitter.

Let me clear this up. Stop trying to be holy than what you are because you will end up a liar. Just say, "let me think about it and I'll get back to you."

5. The song, "pass me not oh gentle Savior, hear my humble cry".  This is a sweet song sung by millions. It has been used to bring people to confession before the alter. But let's look at this song. It is as though Jesus is refusing to accept you after you, it seem, is begging him not to turn his back on you. In fact the song says, "I'm begging you Savior."

The lord does not pass any one over that sincerely ask for forgiveness. Begging him with a false heart to forgive you is worthless. False hearts in the Church is the product of what we see in people today. False and pretending people thinking they are saved just because they came before the alter and ask forgiveness knowing they have no intentions of changing.

But now, after putting on a show and gaining respect and position or even a member on the Church roll they really think they are saved even though they still do the same things before they came to confession.

Maybe this song is singing for help as one might insist. Well, if it is and if it was possible, no one would ever die again. Just tell Jesus he's a gentle Savior and that he will never let this happen and Jesus will melt under sentiments of pity. Again, no one want their love one to die. This song doesn't reach my level to sing.

6.Out and out hell bound lying. "God told me to do it!"

This the worst lie of them all and will be the main lie that send people to held. One must realize that if one can lie on God this person can't be trusted with anything. Every thing they does just say God told me to do it. But there is a truth we must deal with. God hate a liar. I suppose he hate you even more if you use him as a mean for your gain.

Followers of others are more likely to believe in any and all things their leader tell them without thought. They say he's the minister of God so he must be right. That he wouldn't dare lie on God being his spokesman. But I'm afraid that if one did not show some sign of having power his followers would be very few. So, the one power ministers and pastors can play with without having to pull a rabbit out of a hat or make a squirrel disappear and not having anyone challenge him for fear is to say "God told me to do this or that for him."

Funny God never tell them to go into an hospital or go to someone on their dying bed or those very sick with cancer, aids, diabetes or even children suffering from different disease and heal them. It seem like to me if one is so in tune with God that God talks to them them why ask asked God to heal most of the sick and suffering.

7. Turn it over to Jesus. How many times have you heard this said. Turn what over to Jesus? You not wanting to school or to a learning institution to better your life. You want Jesus to educate you while you do nothing.

Turn your sickness over to Jesus.  Why not go to a doctor like every body else then give thanks to God? Do you think Jesus is your personal doctor? He's never been for any one else out side of those in the Bible, so what make you so important now over every one else that lived and died.

You can't turn over your problems to Jesus. It is up to you to determine if you, first, is your own problem and fix you through help from doctors or others. Everything you need from Jesus he has already given to you. It's called a brain. Use it. It's call health, use it. Life, appreciate it.

This phrase is another power grab by would be hollier than thou's, so to speak, that need Churchie words to say to show others "I got it", not knowing they are confused themselves.

To make a point, the only thing you can turn over to Jesus is your life by making him your personal Savior.

8. The Lord is in this place. Wrong! The Lord is in Heaven. His spirit word, those in Church are truly saints, live in the hearts of these. Many pastors make this seem like the Lord is standing off in some corner or hovering near the ceiling.

9. Let's give God some praise. A crowd raiser and nothing else. Sinner's and Saint's together all shouting and clapping their hands. Being that a mixture of good and bad cheering and having fun together is a problem in itself.

9. God is in the healing business. This is the biggest lie ever told. God is in the forgiving business and can heal your sinful life if you will let him by giving your life over to him and began living accordingly by his words. The Bible will tell you how to do this if you seek to read and understand it like you seek to read your favorite star magazine or not to forget when your favorite show come on television.

God is not healing any one as seen by the hundred of thousands of grave yards and millions and millions of funerals conducted every day by those that said God will heal you. Even the pastors that says it is dead. Again, if that was possible, no one would ever die. No diseases would ever occur. The world would be over populated and pose a danger to mankind itself.

10. With God all things are possible. True! Meaning any one that want to change for God can change if they turn themselves over to the Lord and ask sincere forgiveness.

This does not mean that God is going to give you a space ship or take you on a ride through the universe. Or automatically make you a high school teacher with schooling. God deal within reasoning and since he told you to multiply and subdue the earth it is your responsibility to make thing happen for you and if necessary for others.

11. Holy Spirit Dancers. No such thing. Something made up to equal that in the world. An attempt to so call warm Jesus up for the big folly that's about to happen. God could care less about foolishness.

12. Ain't God good! We all know he is but this is saying that many think give them power. But saying God is not making you good. God know he good but what about you. What good are you doing or spreading to represent the Kingdom of God. Saying God is good want get you a seat at the Coronation of Jesus.

13. Falling out in the Spirit. Since Jesus is not on earth and there is nothing in the word of God to throw one down then the only other spirit that is on earth to cause one to hoop and holler, scream, run around and act like fools is Satan. No record in the bible of any saint crawling and rolling around on the ground. But there is of those possessed by demons. Christ put these kind of demons in hogs and they drowned themselves.

14. Speaking in tongues. No such thing since the disciples. Even then it was a special gift to preach the world of God to those not of the same language. It was preaching not gibberish. Today those falsely and pretending to speak it as though they have power or they and God is connected are liars. They are worker of Satan. They can't heal, raise the dead or really do anything that can be physically seen so tongues are the last and only thing they can clam.

Some may claim people are being healed. But why would you so call heal just in your Church? Wouldn't this be something everyone should be a part of since sickness is all around us? Slick pastors build up their Churches with this lie praying on the weak as they rob them blind.

All who claim speaking in tongues are liars and I dare anyone who does it to go to the nearest hospital and speak healing through their connection with God through tongues and they be healed. Start with the first floor.

15. And the prayer of faith shall raise them up. This did happen in the Bible. But you know as well as I do that the Church cannot heal. Maybe some time in the future just before Christ return this might happen. I doubt this will happen with saints.

But then again there was one posing as Jesus, pretending to be God. That old slue foot call the devil. He will be your miracle worker and many will follow him as they do in most Churches today. Again a slick phrase used by the pastor. They all die. We all die. You will die.

16. Programs: Just something to do. Most mean nothing to God.

17. The Lord told me.  Did he really? How did he do it since he's not on earth at this time? Did he send his Spirit? If he did then he would be back on earth and the rapture would have already occurred. You're a liar and will be treated as such.

18. The Lord told me to tell you.  Again, you are a liar. Spread the written "Word" and stop the lies. The written "Word" is here in place of Jesus. That's why it's written and preserved and became a Bible.

19. Highly favored. We are not prophets of old. Our names are not on one page in the Bible. So how can we be highly favored. If so, how would I get special messages from God to the rest of the world. Am I highly favored because I make money or have a good home etc. No! 

Job was highly favored because he was strong willed and a fighter. Willing to die for his beliefs. A leader in the community. A teacher for God and beloved by all who knew him. Trusted in the word of God. Did not hate nor spread hate. Color blind when it came to race. Spoke out against it. Knew how to make right decisions like Solomon. Wasn't lazy. Worked hard. Used his wealth wisely to give others jobs with fair wages. Took care of his workers and their families. Gave to the sick. Told the truth. Did not lie. Did not scheme or twist God's word. Did not roll his eyes or looked down on the poor. Was not proud or boastful. Did not gossip or talk ill of any one. Wasn't envy or jealous or a backbiter. Did not have eyes for other women or lusted. Wasn't stingy. Prayed for thanks often. Did not steal or plan ways to get more money from people unfairly using schemes and tricks.

20. I know the Lord did it. You are a liar. You don't know nothing. You can't see him. He's not here. Are you sure you didn't do by your own actions or through the help of some one else or the problem just resolved it self through other actions of real people.  Many time when one say this it's related to something physical or some promblem that worked itself out. They never say I went to the nursing home and 5 people was healed or twelve 90 years suddendly became 20 year olds or 3 wheel chair ampities suddendly was giving new limbs to walk at age 100 or at any age.

21. God call me to the ministry or this or that. Liar. God haven't called any one since John The Revelator of The Book of Revelation. This may have been Jesus speaking to John anyway.  It's impossible for you to say he called you unless he's giving you some new words to give to the world. I haven't heard anything new word out side of what is written in the Bible. Maybe Satan called you.

22. Lay my or our burdens on the Lord. I would like to see how you would do this. He's not on earth. Beside, your burden is yours to work out like every one else. If you get sick, go to the doctor. Got a job and need money, get your credit in order and go borrow the money then pay it back on time.

Burden down with bills. You shouldn't have made them. Grown children's worrying you in your home, then put them out. God don't won't your burdens. He want you to work them out. Some time you win and sometime you lose. That's life. This was the fate of many prophets and disciples that went through hard times. You're no better.

23. Miming for the Lord doing silly dances with clown faces. You got to be kidding me. Clowns in heaven? What a joke. I can just see Jesus doing an Indian type war dance with a ghost like painted face with black rings around his eyes dancing around God the Father's Throne. All of a sudden one of the Angels stepped forward asking God if he want him to shoot it. Church play time and foolishness by the unlearned.

24. The Lord woke me up this morning and started me on my way. No he didn't! It is the time clock of the spirit designed in all of us for the body to know when it need rest and when it had enough. This time clock is in the killer, rapper, liar and stealer and etc. It rain on the just as well as the unjust.

Are you saying God touched a muderer to wake him to go out and kill again. Or that he touched a child molester to wake them to go out to molest more children.

You see how silly you now sound thinking you are something for saying this. It sound good but make no sense. Why not just say I thank God for another day or to see another day and pray to see many more, Amen.

It's easy to open you mouth and say you know but it's harder to prove it. This you need to just stop it!


I could continue but I want you to open your eyes and see that you are being mislead. Pay attention to what is going on in the Church. Where is universal love the Church is suppose to be teaching in the name of Jesus? Yet, the Church is filled with hate and envy.

Many think that just because God has not brought this earth to an end that he must be pleased at it. That the Church is holding this thing together.  There is a few that may be causing God to hold off but it is not the majority of the Church as you see them pretend to be.

It's just that we have not yet raise ourselves to the level deserving destruction. We still are good to a certain extinct. But good doesn't make you a saint. Even good get mixed in with the bad. Then the bad begin thinking it is good. Then we have a problem.

No, we are not at the level of destruction but we are moving there fast. God is patience but we are wearing out his patience. Just because things seem like they are happy days, that's all it is. It just seem like it!

This nation and this world is in a sparrows downward. Just look at that which was wrong now becoming acceptable. You think about it!
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