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June 16, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

The Church is failing God and responsible for drop in believers

America has a big problem. Every week something new is hitting the media about Americans doing or saying something against God. Now it's about America's view of "is there a God". They say in 2007 83% of Americans believed their was a God. From that time to now in 2012 it is down to 68%, a 15% drop and dropping every year.

Why is this? It's because the Church God left in charge has done so much dirt and foolishness in and out of Church that many people who see and hear them want nothing to do with them. For years they have seen and heard about well know Ministers fall lower than they while trying to preach to them not to do wrong.

People see the Church involved into every activity that the world involve itself in.  There is no different in the people and the Church. Both accept every thing that the world wants. What does the Church want? It want to serve the world and God.

Ministers have become no use to God because they do not know how to Minister for God. Most are pretenders with tricksters ways of squeezing money from begging followers. They have failed God because they have no message of real transformation to offer the people. Their preaching is the same old thing Sunday after Sunday telling the same sermons year after year teaching nothing to prepare a follower to really reach out to others.

All the Churches of today can offer disbelievers are "Jesus died on the cross for our sins","God loves you"  and it goes on and on. I know every thing a preacher is going to preach about before I go to Church. That's because they have been preaching the same stories and or sermons the very same way every since I was a child. There is never nothing new. It's like their minds never expands beyond their simple learning.

I go to many places and I see and hear loud mouth so called Christians talking loud trying to be heard talking nothing about something they no nothing about. I often stand my ground away from them because I am embarrass to be seen in their presence. And if I feel this way I know doubters feel the same way.

The Catholic Church and Protestant Church's are the reason for the drop. And it will continue. It is out of control. Christian Churches have taught God will answer prayer to millions of people, but the answer never comes.  Then the people start to doubt God because this God that the Church told them would help them didn't.

They say their mothers and fathers even small babies die after they were told to turn it over to God. I know how anyone would feel after they sincerely prayed for a miracle that never comes. This will turn any one away from God who is weak and unnourished. This will cause them to disbelieve. And the bad part about it is that the Church can't say they are wrong because they  cannot prove healing through God. Then they should stop!

The question is why do the Church continue on to give people false hope of healing? Why can't they help them to get to good doctors? Why can't they explain to them that death is life and has nothing to do with God taking anyone life personally? Why can't the Minister be up front and tell those looking for help that God has already given them all the help they need. It's inside of them and you and me.

The Church need to preach understanding, knowledge, the mystery and Love. Something that is missing and is costing God precious souls that they will pay for as false Ministers of God.

Now go tell that. While you doing it. You think about it!

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