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This is summer time, July 28th, and of course one of the best times of the seasons where many, if not all, religious organizations and planners decide it's time to raid the chicken houses. Time to fill their pockets again to over flowing levels of this green stuff call money. To use their status to bring out their fans while winking an eye to thier plans of "I got ya!"

There is a call that is out by Tyler Perry calling together all the black people around the United Stated to come to this great convention of learning and sharing the word of God in some state I forgot. He promises an experience one has never had before.

Speakers of great names will be their. Speakers like TD Jakes, Oprah Winfrey and other rich folks with ideals to help the spiritual nature of one that haven't come to the conclusion as to just who they are. .........Ahh, What you say?

I thought to myself that these conventions, while suppose to, to, to, well I don't know what they are suppose to do except to take up collections of money, sell books and manuscripts while showing off the power of individuals who has no power to do those they speak to no more good than a Sunday morning devotion could except how to part with more of their money. ....... I'm taking a breath here.....

I can't see how people can be so gullible to pay someone to tell them what they already know. There is no convention that can make you no more of a better person than what you already know you should be. How can one claim they are Christians but constantly need reminding that they should lead a Christian life. Could this be just to get out of the house? Could be.

So, if these people are already Christians as they claim then why are they going? To do what? They are going because they represent that part of the people that want to be seen and be a part of something to say to those who wanted to go but was too poor  that I went. And I got to see TD Jakes and Oprah Winfrey in person. Oh Yea! Let's not forget Tyler Perry and all the other greats.

So once again, we see another clever way for the rich to take from the poor. We see how people want to be at certain levels so much that they are willing to pretend to be somebody for a week. To be a part of something big that feature speakers that can do nothing  but tell more and more twisted lies on Jesus to weak minded people who believe not what the Bible say but what these greats tell them.

No, learning is not what they are going for. And if it is I say again, learn what? Most will come back not knowing absolutely nothing. Knowing nothing on how to love and take care of those in their neighborhood. They will again be scared to speak directly to the drug dealer, robber, wife beaters, gays, curser's and the list goes on. If one ask them what they learned it will be nothing they could tell that you don't already know except about the good time they had.

All the upper class will attend. All those that have the money to spare will be there to appear like they are equal to the upper class and even Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the heavy hitters. But guess who will not be there? The poor, the needy, the hungry, the sick, the gangs and gang leaders and all those that are shut in and shut up. Did I just say thattttt!

So who does these conventions really benefit! The Promoters!

Conventions and siminars have been going on for decades and look what has come from them. Nothing! The Church is divided against itself. Republican so-called Christians hating the Democratic Christians and so-called Christians. Race division in the Church and race division all over the nation. Church has lost it's power and has even turned on God in favor of the gay life styles and more.

So in a two parts ending I'll say, if you can't preach and teach about loving your fellow man and have it make a different then you are doing nothing. Done nothing for over hundred of years are the result of why we are where we are today. Still fighting for rights against racism that's still coming from a racist Church called the Republican Party.

Lastly, conventions would be good if they focus on the one thing that Jesus always talked  about and this is love between the people that make us sisters and brothers when we accept Christ. Teaching and explaining love and how love can over come all evil can bring races together as one mind in God. This can only be accomplished if both white and minorities come together and hear the word of God as it should be told.

But instead conventions are music, whooping and crazy hollering, twisted lies on God ( read my other messages) books and movie sales and loud talking saying nothing. But when the dust settles there can only be a few winners. The promoters! The looser will be those coming back with loose pockets and silly smiles. The wanna be's!

For those that couldn't make it, well, don't feel sad, conventions are never about you nor for you anyway. It's only for those that can make it.

Think about it!