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Weekend Finisher

Christmas and false love from the Conservative South

It's time again when mostly  every one think they can make amend one day for that they neglected to care about the rest of the year. Each other. For it's the day of man made Christmas.

Christmas is the time of year set aside by the Church to give gifts and food to those they care nothing about all year long. It is a time when poor people and their children get to eat one fantastic meal and their children get a cheap toy for this one day. 

The Church pretend it's giving based on God giving Christ to us for our sins. But it's embarrassing to God to see how pretentious people are when they call themselves caring people but after this day of the twentieth fifth the Church and most people care little or nothing for those they pretended to like and love so much.

The South and especially the conservative Churches just voted to not give any help to the poor. They want the government to cut most programs used to help the under privilege and let them fend for themselves like the rest of them. They prefer to help the rich take more from the poor.

Now after voting hate and discontent about the poor so-called running up the debt, wanting hand outs, wanting something for nothing and even once cheered when a candidate said to let poor people die. They even voted to cut off healthcare to them.

Now these same people and others want to pretend they love us with their bag of "gift giving trinkle down gifts". They use their rich "look at me"  "look what I did" with my rich high seat by asking the public to be generous and compassion and give to the poor so they can have a glorious one day turkey and gravy Christmas.

There is an old saying that says, "eat now for tomorrow we die". If the poor depended on the church and others for their survival they would eat on the 25th and die on the thirtieth. No one care any more about those they gave toys to or the ones they delivered the can of porking beans to.

No matter how hard one tries to impress God with Christmas it will not work. Only true love ,and not lies and  pretending, is what God is looking for in a servant.  As I look about this season I feel sorry for those in the Church that doesn't no the different between a God and a child. In God and Santa Claus. In love and pretending to love. In truth and lies. In knowing and not knowing.

Tell me? Why would God want liars in Heaven. He don't and he want. The sad part is that most will not change because sinners and the Church love it so well. So most will die together.  The false Church and all.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating. It's how and what you celebrate if it's for God. My children and grand childrens have been celebrating what I created call "Alpha and Omega" for years. "The beginning and the ending. This is thanking God through celebration and gifts for great harvest, life and blessing throught the year God gave and provided for us. We look forward toward "Alpha celebration" of beginning a new year of life. So simple!

You don't have to be like them. The Church don't have to lie like them.

So, this year like those in the past, I and my family can celebrate with toys, food, hanging of lights and all the good stuff we come up with. But we don't lie about the birth of Jesus nor sing baby Jesus songs to a God, nor put Santa Claus on the same level as God. I like being in the world but not of the world. I am different. I must refrain and endure.

You too can now have a true year end celebration of thankfulness and a clear conscious toward God by beginning to celebrate the Truth. Start celebrating "Alph and Omega".  Want to know more, write me! You think about it.

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