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Christians Hold on, Gay Marriages are Wrong

If you believe in the Bible and just plain common sense you will no that God would never sanction gay marriages. As Democrats you should no that if you are a Christian you must not be swayed by news media's attempt to smear the word of God or to kick dirt in his face. That is, if you are a Christian.

I find it hard to reach out to Republicans to rebuke gay marriages because they are so far right on other of God's issues it would make no different if they was far or against it because they are not serving God according to the Bible and therefore, I cannot reach out to them on this issue when they are so against other issues.of righteousness and wrong themselves.

I can say for facts, that Satan has a plan of defeat for God here on earth. He's trying to get back at God through ignorant follower's he brought together to curse God in the one area he know's he can gain support in and it is in gay rights issues.

One of the ways Satan is doing it is through the, "Zombie effect!" You know how this works.

Satan knows that gays is the ending of humanity. Whether through war leading up to the final battles on earth or Jesus ruling, Satan know's that building civilizations through humanity is the back bone of God's creative plans. Satan will never rule over earth and take it away from Jesus physically but he can corrupt just as much of God's creation as possible making it harder for God to find the number of righteous people here on earth to further his plans.

Satan also know, and it is proven to be true, that as time move forward many so-called Christians will fall by the way side as they accept gay issues and rights as more and more of their sons and daughters become gays and fall under his rule.

Secondly, Satan is using twisted love to do his bidding. Take the true Love of God and turn it into a twisted side show of love by saying it is freedom of choice toward whom ever you choose to love, whether it is a man on dog or woman on horse, it's their civil rights. Don't laugh, the filthiness is the same.

God cannot use people that cannot stand when the going get's hard. There are but a few and a handful of Christian left to reach the few not yet, defiled by Satan. I ask you to hold on if you are a Democratic Christian. Stand your ground against marriage rights for gays or condemn you soul already.

If you already believe in their rights to marry then get out of Church. You're wasting your time. To Republicans, you should become Democrats. This is the first step toward being saved. Then I can ask for your help to fulfil the word of God. You think about it!