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Mr. Ward
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Gays, Chicken Fil-A  Appreciation Day, Republicans
and "you're too late"

On August1st  thousands of Christians, well I guess they called themselves Christians, went out to Chick Fil-A in groves in support for "marriage is between a man and a women" This was led by Fox News Channel host and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who declared August 1st “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”

Once again I see these Republicans and probably, a few Democrats sprinkle in for tough guy look at me, standing in lines and driving cars all around Chick Fil-A in protest against gay marriage. While I too am against gay marriage I could not resist the need to write about sinners who steadily throw stones. Oh! let me let you read this right quick.

1 John 8: 5, "Now Moses in the Law, commanded us, that such should be stoned" but what sayest thou?

1 John 8: 6, "This they said tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stoop down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not."

1 John 8:7, "So when they continue asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

Let me explain this to you before one of you start saying "well you're not perfect and you're talking about people too".

What's happening here I'll tell you in a nut shell.

Jesus want us to tell people about their sins, true. But to keep hammering at someone or others about the same sin over and over and over as though this is the only sin that will carry you to hell is ridiculous especially when your sins are just as great an offense as theirs and will carry you to hell right along with them. Jesus was probably writing on the ground saying to himself, "I wish these hypocritical nuts would leave me along and go get a life".

Sure we can continue to tell others about sin, but spend just as much time on one sin as you do another sin. We go to hell because of one or many sins. I can get deep into this but there's not enough time.

Getting back....

These folks at Chick Fil-A are looser's thinking they can win some kind of brownie points from God if , all of a sudden they get aboard, and now join together and speak out against what they say is the "worst sin there is" band wagon. Humm! What did we just learn?

I watched as young and old stood in the hot temperature blazing a trail that is going down in history as "Chick Fil-A  Appreciation Day, I was there, did you see me accomplish nothing". Woo hoooooo!

I know many was so-called Republican Christians because they are the main ones who could afford to stand in line and give money away to other rich people. I doubt very seriously any of these were poor people spending their hard earn money trying to make a point that's going no where.

The only winners here are the Chick Fil-A owners around the country that was glad to have these weirdos pack their businesses at a time when Republicans say the economy is so bad and people are hurting. Well, it didn't seem like the economy was hurting them at all. They had plenty of money to fling around. Didn't look like the economy has hurt them one bit.  To tell you the truth, they looked like "Elitists". (Those that have it all to throw about. Rich and wanna be rich).

But let us get to the good stuff cause all of what they did was a show. It was a program where the ending has already been written and played with sequences to come. It's to late to march when your marching should've been done 30 years or more ago. The Church is in a battle it has not won and can't win no matter what they do. As will be, the show boating marching and support has accomplished nothing.

Next the gays will come out and they did and all of American, meaning those who voted and support gay marriages, all the news media, every freedom rights organization, even Satanic so-called Christian Church's will glorify them in support as their support grows.

The Church will look on helplessly thinking foolishly they have a winning hand not knowing they have already lost the pot. What's gains made will not be given back.

You don't have to like the gay life style and you can keep talking about against it. maybe we can turn a few. But remember this. You cause it. Now move on to what you are suppose to be doing and that's showing love to others and how to love while covering all aspects of sin. It's in the Bible.

But wait! I got carried away! So-called Christian Republicans must first learn themselves how to love. They for sure doesn't love Democrats and immigrants and poor people, social programs and healthcare and adopting unborn children's so they can have a good Republican home when they are born and do not have to end up in child care centers. Ummm! I must be talking about pro-lifers and how Republicans care nothing for the living. I guess I am.

In either case, the Fil-A marchers would have done well if their bibleless pastors would have told them that the work of the Lord was much more than spending everybody time on one issue. Especially when the Church's are filed with hell filling fire burning sinners of "hate", oh yea! There are fornicators, adulterers, liars, stealers, false accusers, proud people which God hate, Those buffed up in pride, there are many false pastors, curser's, loud mouth and angry people, alcoholics, sex abusers and the list goes on. Any of these will send you to hell. Why? Because it is of a character that God doesn't need and it must be destroyed.

You can march and woof about gays but it's too late. After God go and place the world in your hands what do you do? You dropped the ball. It's a God ending problem now so go an attack the "Love" problem with the same zest.  Oh! you dropped the love thing too! Hummm!

But dont worry. My quest is to re-teach the people as it should be taught accordingly to the word of God and Republicans is at the top of my list to offer salvation to.

You think about it.