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February, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

Catholic so-called Republican Christians have devilish consciences on controceptives uses.

What on earth is the Catholic so-called Church up to now. Will lies and stupidity never stop flowing from the mouths of those calling themselves followers of God. If God was this stupid we could, at any time, expect him to suddenly stop the world from rotating forward to suddenly start spinning backwards. Such a sudden stop would send everything forward at super speed. It would be like being thrust into a brick wall. If that wasn't worst enough, no one could walk forward. We all would be stumbling and backing backward.

But God is not stupid and God knows all these Catholic people either have used or is using contraceptives. Overiding their Church laws and consciences.

Let's talk about this conscience the Catholic priests are so concern about. Beside, it didn't bother them when it came to raping little boys.  Now that's an issue these Catholic guys should be filling suit against. Themselves! It should read that young boys shouldn't be seen along with them or be a part of their religion.

But the big organizations that's file suit against the Obama Administration Thursday for telling them they have to provide medical assistant, to women working for them contraceptive help, do not think kids being protected from them is as big an issue.  I do.

The conscience is that of your mind that let you know the different between right and wrong. But It is only as good as the person using it. Murderers, rapist, liars, adulterers, fornicators and all other sin one condone does not use their consciousness state of mind for right thinking. They are OK about doing wrong. They have no conscience or conscience when it suits them.

Like their brother Republicans, they love to find stupid things to make a big nothing out of. Contraceptives. For example: For Catholic men using rubbers to prevent pregnancies. It's that a birth control. I bet most Catholic men use them. What about playing the old hand jive Mr. Priest. Itsn't that birth control and against your conscience? I What about not following through during sexual intercourse. It's that a form of birth control. You can't get away from the real truth.

Listen up catholic Church Republicans. It's easy to play to the media how religious you are but in the dark you are liars who no longer use your conscience to do right or up hold what you preach.Even your congregation do not agree with you and can clearly see that you are wrong speaking about you are not for birth control. At least now the do.

As I end I'm once again reminded why the Catholic and all Republicans who steadily talk about birth control do not rescue those children from foster organization and bring them home with them. What jerks! How can you have a conscience for the unborn or against birth control, yet you have no conscience to empty the Foster centers, all over, of these children's that want homes? Where are your conscience now?  I guess your conscience only works on what you want it to work on and not what it should be concerned about.

Right now it's on contraceptives. I guess next it will be their dislike for "black Bibles" and want them all removed. Sound stupid? No more stupid than they not wanting any one to tell them what to do evening though they have to do it any way. Catholic so-called Republican Christians has devilish consciences. You think about.

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