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June 13 2011
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Mr. Ward

Republicans gave the country cancer. Obama cured it. Here comes  remote controlled Tea party candidates to spread it again.

This coming 2012 presidential election will be the biggest election ever. The Tea Party is betting on Democrats, Independents and poor republicans being  discussed with the overall condition of the economy and fall apart.

The Tea Party has built up a movement off of the "rich", the "have a lots" and vow to work their butts off to put their "remote controlled candidate" in office as president of this country.

Who they pick want make a different's since each Republican candidate is a Tea Party backer and relying on the Tea Party to get them over.

This is good for Democrats since we despise the Tea Party because we knows what they really stand for. The Rich! The oil companies, the businesses that hate unions that provide employees with less than adequate pay, insurance, safety precautions and gear, bad working conditions and of course, firing and threats of firing if employees complain. This is the kind of nation the Tea Party and Republicans want for us.

If their candidate get into office poor people will be in trouble. Spanish immigrants will certainly be targeted as well as Muslims, not to mention blacks and Spanish Americans who already are on the low end of employment.

The real problem we have in the Democratic Party is staying focus on the real issues facing us. And that jobs. Many are disappointed in things not moving as fast as they want them. But it takes time.

The Tea Party and Republicans are spreading hate rumors that the economy is in super bad condition and that Obama and his policies did it to us. The truth being told, it is the other way around. It was them.

It take time to cure cancer. That's what the Republican Party gave the nation.  Cancer that could only be prevented from becoming malignant by Obama's quick diagnosis of it and found that he could do critical surgery and prevent it from spreading any further.  But he warned, "it would take time for full recovery, but we will live.

The Tea Party, unhappy with Obama's operation, want to plant a new cancer and put scare and fear into us that the cancer is still there even though we are felling much better.

In order to get better we must take our medicine. It may taste bad but it's working. Cancer take months and years, for some, to cure. The Cancer the Republican gave us was a bad one. It gonna take years.

Democrats must not allow another Tea Party controlled candidate to sicken the country again. we must wake up and pay attention to what they really want for America. And we "the poor people", are not on their agenda.

Republicans gave the country cancer. Obama cured it.