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May 6 , 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

Allowing GAYS to  become legal married couples is against God and supporters against  Amendment one will suffer because of it.

Constitutional Amendment One for marriage to be between a man and a woman is a Christian right to up hold. I may be a Democrat but I ain't stupid by a long shot.

Many Democrats, mostly gays want this Amendment to fail. They feel that they have the Democratic politicians hand tied unless they vote against it. Bev Perdue is against the Amendment. Many more politicians are against the Amendment also.

However, as a Christian I have to do what is right despite threats from gays not to votes for those running for office who oppose them. The fact remain, that whether the Amendment fail or not the gay community will still vote Democratic or Republican regardless. Democrats will not lose any votes because Republicans are worst on gays and non-gays than Democrats in other areas of our economy.

I'm not going to make this long like I could do, but I will say this to all who vote against  Amendment One. If you vote against it, forget about ever becoming a Christians.  Once you go down as voting against an Amendment that oppose God, then their is no forgiveness for it. You commited a great sin.You can't change it unless another vote come up to reverse it, which could take place, but what if another vote never comes up again, which I doubt it will.  As for as I see it, you just committed the ultimate sin that cannot be changed.

To be forgiven for sin is a sin that has been erased. Not to be used against you again. This sin against God is always up before God's face as a reminder that you help perpetuate a life style he is against. Therefore, every one, now and all after, that is born in the United States are living according to your law because you did away with God's law.

You know that two men or two women cannot start a world nor a family. Put them separately on an Island for 100 years, if they make it that long, return to it in 100 years and there is nothing there. Nothing but the island itself. However, with a man and women  placed on and island and in 100 years there will be million of people living there. This is simple enough for a ground hog to see. God said to create and populate the earth, go and multiply. Two men and two women can't do this no matter how they try to explain it away.

I certainly would not like to see people pretending to be Christians when their life has already been written for them to be doomed for hell. This will be so sad to actually no you are going to hell and no repenting of your sins will help you because you was part of a law to overthrow God.  So as one vote, so as one believe.

I can still vote Democratic for many other reasons despite me not liking how politicians are voting against Amendment One. This is their life. If they care nothing for it, so be it. I still vote for the best Party working for me in many other areas.

Think about your vote and your conscious. But be careful.