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April 12, 2011
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Mr. Ward
The Republican Tea party abortion deception has many in their party having abortions of their own.

Don't believe the hype that only Democrats have abortion. The fact is, they are having abortions and one doesn't need charts and rulers to figure that out.

I'm willing to bet if their was a way to determined who's having more abortions, it just may turn out to be them. Remember the old saying. "a hurt dog will holler", well this is what the Tea Party Republicans are doing. Constant  hollering against it while at the same time, engaging in it.

I'm also willing to bet that many who are being out spoken against abortion has had family members secretly taken abortions.

This has been a continuing issue with Republicans in every election, the budget and the coming election will be the same. Hypocrites using the old "get them looking the other way, while we do our thing" trick, but at the same time blame abortion on Democrats.

When will Democrats start to fight back by telling the Republicans they are the one that's probably having more abortions than Democrats. If they say prove it. Tell them to prove you wrong.

All parties have some one in it engaging in abortion.  Yet, the Republican Party deny it. Their dirt is done under cover. Therefore Call them "back door" baby killers".

"The truth will set you free!