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A Great Man Sentence to Death for Denouncing Homosexuality

Long long ago before man knew right from wrong even before he was thought of there were Gods and watchers that over saw the universe and it's magnificent glory of stars, planets, moons and bursting lights of colliding energy. Planets filled with life flourishing from the hands of Gods that determined the universe was now the garden of creation.

That God the Father and Son that ruled over the universe and Kingdoms to the very ream of  existence created and gave power to the minor gods to become watchers and teachers to visit and show the new world creations how to multiply and exist from living seeds.

Seeds that buried themselves into fertile soil then died, made a rebirth and multiplied into two strong roots that sprouted and produced great amount of fruits. And each fruit bore it's number of seeds that fell to the ground and like wise multiplied until as far as the eyes could see these also sprouted more fruit trees. Trees of living thinking being up rooted and planted through out designated planets. As they  prospered and grew the Gods were pleased.

But every so often the light of hope faded from planets of despair. Planets which fruits and it's seeds became corrupted and no longer can multiply. No longer satisfying the quality of beings needed to replant within the universe. The Character of good seed became tangled within the roots of bad seeds all bearing worthless bread of life unfit for the purpose of  God.

The Gods saw no need for such planets to exist so they made them desolate. Incapable on it's own to ever carry life again but left with possibilities. Others were so defiled that the stench it held could only be satisfied by utter destruction.A large boom from within exploded turning the planets into floating rocks, meteors and asteroids drifting through space like pieces of ghosts as a reminder to other planets what could happen to them.

Once there was such a planet unlike all others that the Gods found especially beautiful after their design. For millions of years it stood as a beacon as time brought forward in it's seasons life from the Gods. So much expectant and joy came from the Gods as they watched the new seeds prosper and grow into greater fruits trees than all before it. Fruit trees turned into humans.

But as this new life grew so did it's knowledge of reproduction, I's knowledge of love.  It's knowledge of self rule. It's knowledge of understanding which lead to these beings no longer depending upon what God wanted but began believing they can build a better world than God. That they knew better how to govering themselves. They would start on this planet and branch out to other planets in the future carrying the same message of self rule and free love by space travel.

So much corruption and disobedience over powered the beings and brought the hand of God by way of minor destructions upon them that only made them more mad and with contempt. Shout outs to God to leave them along as men turned toward men and women to other women in sexual love and orgies days and nights. Children being trained to disrespect the the law of multiplying  between man and women accepting the ungodly.

Seeds of the same seed smothered themselves in bad soil becoming unproductive to creation. Defiling themselves before God and deserving to be burnt and destroyed. All seeds of past gene now deserve to be destroyed. A disease has infested the basket of seeds producing unfit fruit that must be destroyed.

So much wickedness abound on this planet that only a few became aware of the consequences it brought and cried out for change. To remember the creator and his purpose for these once loved beings now called humans. But the cry was over shadowed by many that now has joined in with filthiness and homosexuality now mix with violent tempers and rejection of God wants. The Church wait in hiding with small voices making sounds of tapping on solid walls with no ears to hear nor if the outside could would care to hear what they had to say.

Arose one day a man of wisdom. Yes, out of this chaos a strong man stood and dared challenge the strong arms of the many. Dared to speak out against the wrong committed against God. He yelled out loud that homosexuality is wrong and will destroy all that partake of it and all that support it. That from a corrupt mind produces corrupt people that produce not just filthy people but thieves, killers, robbers, haters, filthy mouths, night walkers and defiling music and behavior.

He stood. Many came to his defense and joined with him. He was bold with much courage. Spent much time challenging the government and institutions that grew stronger and more powerful against him and his followers. As the man voice sounded there arose many organizations just like his but against him. Claiming  his religion was their religion and his God was there God and this God love their homosexuality and hate him instead for not accepting them. Als,o that his Son Jesus (God) could possibly be an homosexual himself. That God is love and wouldn't dare hurt them nor his Son.

This kind of twisted speaking was quickly accepted. But the Man continue to speak out. Finally, a group with power decided to make laws and give punishment to all that caused disturbance against any person speaking against who one should love. The penalty was death.

Such harsh treatment was determined to silence those against gays. The man did not stop and on a particular day and hour he was pulled from his bed with barely any undergarments on. Men in uniforms having guns pointed to his head as they pulled and dragged him through the open door of his room and down the stairs as his legs and feet's struck every step on the way down.

Immediately taken before a night court and with out haste sentence for the next day to death. Tried and convicted for denouncing homosexuality. None of his followers came forth in his defense. Bit behind closed doors shouted, "what a shame!"

Since the man was a follower of God and the Son of God it was decided that he should die like Jesus did. exploit him before the world. The people were glad and excited to hear such a sentence. Corruption has reached it's peak. The Church is denying the word of God and denied having any relationship with this man many once followed.

In a certain place the stage was set for all the world to see. A signaled must be sent all around the planet that the people and the government rule and not God. They wanted to show that any one in the future will face the same horrible death.

The Church on this planet was large and had much power but because it was some what in agreement with the changes being made on marriages and love they remained silent. Yes, they had the power to ask and demand this man's life be spared. But because of fear they remained silent.

The place chosen had all the technology needed to send the broadcast around the world. Cameras and all the news stations gathered to make sure they capture the moment to replay it over and over again. It was a party as billions gathered before their televisions to witness the moment. Gays all over cheered and marched in many places before the execution shouting and cheering to crucify him. "Crucify him in the name of Jesus," as to be mocking the Jews.

This man was brought out and looked as if he was beaten. His attorney even jokingly ask the President if he would spare this man's life, as to be mocking the crucifixion of Jesus.

But now it was time. As camera zoomed in this man was nailed to two cross beams. As they hoist him up and stood him upright he was asked if their was any last words. The Man simply said, "Father, forgive them for they know no not what they do." Then a doctor came over with a needle in hand and injected it into and around his ankles delivering a deadly dose of poison to his body.

Once again the man said, " no greater death than to die for the father." "This is not death, but life." "Life to all who believe." " I did all I could for the father, and now I leave it into your hands." "For though death over take you and manywill  turn against you, there is joy in the end." "Fight on no matter how much they hate you." "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

Death came within minutes. But something was wrong. The man's words kept coming to the ears of the hearers. There was silent. No shouting nor cheering. Something was wrong. Then the planet tremble as though a small earthquake. Many begin to wonder.  "Was he just a man." " An ordinary man."

As days went by talk of what happen and the feelings of many continued to energize people all over. For a moment rethinking homosexuality and human behavior was in many thoughts. But this didn't last long. . They claimed, "the man was just begging for his life." And that "an earthquake can happen any time."" We demands our rights to love whom ever we please."

The Church became freighted and behind closed doors shouted from the ceiling to the floor that this man should not have been executed. But when the doors were open silent in agreement was abound. But I did hear in silence one did say, "It was a shame for a great man was sentence to death for denouncing homosexuality."

Now the God's have set a date. For in the future the Gods will gather a few fruit seeds from the planet but the planet must be destroyed completely. The seeds taking are the mating seeds, the good seeds, the loyal seeds, the fighting seeds, the loving seeds." .... Now you think about it!