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A look into the mind of God
And a Brick Wall


This will be the most important writing that I will ever write explaining why most ministers have been preaching a type of Christianity that has not lead toward salvation for most. I have looked deeply into most religions of relevant and found that with all the flaws there are in Christianity it's still the only religion on earth that can better lead mankind toward a greater love and peace for the world. It will make a better human race and offer the greatest hope of salvation after death for all those who seek God through Jesus Christ in a way that will warrant a kingdom outcome of victory.

You see I had a life changing moment that shook my very foundation of what I thought I knew. It happened when I looked into the heavens and had an UFO experience. This is when I began to think there is more.  I saw moving stars form different positions forming lines and a great four sided object that moved across the heaven and placed itself before becoming stars or objects once more.

From this I learned that there is more. That there is something bigger going on in our destiny than what we are told. I needed to find out more. I needed to know what is beyond death. I believe I stumbled upon a large part of eternity.

But before entering God's mind  I must submit to thought not of this world. I must enter into the mind of God through every bit of scripture I've ever eating. I have to swallow and taste the sweetness there of. Heaven is in me and I in it.

This message is so powerful that it warrant two titles,"A look into the mind of God" and "a brick wall."  Why? Because first, I dare to do something that most can just touch on or imagine before they meet with brick walls. That is, while attempting to search "the mind of God" most have tried to think on God's existence for Christians after death just to come to wall after wall forming a weak theory thinking of, "that's it", "I got it", then suddenly slamming into a brick wall where their mind shut down.

For me, I have been to and over many walls of thought and Just when I thought I got over one wall, another wall suddenly slammed in front of me. I then shut down. No more thought. But I didn't stop. I looked at this wall. Something different about it. This particular wall seemed to beckon me. Challenging me to come and see. And I wanted to see real bad.

I've seen what's behind past walls but this wall was pulling my thoughts. Full filling it seemed!  It gave me a sense of calming. I said to myself, this is it. This is the wall I must get over. So, In my mind I pushed forward, climbing in deep thought moving ever so deeply into the mind of God as I reached the top of the wall.

Twisting and struggling I fell over the wall. What I found was higher understanding. Higher knowledge. But it was nothing new so I thought. It was before me all the time. The joy of the Lord is good. It was like I was blind but now I see. I was lost but now I'm found. These scriptures jumped out at me. Where I stood was only a bridge to move forward.  For over this wall was grace and I was growing in confidence by it.

But then I looked and there was another brick wall. This was was higher than any wall I've ever had before me. This is when my mind shut down for good. There was no more thinking, for there was no one other than the hosts of Heaven that new what the final wall held behind itself. Yes. I shut down and this time it is the final wall that I seek through salvation.

So, forget the final wall and let's focus on the next to the final wall that will change your and my life forever and turn Christianity back to those who want to seek salvation. Like always, there will be some people you can't tell anything too. They're going to hell no matter what is said or what is new. You don't have to believe me. I am not exact, but I am close to right than you will ever come.

First, It is this 'next to the final wall I know for a fact will begin to change the way Christianity has been taught you and it will cause a great more of you to start to give God more consideration, service and fear than you has ever before. You will even start to wonder why your pastors have over looked such important information that could have made the world a much better place.

And secondly, you will begin to think beyond my wall and how to break through the final wall but it will only give you migraine headaches if you continue to focus on it. But this one thing I know is that you will never think the same way. You will forever question what you hear and what the people around you is saying and acting. You will become a better speaker and for sure, God will always be on your mind no matter how hard things get or how easy. You will know what your quest for salvation is. It will be up to you to turn it on or off.  But in either case, you will never be the same. Nuff said on this, lets move on, we got a long ways to go.

Let's get started....

Let's see what you have already learned. You are told in a nut shell that Christianity is a religion whereby God sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins because we were too sinful to be accepted by God in the condition we were in. We accepted this and consider our selves Christians.

But just look at how messed up the world is now. In most hearts everybody want to be left to do what ever they want to do. Man made law is the order of things and God is being pushed further and further away.

Like now and in the past God loved his creation and do not want any of it destroyed. The promise for such love and obedience is eternal life. A chance to live again after death for all who trust in him.

In the days of ancient God required blood. Blood is the life force of humans, animals and so forth. He required blood through sacrifice. Only a sinless sacrifice could please Him. Man was so evil that such a sacrifice could not please God being with out sin Himself.

But Rather than destroying sinful man or seeing man destroy himself God instructed that clean animals with out spot or blemish to be burnt upon the altar, sacrificed for man's sake. Their blood and life was given in place of sinful people. This gave the person a chance to better themselves, love and become more obedience toward a grateful and forgiving God.

Later, it was determined that animals should not die for man but man should bear his own sins. But we were faced with wicked and sinful men and no one was found worthy to satisfy God. God's love wasstill strong for his creation. He was determined to preserve and save all who wanted to be saved and wanted no one die.

So, what did God do? (John 3:16) He sacrificed his only and begotten Son Jesus whom without spot or wrinkle to die for man's sins. For the world. Jesus love for us and understanding the love of his father for their creation, said, " Father I will do it". "I will go down to them" and "I will be your Sacrifice for them". "I will give up my life so that any one who believe in me that I am your Son and that I was sent down from Heaven by you, If  they will change their wicked ways and serve You shall receive forgiveness of sins and shall not die; but receive everlasting life after death".

So, this is what Jesus did. He first taught the people how to live for God and what God expects from us as believers in Him. When the time can he fulfilled His Father's will. He went to the cross and was severely battered, bruise and humiliated as spikes was driven through his wrists and feet's. Blood gushed from his body while soldiers keeping watch drove spears into his side that caused even more pain gushing out blood and water.

With all power he withstood the pain and for three days and three nights he hung upon the cross? When the time came to give up the ghost (spirit) he looked up toward heaven and said,"Father forgive them for they no not what they do". He then said, "into thy hands I commit my Spirit".  He then hung his head and died. God was pleased.

He became our perfect sacrifice when he, like the animals, shed his blood and gave up his life so that man sins can be forgiven just by believing and trusting on Jesus. Man now have a chance to save his own life by simply asking for forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ and our sins will be forgiven us if we turn from our wicked ways and seek the face of the Lord through love and Obedience in his words.

There are no more animals sacrifices or any other way to please God except through Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved except through Jesus Christ.  Roman 10:9: You can only be saved by accepting Jesus.

From this....

From this, pastors have told you from scripture that one day, whether you're dead or alive, Revelation 11:12.... saints will hear a voice from heaven saying "come up here". We who remained faithful will be caught up to be with Jesus in heaven.

There will be a seven year peace agreement that last three years, a terrible war and grief, then come Jesus and Saints to settle with man to bring peace. Then the new Jerusalem.  and Jesus crown King of Kings and rule for a thousands years.

There will be peace on earth and love between their fellow man. Satan will be let loose again after a thousand years. He will be put away finally for good. The judgement will take place.  The bad will be cast into the lake of fire with the devil and his demons. The good will inherit the earth....The END.... Maybe not all in that order.... Brick wall...

That's it!

That's it! What I just told you in a nut shell is all there is, pretty much. Nobody can tell you much more including the most educated bible theologists. There are happening in between stages that I intentionally left out but this is it.  For some, this is more than they ever knew.

But it's what's been told to people for thousands of years. It is this that cause one to become Christians and it is this that has lead many astray because something is missing. Much is not told and much is not known. Not enough to cause one to seek God as a creator, Judge and executioner. Not enough glue to hold folks faith together.

Most people go to Church, learn how to confess their sins, sing hymns, turn the Church into a club, hoop and holler, laughing like fools, pretending to speak in unknown tongues, play with snakes (children of that ole serpent the devil) and act like they love God and their neighbors and believe that's all needed to guarantee them a place in heaven.  Once again in a nut shell... That's it!  But they will find that these things won't get them salvation.

For the most part, most doesn't even know why they are Christians or suppose to be Christians. All they can tell you is that I am saved. They have been taught that if you just reference God in your every day talk by saying things like "thank you Jesus", I know the Lord is watching over me", "Ain't the Lord good", "I pray every day", and don't forget this one, "Oh thank you Jesus",  that this make you a Christian. They think this is how you serve while at the same time living like hell behind closed doors and even in public. 

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