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June 9 2011
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Mr. Ward

Why do sinful people seem to want to judge Rep. Anthony Weiner? They are no better than him.

The United States is a sinful and rebellious nation. What give sinners the right to judge another sinner? When did so many Americans suddenly become perfect?

How can an immoral nation that approves one of the worst acts possible, "homosexuality",  which is forever, disapprove vehemently nude pictures that can be forgiven and destroyed in seconds.

Most Americans have their closet full of skeletal's they will never reveal and wish they could forget. If you do not have skeletals then you must be perfect and should not be among us imperfect ones. You have already reached an immortal status of a so-called little god.

I find that the most Hippocrits out there are the ones doing the judging. Especially the news media that spreading the hate and filthy pictures as though this is the right thing to do. They are no better than Weiner.

Frankly, I don't care what Weiner does. But I would not quit my job based on people that's done much worst.

We have bigger issues facing our country than nude photos. When I look at the economy and debt I think that the Republicans should be forced to resign from office for terrorizing this countries economy and holding us hostage.

We poor people are suffering and our government has stop working on the country's problems and  spending weeks trying to get Weiner to resign.

We poor people didn't put you in office to vote on nude photos or hold investigations because he didn't send certain women or men a photo of himself. 

The economy is all we want to hear about. So get you sorry behinds back to work and fix it. (see temp agencies the cause of high
unemployment) for a start.
Think about it!
God bless!

Why do sinful people seem to want to judge Rep. Anthony Weiner?