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Just to let you know
Truth must be told....

Republicans are not Christians!

Too evil and lack of caring. A professional lying machine for Satan!
You have are being dope with lies by your  pastors...

Before you give money ask for the proof!

You have been robbed and lied to for nearly 2000 years since John the Baptist!

  One nation    One party     Under God
  A Higher Level OF Understanding
Jesus said they are fools and hypocrites -Conservative Republican Churches

Could this scripture apply to the Conservative and Conservative Republican so-called Churches. I think so! I have never seen nor heard so many hateful people gathered in one Borg mind of destruction of society than these children of the dark. They are liars from their hearts.

And as the Bible put it, "they love a lie as do their father the Devil". The bible say the devil is a liar. He also said people unable to get along with others, hate their neighbors, uncaring and plot to destroy is also a liars. When they pretend they are Christians, like all these Republican so-called Churches does, they all are hypocrites.

Another thing happening with the so-called Republican Congress is that these Congressmen are so stupid alone with their followers, that they listen to Satan telling them to shut down the government a year ago. They did it and now say "Obama did it."  "Obama had it planned." They even say the "American people knows who shut it down, Obama." They need medication that's not been invented.

It's like being caught with your hands in the cookie jar, surprised you got caught but think you're out smarting the person that caught you by saying to them, "this is a dream, go back to sleep, you really didn't see what you thought you saw, I'm really not here, the cat's taken the cookies". "you must believe me cause I aint lying."

This is how this type of Church think. They want to treat those below them like dogs and tell God in Church on Sundays and Wednesday nights that "he really didn't see this," That "we really love you and do your will every day," "You know we do" they say. They even think God is just as caniving as they are.

Some say pray for them.  If praying for them works, you pray and tell me how it come out.  I'm told to beware of them. Beware of their Churches. Beware of their false so-Called Christian behavior. It's not what you say but what you do. We see every day what they think and what they do. As quiet as they may seen, it's devilish thoughts they hold in their hearts. Pitiful! You think about!