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September 20, 2011
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Mr. Ward
If Republican so-called Christian TV ministers are going to heaven, then send me to Hell.

Rich Perry has brought out the worst hate group in this country from the past to the future. The so-called Republicans Christians. They have tormented poor poor people forever. They has never done any thing to bring races together in any serious way where other races can share in their glory. They pretend like they are partial with other races but that's as far as they go. Pretending!

The Bible teaches love of all men. A coming together under one religion of love call Christianity. They are not there yet.

TV big time ministers use there trickery and smooth talking words to play on the weak. Deep down they care about nothing but the money. They love the money and will throw the poor under the bus to keep the rich tiding and donating to their bank account.

They care about the poor about as much as letting one come into their home to use the bathroom. It will never happen.

They backed Rick Perry because they know he will put more money in their pockets buy limiting the amount of money coming out of their pockets to help the poor. Their congregations are wealthy and rich people.

Let me end by saying this.

If Republican so-called Christians and TV ministers and their members feel that God is on their side and they are going to heaven then send me to HELL!

It is one thing to live on earth in hell, but to think that God is a member of the Tea Party is more than a sane mind can take. For blacks, Spanish and other dark races liberal Christians heaven will be an eternal HELL! 

We can't get along with them down here. Can you imagine an eternity with this hateful group in heaven. They hate us and don't want to mix with us. This same mind will follow them to heaven or "I mean Hell".

A true heaven with a God who loves all his creation could never allow hate to enter heaven. Therefore these TV Republican ministers are stuck up money stealing liars.  Satan in wolf clothing. And I mean every one of them.

I pray to God to separate the wheat (real Christian) from the chaff (so-called Republican Christians) so the rest of us can live in eternal peace.
Think about it.

So-called Republican Christians need to repent!

Bishop Ward