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Today or Sunday coming many will flock to the False Church to do what? Every one from the roaches to the kitchen sink will join happily as one. Every one scrambling to be told again what they already know. They will even pay to hear that "God love you," "Jesus died on the cross," and "ain't God good." Many will come away and nothing has changed but feel much better, you think! Yet, you know nothing about the glory of God. You are settled in believing you are just as right in your doings as the other that sit next to you. And you may be right. Only both is right in their own want and mind. Real knowledge is held at bay. It cannot be taught if one know not that it exist. Knowledge must be sought after. Understanding must be wanted. Believing must be accepted. Living it must be shown and demonstrated...    Remember, no one can bless you unless they are doing something for you. Saying it mean nothing. You are already blessed with a brain and life. What you do with it is totally up to you... Now go and be blessed. Read my free website and learn more about the true Church and who God is and what life he hold for those that "endure unto the end."  Do your self and God a favor and pass it on...Wow! I just gave you a sermon in 1 minute and it cost you nothing. Then go away thinking about it.


Greenville NC Is A Den of Theives

One of the most insane place where pastors and ministers have lost their complete minds are in Greenville, NC. There, churches are indeed a den of sin. Members are as crazy, if not worse, as a backward flying alligator. How people can be so strung out as on drugs, hooping and hollering, saying all kind of stupid things and beliving all kind of stupid things without any kind of thought has got to mean they have been taken over by demonic spirits. How can people think they can buy God? How can they believe God is answering prayers when the fact is, it is impossible for people to get all the stuff they want or think they will get from God, or never to ever get sick or die aain. How can people be so stupid. The church has no proof what so ever of anyone ever being healed. There is no record of the church in history doing mass healings or going any place of medical sickness and healed any one there. Those that say so are liars and I call on you to go to hospitals and other places and prove it where it counts and not in a walled up building full of sick and wacky people so blown away they will believe cement is flour if the red eyed pastor say so. If you say he healed you, then I say, what make you so great that he would heal you and no one else? Why do you let others die when you have that special connection with God? Or, is you a liar working for your father the devil? Think about it!


News Media Slams Donald Trump's Faith

This seem like a funny joke when I hear the very people that do all they can to tell gay people God is a liar talk against another liar, big time sinner. They challenge the bible and God's words like God is no more that a wild misguided tiger looming in the tall grass. They challenging people's faith in God as they are live the righteous life as news persons. News people are the most gossiping, instigators of turning others against others than any other group in the world. Yet, has the gall to say they are Christian's while serving the very person they disagree with .... Not only is Donald Trump not a true Christian but he is bout as much of a Christian as those in the news media and in his party, all caring the name, Christian, which is easy for any one to do. In fact, the whole Republican Party which call themselves Christians and talk against Trump has the same thoughts and Ideals as trump but because they want the White House so bad they are willing to pretend they are different than he until they win the presidential. Then their true selves will be revealed. Satan in the flesh!.... Bad pastoring have these people thinking this way, saying they have faith coming out of their mouths is about as easy as saying they has a pack of chewing gum they never opened.... Their faith is in themselves, their power, money and those of their kind. Certainly not in God. But the bible state, many, many shall say Lord, Lord, but I don't know them. This is what is going on now. Think about it!

All Hail The Pope-Cousin To The Antichrist

In Cuba as the Pope was readying to speak, CNN was hailing him as the image of Jesus. Yes, that's right!  In fact, it was Chris Cuomo, a leader for Gay rights.

A Special Day For Refueling?

When one has God in their heart, they have no need of constantly being taught about the same things over and over again unless God has never been there in the first place. As a true Christian there is no such thing as needing refueling as a car. You is or you ain't. Being a Christian is a long time commitment. When one fall lightly they are soon brought back by others if others care and the person listen and obey. If they are caring the word of God in them this should be a quick change and come back.

Their fall may have been lack of knowledge not being properly taught by their pastors just like what is going on today with millions of church people that never was, but think they are. There are very few Christians and few there be that make it in despite what you see state the bible.

Most people calling themselves Christians have been and is deceived by lies and gimmicks and gimmick phrases and schemes most have come to quote behind each other. They believe God will give them 12 yachts and partridge in a pear tree, even though no such things pastors say God will do has happen and will not happen. 

But a true Christian stand and endure unto the end (death). Therefore, from the scripture, If one call themselves a Christian, they no right from wrong and strive to live up to the word of God no matter their situation. Their mind, in their daily life is constantly thinking on pleasing God in every action though you have free will to do what ever you want to.

Going against that which you no is right is a defiance against the word of God and remove you from stating you are a child of God. You may still have the word of God in you, but it is in vain. This is what is going on today. The word say, "In vain do they worship me." God will also say at judgement that you turned from me so I'm turning from you. You rejected me, I reject you.

You must determine if you are Godly and can walk alone without others telling you how to act. Your knowledge of this is in the bible, but it should have been transferred into you for you to be called a Christian. You have no time to pull out a book or call up a pastor when challenges come your way.

Like school and college, you must  graduate some time or remain a flunky. A graduate goes out into the world and pass their knowledge on to others, as I do....  It is through you that the knowledge of Jesus should be taught to your children. They can take it or leave it, but you are the pastor of your household. All Christians are ministers of God. Kings and Priests. "A physician has no need of a doctor."  A minister has no need of a minister.

Enjoy life, vacation, build, buy, hunt, shop, visit, sing, go to beaches, movies, sit home and all other things you enjoy because the word of God in you is guiding you. And what you know, no one can take it away from you. Where ever you are, the word of God is with you. The main pepose of Jesus is to get people to live right throuh the love of God and not worship in buildinging made by hands but in you.

There is no such things as a special day of refueling. Think about it!


Misunderstanding Faith, A Plea To Live
(An actual account)

Sorry to  hear of your Mother's and Friend sickness. However, there is no such thing as putting your faith in God to be healed. Faith is believing in the word of God and that Jesus is the Son of God. There is a natural faith every one believe in that they or some one else can do a certto hear of your family ain thing. Spiritual faith is believing Jesus without seeing him. This is faith that we all are driven by because we have never seen Jesus, but because the word of God he brought sound so convincingly we believe by faith that their is a God and that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God that did bring the word of God to us. Faith in God does not grant us healings, a new house, a promotion on a job, new car or the ability of super powered people to pray to him to heal or do some favor for another. If faith healed as some want it too, there would be no one that ever dies because we never want a love one to pass. But if we or they didn't there would be chaos on earth.... Just think if God would truly heal the billion's of sick people. The earth would probably move from it's axis. Over population would cause the earth to explode. No sickness, no death, but life is still being born.... Also see that all those in bible past like Paul, Peter, John and others of the church have passed.. No one had no greater faith than these, yet, they have passed. Look at all the funerals over time through out ages of the church. They all had the same thought about faith as your parents does. But they all have perished, and so will we all. Faith of one person does not make God care more for them than he do for other sick people, and they are all around us, and it will continue to be. .... In Matthew 9:12, Jesus said, " it is not the healthy that need a doctor, but those that are sick." This is Jesus's own words. James 5, 14 -16, say to pray for one another or calling on the elder of the church and the prayer of faith shall raise them up is pertaining to those at the beginning of the gospel only because they were needed to help spread the gospel. This, like every thing else, ended as we see death fell on mostly all the disciples. ....The church of today, has mostly twisted the scripture. My suggestion to you, is to let your love one read this or tell it to them. Jesus said to go to the doctor. Even the disciples had physicians that followed them. Faith is not going to heal cancer and never will. That's why there are millions of cancer patients being treated and saved around the world with the new medicine and technology we have today. But it must be treated early. God is not going to nor has he ever brought some one a glass of water when the glass is sitting right in front of them when all they have to do is reach out , pick it up or go get it and drink....... I fault bad pastoring for their mindset, not them. Cancer is no joke to play around with. From what I get from you, they are refusing treatment. Maybe they no more than they are telling. If not, tell them to get treatment. If not for themselves, then do it for you.... I hope this will help.

The Pope Continue To Play God While People worship Him

The Pope has landed. All protestants Christian should take a good look at what is to come. As you witness this great crowd of people cheering and waving, so will this same event be played out again in the future as the Pope once again will work side by side with another enemy of God.  The Pope will, near the end pose as Christ Jesus again with crowds larger than this you see. As you see, the Pope is attempting to bless people with his false blessing. No man can give this sort of blessing but God. The bible say he will stand as though he is God! He can't heal any one nor grant any one anything nor ask God to grant any one a blessing. His antics is all false. Yet, blind people can't see.  These same people, maybe in the future, will be those that will be used to hunt down protestant Christians for not following the Catholic belief or taking the mark of the beast. Catholics  and others will take the mark of the best and will be dammed for all eternity... Every  so often the Pope puts his hand on sick people as to mimic Jesus. However, he can't heal. He cannot do absolutely anything for the people...... The Catholic Church once tried to convince Muhammad to kill the Jew and Christians and give Jerusalem to them. Muhammad attacked the Jews and Christians capturing Jerusalem but kept it for himself, building the Muslim's "Dome  of the Rock" there. ...Catholic Church wanted Jerusalem to put the Vatican there because Jerusalem is known as the center of the earth. Jerusalem is also known as to be that of God which God will lower out of Heaven down to earth.....The Catholic Church and the Pope is a false Church which it's only goal is to control the world as Jesus will do. It has always wanted what Jesus was promised. It is Headed by Satan and will honor the beast that will wage war against every one that is not Catholic or did not take his mark on their forehead.... As the bible state, the combination of persons, will be so convincing that they will almost fool the very elect. His words are true, but underneath wolves rein....I also see nation of liars and haters pretending to have love and compassion for an hour. False people joined together praying to a false god. Satan! .... Dressed in his garments of gold, when he stand before Jesus, I suppose he will want Jesus to bow to him. What do you think?  Think about it,