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The Blind being lead by the Blind

A lot of people are using the Church as a play ground to conduct theatrical performances only equal to that of Hollywood. The real name for this is the "Devil's play ground." A place where many come thinking they can amend for each day of sin and be blessed by the minister, like the Pope, for showing up. The false Church of today have corrupted many and gave false understanding to many that has cause killings by Christians, raping, murder, growing increase in gay life styles, adulterers and fornicators overtaken the churches, acceptance of gay pastors, many prisoners. Yes all these came out of the Church. Hatred between the Republican church and Democratic church has caused division between the two when both are supposed to be brothers and sisters. Yet, they play on doing nothing for God. Nothing! Both see God differently in their interpretation of the bible. They even vote differently...... Many church people believe they are going to heaven but most know hardly nothing of the true will of God and about truth or how to serve him. Most are involved in lies. The Father of lies have long took his earthly throne in the pulpits. If you can't see it, then you are the "blind being lead by the blind (Matthew 15:14)." Can you answer this question based on what you have been taught?...Here it is...  "If you died right now, what good would you be to God"?.....Ask your pastor this same question? Then search your conscious after you come to a brick wall.... As a Christian, you should know this answer without any long time thought....Don't know the answer? Then visit my website and learn your role on earth and in the New World to come. Renew your mind for Jesus and not your pastor! ..... Think about it!


The False Church

If one can't prove what they say, wouldn't they be considered a liar. If one said God did something for them, should not others be told why God would go out of his way to do for them and not another. Especially, when the poor has shown to want just as bad as them. Church people have been breaded to believe in lies of impossible nature.

They can't heal the sick nor raise the dead, since every one who had faith in the past is dead,. So, they turn to lying thoughts of the devil to attempt to show a God relationship. This being done has driven the church into being pathological liars. That is, believing in something that is never accomplished  or seen but is determining to believe in it because they want it to be real though still a lie. …

So by repeating it over and over to them make it true in their own mind. This make this person a liar that cannot come to the understanding of the truth for fearing finding out that all they have been taught by those they looked up to has mainly been lies told to them.

Think about this! Why is it that with all the church meetings where you hear all kind of stories from the bible, you never hear a sermon about the false church?... You can hear about end time happening, but never the church turning worldly and becoming the false church...

Well, the false church is here and it will continue to move closer and closer toward Satan's objectives as you see has taken over the churches today. So as Satan is the father of lies, so have people playing church become the children of Satan with their own lies. They play with God as though he was a hand puppet.... Why is there no separation of the church and the world?  You no as well as I no that they are one.

The stuff it says that make no sense.  Sayings like to "turn things over to God" is not true. You no it is not possible for God to do your bidding. Also, "God helped me with this and that" is a big lie also.... Yes, a church is a false church when the pastor cannot prove the things they say God will do for you...

So, where is the accomplishments of such sayings by pastors? Where are the victories made through out history? Why are the people inside church the same people out side of church engaging in sin to only return to church Sunday after Sunday for refueling as though they have a leaky tank?

Someone beside me should be able to see the false church as I do and preach the need to return to the true church. Do you not also believe this is the time when the blind is leading the blind... It's in the bible too.  Share the site. While you're there, think about it!