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November 2015


Sunday thought - to help the lost

Why is the way the church is structured, and any religion for that matter…. is held together  by lies? It’s true! Every pastor must tell lies to keep older people and some weak minded younger people coming.

The only religion that could save America is Christianity but the pastors have turn it and the people into one big lie. That’s right! For a pastor to hold a church together they must be willing to tell constant lies,  just like Jim Jones that cause the death of over 900 people when he convinced them to drink or forced to receive cyanide poison in the name of God.

For centuries pastor have done the very same thing by causing the death of billions through false Christianity by holding simple minded people together by keeping them believing in that which does not and cannot  happen or be proven true as told by them.

For any pastor to tell any sick person to call on the Lord for help is literally a liar. God did not put us here in perfection. God did not put us here to personally bow to our will. Goes does not answer prayers. He can’t! Any one that say so must be put in a position to prove it at hospital and other places out side of a rigged church.

There is nothing a pastor can do for you as a Christian. They cannot save you nor change you. That’s your job if you are a Christian. Then you should know just as much as they. If you don’t, you are not a Christian. If you need to follow them, then you are not one either. What are you looking for? All of your dealing with people are in the public not in a building. That’s a fact! What are you doing for God?

As a Christian, you should be a minister. If fact, that’s what Christians are. We spread the good news to others and this goes on and on and on. If you are not doing this you are not a Christian. I don’t mean to spread lies as is being done these days, but spreading the truth as you hear it from me. No one in the world can prove me a liar. You should be listening and reading and finding your place in God’s heart and plan for you.

Listen, we are not living in the bible days where certain things are done and said to get Christ message out. We needed ministers and pastors to make this happen and it did. The word got out and it went around the world but it was tainted with lies that broke it through plans of power and robbery.

Pastors are placed in the same category as a shepherd. However, a shepherd is out on the streets, so to speak, as shepherds are in the fields with it’s sheep, protecting them and leading them from wolves. Not closed up in a building robbing them, becoming the wolves in sheep clothing as the bible say.

As I close I want you to think about this, it will prove some of my points. That is, “why are you paying some one to tell you that which you already know? --- When you see another, ask them this same question.

Then ask, “do you not no that God sent Jesus down to us and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that if we confess our sins in our selves and mean it, God will forgive our pass sins and that from there we go and try our best not to sin anymore? 

You should no at confession, not afterward,  that God hate sin that consist of a liar, fornicator, adultery, their, pride, gay life style, gossipers, murderers, luster after another, running toward sins for laughter, drunkard, sex, movies, fights, arguing, loud mouth, spiteful, envy, racist and the list goes on.  Again, You should no this and be willing to stop this before asking God for forgiveness.

You should no that the word “Love” in Christ train and do away in you all that is above and lead toward perfection after death..

How about that! I just summed up all you need to work with to lead a righteous life and it took jus a few minutes in a nut shell. Only you can expand and transform the sinful life above into Christ’s “Love.” It is in your hand. I gave it to you and it didn’t cost you a dime.  So, why is it taking years and years for you to get it at a church that God specifically said, “he didn’t live.”

You have all you need to move forward and tell a friend.  Remember! You are or you’re not! Christ said Go and sin no more. This mean, that you don’t have to be around Jesus to for him to keep telling you that 2 +2 is 4. He want his word to live in your memory for you to take control over your life through his word that now live in you.

Become a real everyday minister toward others. Teach your children what you know and as they grow they will do the same. This is the complete will of God. But the church has failed. It has done the opposite. It has become the false church grounded in lies and false pretending.

You’ll never see your pastor in the same way. Why? Because you was once blind but now you see. Think about it!

Being Clear

Today is church day for many blind people that could not sustain their faith nor maintain their learning for a mere 6 days. Forgetfulness, which is one the first sign of alzheimer cannot control every one in Christianity. Yet, it seem to be a lasting spreading disease with church people that cannot be cured.

Remembering, again, is for conscious sake to keep in remembrance what you have heard and believed in. Not forgetting, but relying on.  No conscious, lead to no remembrance or to not caring.

The main reason for the word of God is to put the Spirit, which is the word of God in you or you that will accept the word of God and live by it.

There is no way you can forget how not to live according to the word of God once you have known how to live according to the word of God unless you don’t know how to live according to the word of God.

In John 8:11, Jesus said to the women being stoned by others after committing adultery. He said to her to “GO” AND SIN NO MORE“. He did not say “go” and come back here tomorrow or on another day or time so I can tell you to “sin no more” over and over again. But to remember what he said.

This mean that I (Jesus) will not personally be there, but I still want you to remember not to commit adultery or any other sin. Remember this always. You shouldn’t need some one else to keep reminding you of this. Of the word of God.

What am I saying? Being clear, I’m saying if you have to constantly be taught the same thing over and over by someone else to keep you remembering how to live right, then this is letting you know you don’t know how to live right on your own. You have an “Alzheimer” need to be reminded of what you already know.

Which bring me to my second, being clear statement. This is one I cannot stop speaking on. It is, “why are people paying some one to tell them over and over what they already know“.  All you hard of learning? Why can’t you graduate?

Is it because this is a time to dress up in sleek dress and big hats. Show up in my shinny new car that I want to park in front of the church building for all to see. Maybe it’s a time to show how good I can sing in a choir. Could it be this is the time when I have power over others because of my position. Maybe I come or go to see a Hollywood performance by a false pastor or a chance to do my club like dance before a live audience. This must be it if you are hard of learning.

Yes, those that find the need to go to a church building and pay to be told how to serve over and over again cannot be Christians. Christian should be out teaching non Christians how to be Christians, not being taught themselves how to be Christians.

Maybe they pay to be part of an organization like joining a work out gym. Maybe just need a place to hang out on Sunday for awhile before returning to what they or you really love.

It’s not in the church building people. God is not there, neither is any other spirit. The Spirit which is the word of God should already be in you or you wouldn’t be going to church in the first place.  But you refuse to let the spirit drive your life, therefore, need teaching. Thus, being not a Christian but looking forward to becoming one some day, sometime when I think the time is right. In no hurry!

As I end, remember, Jesus said ‘Go and take care of your other life and remember to sin no more while doing it. You don’t need to keep going to a church. The church will be in you as it should be.  Now think about it! I’ve spoken to you and you have gotten more truth here, right now, than 24 hours in a building.

Dr. Ben Carson lies and His Christian Followers love it

Let me make this real clear as though the sun is you light bulb in your living room. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all of a sudden white and black Republicans have all of a sudden  started  liking blacks after centuries of slavery and continuing hate and poor equality.

I pride my self in reading people and know I am very good at doing it. Now read this! First of all, Ben Carson and other black Republicans that vote the same as white supremacists are just as hateful toward Democratic blacks as they are.

I’ve never seen any black Republican take argument or fight a cause on national media to disband and or make laws to do away with racist organizations that is a haven in their party.  Few talk, but never come forth as a complainer. They complain more about Obama than the KKK or Skin Heads.

Frankly, I find it hard that a black Republican ever marched for Civil Rights, since their views and positions are the same as those of white racists. Therefore, their accomplishments came off the backs of  black and white Democrats that died and suffered on their sorry behalf. Now they sit back and say what we can accomplish as though they had something to do with these accomplishments. If any black Republican marched, where are they. If they did march, they must have been planted stool pigeons as some house keepers for the master.

Ben Carson is old enough  to say what he did to help Martin Luther and the rest of us march , protest and or stand together whether in the march or not for civil rights.  He speak more about doing away with what this black president, Obama, accomplished than what all men can accomplish if we work together in love. Even if he decided to say a word or two it is not to be believed.

I’ll tell you why. His game is the same game Republicans have always played on. That is, say what the other side want to hear, but have in mind that you have no intention of  following through.

Let me further explain this. White Republicans are playing Ben Carson as a mean to get in the White House and turn around all that this black Obama has accomplished. They want to wipe away history and give this, the only black president, the worst legacy of any President that ever served. Ben Carson feel the same.

White Republicans, by no means are for Ben Carson, but this looks like their best chance, thinking that Democratic blacks will lose their cotton picking minds and vote for a black Republican supremacist bent on cutting their own throats. But it will never happen. We will never be fooled to lay our heads on a chopping knowing the ax is coming down.

Many of these Republicans have all ready planned how congress and they, the Tea Party will high jack the presidency from this idiot and tear the country apart, separating further the country as “we the people” representing only white Republicans. Further dividing equality by changing laws and changing the standing of the Supreme Justices in their favor.

No! They care nothing about Mr. Ben, but at what they think they can get through him. This is a well thought out plan that is spreading like ants that remind me of the TV show called Star Trek  where “Borg,” were introduced.  Borgs  were aliens in which all thought the same… “One mind thought it and the rest did it.. “What one think it and all think the same!”

Again, why would white supremacists or over whelming supporters vote for some one they vow to hate?

Next! Let’s take a look at who’s following Dr. Ben Carson. Specifically, who think he’s just a piece of great coated chicken and a box of chocolate. None other than Christian Conservatives. The so called Evangelicals Republicans and Conservatives. God’s gift to the world and his only servants and representatives. These God fearing people that know what’s best for the world. These that love the Constitution more than the Bible.

Notice this! Ben Carson is being proven of being a pathological liar. His lies doesn’t even make sense, but rather present him as a bragging bad guy that tell about all the guys he’s threaten in his life. This seem to be appealing to those Christian that stress forgive and forget, yet, get tough and live by threats and the gun.

Evangelicals are rallying around a person that continue to lie and make his lies part of his campaign. It doesn’t matter if he was sixteen when this was supposedly had happen. He’s proud of what he did today-now!.

Yet, lies does not seem to be at the top of what God hate for Conservatives Christians concern. They embraces the lies and back him up in them. And it seem they are happy doing it. What happen to “ a liar will  never enter or live or be spared to dwell in Heaven or any place God set for man.

I guess this is only meant for Democrats, not Conservative or Conservative Republicans. This is what happen when you have on both sides, the false church. Twisted and blind. Neither know what they are doing. Think about it!


Danger of the Constitution

Many things our four fathers did was great for our country but bad for securing freedom and safety for all. Take for example, citizenship and born in this country give one all the rights to live in it or leave and come back to it regardless crime.

This stupidity on their part allowed terrorists to commit treason, leave, plot to destroy their country, then come back to plot some more to kill their fellow citizens. How mess up this is.

When citizens leave the country to train with our enemies then is allowed to come back into the country, then that country deserve what it gets. Letting a known killer tiger into your child's bed room to spend the night just because it ate that morning and looks full that evening knowing it has to kill again for the evening is asking for that tiger to kill your baby some time into the night. Then the parents are responsible for the death because it was negligence on their part.

No person should be allowed back into a country anytime regardless of citizen status. Pass ports should be revoked and they should never be allowed to get back into this country ever. Every other country should follow suit and not let that person into their's either.

But we live in a country where pretending to be Christians using twisted thinking on how love is administered is causing and bringing the enemy right next door to us to reign evil down upon us. When that happen, then it's our own fault.

Old ancient Israel and other nations fought their enemies as their enemies fought them. If a sword was used to cut some one head off, then a sword was used to cut that person's head off.

Some time a fight must be met with the same kind of might to get attention. Freedom is not given, but won! Think about it!


How to protect yourselves in a world gone mad

Don’t be fooled into thinking God will protect you. Those that say such a thing no nothing of God. God want us to have common sense. One is to serve and protect. Serve him and protect what he entrusted us with. Earth and in particularly, our lives.

Peace and love through Christianity is that which was to spread over the world. Instead, Islam made it’s push as the Church remained silent. Thus, a violent religion has grown to threaten the very religion meant to save mankind. Christianity!

Instead, we find ourselves not only in a fight to reintroduce the gospel but to stay alive long enough to restart it. Since the police and church will not teach citizens how to protect themselves, I will give you a few pointers to make you more safer against would be terrorist lurking near and around you. This is not only for Muslims but for Christians also.

As someone that love survival and combat I will share what I do every day when about…

1. Stop acting ridiculous and keep in mind Muslim terrorist want to kill Christians. Period! Having this happy go lucky attitude is ok, but more is going on than what you can imagine. There are people out there that want to kill you and you better get your head on straight and stop thinking every thing is a face book joke!

2. Be watchful! Always take the time to sum up your area. Look around and watch for anyone that looks suspicious.

3.This could be someone standing along or at a distant looking around. Leaning beside a building. Looking at other buildings or sites in awkward places.

4. Walking with hands in jacket either slow or fast looking from side to side. Look extra hard when wearing heavy jackets. Get as close as possible, hiding the look that you are watching them.

5. Watch for thick coats that should not be worn in a warm atmosphere. Hands in pockets. Dark sunglasses.

6. Watch for thickness around waist lines, stomach and chest. Watch from head to toe. Even the thickness or budgies in paint legs or extra large dresses. Winter time is coming and being watchful in crowded stores are even more necessary to be watchful.

7. Watch for thickness of pockets and back pockets.

8. Watch for backpacks being carried in hand or hanging off shoulder. Watch for backpack on their backs for thickness that look suspicious. Also back packs and wearing heady hoodies.

9. Watch for bags of any kind sitting in places that nothing should. Many people do not leave their packages lying in corners, beside bins and so forth without being in hands reach.

10. In a crowd, always be observant. Watch down the street, across the street and about you before settling in.
11. If someone looks or acting suspicious, keep an eye on them and call the police. Keep watch from a distance until the police arrive.

12. Don’t be afraid to call police. There may be nothing to it. But it’s better to hurt a feeling and make the call than not make the call and a terrorist did explode a bomb and you could have saved lives but was to scared to get involved.

Let me tell you a true story that happen in Jacksonville, NC last month (October 2015) in an doctor’s office. While there a black man with beards and dark glasses entered the office and laid on the floor. When approached by a nurse to get up, the person replied he was sleepy and to leave him along. She demanded that he get off the floor. He did not budge. She left to get the doctor. While she was one the man got up, went to the window as to sign himself in, but took the paper work and threw it through the window at the staff. Then spit through the window at them.

Listen at this! I was so involved on my cell phone along with others that I didn’t even see the man come in nor lay on the floor blocking the doorway. I didn’t pay attention until the commotion started. He could have started stabbing every and even made himself to my wife and I while we played cell phone games. Not watchful.

As I watched this person act up and his behavior growing, I thought about terrorists and immediately associated him as one. Beside, this happen during the time folks in Israel was being stabbed.

The man then walked over to the patient door and blocked it. My wife was sitting next to me. I made up my mind right then that this was not going down like this. I nor my wife nor an body was going to die today.

I was going to attack him. But first I had to access the situation fast. I looked at him first at his waist line, then his legs and upper body. There was no indication he wore or carried a weapon. As he turned, I saw his back pockets was empty with no more than a pocket book. However, he stood with both hand over lapped facing inward settling at his belt buckle as to be hiding something.

I told my wife I was going to get him. I decided that I was going to the bath room which I had to past by him. I had already decided how I would strike him and further take him down.

As he turned again to go back to the window and throw more stuff inside, I notice he was clutching a screw driver that he now has boldly let be seen.

I and my wife was in the back seats with windows to our backs. He stood about eight feet in front of other patients, yet, now with his back toward me. There are a row of seats to my right and left of him. I quickly moved there to a chair near the patient door he once stood and waited for my chance to attack. It had to be quick and effective. He must fall to the floor and stay there.

As my nerves build and heart raced, it was time to act before he decide to turn his attention toward the patients. As I moved to the edge of my chair to pretend to go to the bath room, the doctor suddenly burst through  the door carrying a small pistol and demanded he leave right now.

He saw the gun, then burst through the doors and escape to the next doctor office nearby and told them the doctor next door had a gun at him. This office told him he would be safe there to wait. He did, and the police came and arrested him.

Whether I could have taken him down or not I was willing to take the chance. Right then I believed I could. If the doctor wouldn’t have came out when he did, It would have been on.

I’m telling you this to let you know that trouble can find you any where. Even in a doctor’s office. Even in church! That’s why we should not rely on God, that do not interfere in our lives, but to do what we are supposed to do ourselves which we were created to do.

Be watchful and learn this and you can enjoy yourself mostly any where. Try it. You’ll feel like a protector. Think about it!