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March 2016

Hell is for liars

I have never seen nor read so many lies told on God as is being witness in this age. Lies that cannot be proven are spread to be the truth.

The qualification of being a Christian is to have good judgement of determining what is right or wrong. Worldly people cannot determine the things of the Lord.. They are blinded by others they look up to that is also blind.

The bible state the blind leading the blind and they all end up in a ditch. That is, hell.

When you say something you can't prove, you lied. When you tell sick people that' s dying that God will save them, yet, they died... You lied.

This is all the pretending false church does is lie and create lies. Telling people things you cannot help them with, mean you lied. People are always telling someone else what God will do, but, can't bring the dead back nor stop death from happening. Therefore this person is a liar that fail them.

People cannot realize that God is a high intelligence. He require some level of intelligence from us. Some order of common sense. Reason being, he sent Jesus with the word or instructions we are to adhere to. He set a standard he wanted us to hold and live by if we were going to be in his present.

In reading God's word. Wait! I just saw something. Reading God's words! You know what this mean. It mean God is not on earth if we have to read about him to get to know him. That's why we read the Bible. To get to know someone that is not here or on earth.

Therefore, if someone say they saw God, they lied. If they say God told them this or that, they lied. If they see Angels, they lie!

So, small and unlearned minds developed that which is not seen. They pretend something is happening when it's not. They hate to change because they are afraid others will realize they lied to them also.

The false church is here, and is being supported by the unwise rather than the wise. God cannot do anything with twisted minds. With those that are easily Influenced by Satan. Saying stupid stuff without thinking, or too far gone that they are unable and unwilling to face the truth.

Liars will go to hell. Just live your life according to the will of God and stop sending others to hell with you. If you can't prove it, you are a liar.

Making up lies only lead to more lies to twist minds. Satan loves his job. He give scripture taken in a backyard way. He is a deceiver. Read the truth.