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February 2016

Praying To God To Stop Worrying, And Trouble 

This is a subject matter that happen mostly in Holiness Churches and other confused churches. One lady posted on Facebook, having a banner that told people to pass along what it said in a way that God would take their problems away from them. It was almost like witchcraft.

I wrote a comment to her position because many people were saying amen out of Ignorance. I will respond again to what I wrote to her and the others so you who are not on Facebook can here it and those that have heard this before can stop repeating silly stuff that only  give God more reasons to turn you away in the end because of lies and just plain stupidity.

I explained that there was no such thing as trying to get God to take away worrying, trouble and sickness. And that she must have an ignorance pastor it he or she is peddling this non-sense to the people.

I told them that worrying, trouble and sickness were part of of our DNA. This is what we do as humans and always will. Even God worried about the fate of Israel and worried about us so, that he sent Jesus to redeem us.

Listen and think people! If worrying, problems and trouble were taken from us, we would be worthless. We would be Dummies, or should I say zombies. We could not create, design nor develope anything because we could not think on these things as the bible says.

Sickness taken away would make us immortals. Trouble is what makes up life. It is what one or another make of it. God will take care of all this in the end. We just deal with it and make the best of it.

But remember, God is not doing your little dirty work for you. He's not doing anything for any one.  Not time yet for him to intervene. No one on earth can prove God is intervening. If they say he is, they lie.

Go about your business and do what the bible say you are suppose do. That's to live and rely on yourself. For you to GO build and multiply, not him do it for you. You obey the laws of the states, why not that of God and move along just like you always do. The bible said, get angry, but do not sin. Be careful of the wolves in sheeps clothings.Think on this for a while.

Bernie Sanders Courts Young People With Free Stuff

Though Bernie, the Democratic challenger, cannot deliver on his promise, it is not stopping him from saying he can do it. The people that believe him want to bring down Wall Street. You can't do that people! You can get them to pay their fair taxes, but you cannot get rid of the very people you work for. But the woung people want free stuff!

Bernie said he was against Corporate America. Coporate America is the people you work for. You go to work for them every day. Without Corporate america ther would be no America.

Bringing down Wall Steet will not stop Racism, Nor get job into communities. Black Live Matter is just a way for those at the top to become bosses and make money off those that follow them. They should be building businesses in black area with the money they collect. But noooo. It's just like othe orginazations. They reap the benefits at the top and the rest on the streets that helped they fall back prey to having someone else to call on to fix my life.

It's always the same. Get rich and forget about the rest. Look how those in NAACP is living and then look at yourselfs.When asking for Free stuff like health insurance and schooling, which is great and Hillary will work on this, but why not ask for the whole bucket?

Why not free gas, free food, free car insurance, free property taxes, Why not free automobiles and wait! Free checks. Sound stupid but I'm as serious as they are. Why not? Now think about it.

Church People Love To Play With God

Exodus :7 reads, "thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." I'm sure many of you have never heard of this scripture. Many pastors ignore it and teach many to ignore it or just don't care.

But if one claim Christianity, one must adhere to every word of God. In this case, he do not appreciate people using his name to play games. Stating lies about what he will do for you.

Using his name by liars, fornicators, adulterers, dope smokers, hip hop lovers, those that shack up, those with filthy mouthes, those that find sins done by others funny, passing on lies, hateful to parents, can't stand certain ones, gossiping, like on Facebook, pretending to be Godly in public but out of reach out out mind is like dirty rags.

I could continue on and on, but you know this. Any one that uses God name in a way saying God will do what they said he will do and it is not done, then that person is a liar and God will hold them as such.

No liars and especially those that lie on God will not enter Heaven. The false church of today seem to think, foolishness, that they can reach God when in nearly 1900 years no one has accomplished it.

Pretending has become big business of the church. However, the lying part is of Satan. Satan is the only one that can cause one not to be able to tell right from wrong. Talking and saying things that make no sense is Satan and it is a mental problem that grip the entire false church of today.

Any one that pastor or attend a wooden church has to lie to hold it together. I can catch anyone in a lie that attend one. I can prove God in what I say, but many can't prove God in what they say.

For example, God does not heal. You say he does, I say go to nursing homes and hospitals and prove it. You say God heal through the doctors, I say if God healed through doctors, no one would ever get sick or die.

Why would a God that create looses patients to death or give people artificial legs and hearts not to mention pills to keep alive.

I will ask you, "Are you telling me a God that create and recreates can't recreate again and save lives for those that ask him too? People get sick and the die. That' s what the human life is all about.

Look behind you. Every one that' dead had faith God would save them in the end, but they are dead and so will you and I get sick and die unless you happing to be in an early caught up. (Read "caught up" on my website)

Yes people, using God's name in vain will get you in hell. Let's start with twisted Facebook banners. A sure path.

If any can prove what they say, well, many are waiting, lined up for your proof.

Listen! All God want us to do, not him doing it for us, is to show that we can live together in love. Do it by keeping his word and spreading his word or gospel to all that will hear. This is the will of God. Love transcend all.

I don't need, as a Christian, to be told this over and over by a pastor. Somewhere along the way you need to graduate.

If someone would like to challenge me, send me your time and place and let's get it on for God's sakes.


Black Live Matter and Black Predators

Black Lives Matter stormed Hillary Clinton's engagement and demanded she explain her 1994 statement about black males being predators....

Well, Black Live matter, let me remind you of something. Back in the 90's black males were killing blacks like apples falling off  trees at harvest time.

Every time you turned on the television it was almost shameful to watch and listen how black males have robbed and or killed someone(s). This was an every day thing in 1994.

Even today the same is going on, not as much, but when a black baby is kidnapped on the streets and killed or children killed in drive by shootings or children sitting on their porches are gun down while doing nothing or the very people living in many neighborhoods are afraid to go out at night because of being afraid they would be preyed upon..... is certainly a scare and concern that black predators of the streets and gangs are a threat to them and their neighborhoods.

Yes, when you take advantage of people constantly and kill them, you are a dangerous predator.

Black Lives Matter is just like the NAACP. Get the power, get the money and do nothing. What are they doing to make black lives really matter. Nothing but saying, black lives matter.

Talking and rioting is not curing the problems we have in our communities. Only jobs will. Building businesses so those in the streets with or with out cars can reach them. They should be going to these high crime areas that they are afraid to go into and promise to get them the training and a way to the jobs they get for them.

But this isn't happening. They talk like they of the past have for 50 years ago. Talking loud and doing nothing.

Blacks must learn to work together and help each other rather than wanting to be the head boss and only business of this type in town. Get our own and stop getting on your knees begging.

Black Lives Matter is begging for the two white candidate to do something for them. Begging for them to do that which they will not do. Running around states acting like fools, pretending black males doesn't do anything is ridiculous.

Talks from both sides over our problems along with the police and the community must take place, come together to work to solve our problems.

But first each must realize both have problems and both must want to root out their own problems.

Like the NAACP, some one or many in Black Lives Matter are pulling in the cash. I want to know where the money goes and who's getting it? And what community they have targeted to bring jobs to?

I can guarantee you that when the dust settle, like always, nothing will be done. You have to start in these communities where crime is greater and offer them a better life and a better chance at life.

You can't do this by clashing events or walking up and down streets. It requires action through businesses.


No! Bernie Sanders cannot save you, nor stop racism nor make your rich by bringing down Wall street and corporate America.

Corporate America is who we all work for. This is impossible to bring them down or we want have any jobs. The country will crash.

Wall Street are investors into corporations. All you can do is get them to pay more taxes. This will mean nothing to the money in your pocket. Only a good raise by your employer can make this happen or the government raise the minimum wage which the Republican and some Democrats disapprove. It need to be passed. At least $15 an hour.

Free schooling and Insurance is good if you can find where to get the money to pay for it. Even with free stuff it will not put the kind of money in your pocket to do hardly anything with. This insurance and schooling is not entirely free. Medicare require 20% and doctors require co-payments and you are left with a bill. This is not Free. Free to me mean Free.

Other countries who have so called free this and that require 20% which many of their people complain of having trouble paying the 20%. Of course the well off have no problems and the one that do, you will hear nothing of them.

But If he can get me anything totally free I'm up with that. Now, is it really Free. Why don't some one ask Bernie Sanders?

About doing away with racism.... You have got to be out of your mind.... No way Bernie Sanders or any one can do this. Anyone that say so is a lie.  We can only work on it.

Yes! I'm for Hillary!!!!!!

The false church and Donald Trump

Want more evidence of the FALSE CHURCH, then look no further than the so called Evangelicals that follow Donald Trump. Yes, the Conservative church of Republicans and others, throw the word of God out the window. They have and has always turned toward and voted for the worse politicians running for President. Now they follow the devil and Pat Roberson and all of the Evangelicals who’s father is Satan.

Republicans and or 45% of them love the cursing, the anger, the hate being slam by Donald Trump. They love hearing him demoralize people. They cheer and clap their hands to his insults toward women, love the lies he tell and even believe he doesn’t lie.

They could not get God, after praying and stating God was with them against Obama, to pull with them, so now they turn to the one savior they can see and praise. Holy Ghost DONALD TRUMP!

Listen people! While you play God, the truth is being played out before your place. Christian Republicans believe they are the only Evangelicals.  They do not believe Democrats are Christians. Why do you think these two so called Christian parties (Democrats and Republicans) vote against each other.

We are supposed to be brother and sisters, yet, we fight and hate each other. We vote against each other then get back in church and pretend you are all this. Lying about how God is moving and you can feel him. All lies!

But some of you, ignorantly, think Christianity is flourishing. You must be blind, because you aren’t seeing what I see.  No! It’s the false church that abide. Hate between brothers and sisters, if there be any.

It’s also hate between different churches. My church is better than your church. My church is more modern than your church. My church is much bigger than your church. My pastor is a Doctor.  Your pastor is just ordinary. But the fact is…None is worth a heel of beans. None is doing the will of God and haven’t for nearly 1900 years since the sinning of churches in Revelation that never fixed itself.

This church of today has failed God. All they do is speak of things impossible. Off into their own understanding, unwilling to hear the truth. Church people, being the largest in the United States,  make of the greater Sin in America.

I wonder why no other minister ever preach about the false church. It’s in the bible just like the other stuff being slung in people’s faces. Why do I only hear myself speak on it. The bible state a time will come when people of the church will turn from the church. This has happen people.

Who do you think is making hip hop singers and others rich? You!

Yes, the church is false, yet, it still has the  best gospel news, if applied, than any on earth to make peace and spread love around the world. Only true Christianity can bring the world together in one love. But the religion has been hijacked by rebels and power seeking fools.

Again, Republicans and Democrats are enemies. Believe it or not, but the truth is before us and you. Donald Trump and the Republican so called Christians are not of God. A point well proved as you see them wanting a person to threaten and wage war on the world This is right out of the bible as Satan will wage war with the world.

You are being lied to. The church, as and in a building, can do nothing for you. If you call yourself a Christian, you have every thing inside of you to press forward and tell others as you go. This is the will of God and not being stacked in a building like a can of sardines doing nothing but bringing death to all that enter.

Go to my web site and learn the truth or die for not trying. Then think about it.