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CELEBRATE "OMEGA"! The end of the year harvest and blessings. Thanking God for his blessing through out the year.

Yes, enjoy all the lights and cheers, but do it for the right reasons. Give your year end gifts and have a really good time. Just leave out the lie about Jesus. As Christians, tell your kids the truth. Aren't you tired of lying year after year?. Just tell them their gifts are from you because you love them and glad they are with you through out the year and this is what we are thanking God for.

Stop lying about Santa Claus. Besides, you worked to hard to support and get them what they need. Why give the credit to an imaginary figure. Let them no you are the man or woman.... They will LOVE YOU even more.

I've celebrated the "Omega" for the last 10 years and have no regrets. Just enjoyment in the harvest celebration. No one knows the difference except me and mines and now you.

Then share "Omega" with your friends. I did......It's just a mind thing. Enjoy the holidays with them, but know why and what you are really celebrating.

We, as Christians, have to be different, and separate ourselves from the world or die with the world....
Read more on the false church and false Christmas on my website.

Have a cheerful Omega and a happy Alpha.....

Then think about it!

What Republican Offer? Nothing! ________________________________________________________________________________

As you see in the news, Donald Trump and the totally crazy Evangelical Conservative party have reached an all time low in stupidity and hate. For Christians, they are the most mixed up party in the world, with ideals of conquering and dominating similar to terrorists.

Let me open up some minds for those that have not read my website.  I remind you often of the false church that exist mainly all across the United States and here is another proof of it.

Listen and think!…. Conservatives and Conservative Republican Christians are in a fight or battle against each other, the Democratic Liberal Christians, in that; we differ in our beliefs in God because we are not on the same accord.

As Christians, we are supposed to be sisters and brothers in the Lord. However, we are against each other. If we were on one accord, there would be only one party of Christians and another party of the secular nature.

We are to the point where we almost hate each other while still thinking to maintain a so-called Christian belief and faith, which is ridiculous. I do not care who you are. If you vote against another Christian you are divided and not in the same belief system. Only one can be right, and neither is trusting in God. The bible state, a house against itself cannot stand.

The church has been divided since this nation was first formed into parties. The church split and never came together since. The beginning of the False Church in the New Word just expanded.

Now you are asking which is right? Well, Democratic Christian more or less holds the most compassionate nature in treating people the way they want to be treated.  We are more likely to care about the poor and their way of life when it come to food, housing, economics, social welfare, jobs,  raises, health insurance and race intermixing.

Where as, Christians in the Conservative party is against us having any of this. They believe in wealth and wealth for themselves. Sharing is not a heart thing out side of their own party.

They believe in separations of the races, a separate state, not given immigrants a place in our society. The gun is their first choice against the word of God rather than seeking peace as first choice, which is the true word of God.

These Christian rallies around Donald Trump because they want him to mostly remove that black man from the White House. They Hated Obama since the day he took office and it has only gotten worse.  Their hate for him is unending and they declare that God want him out.

Evangelical conservative hatred runs from TV celebrities, the ones you watch every Sunday, all the way down to the little ole church in the wild woods.

You may say, “They are so called Christians.” However, this can cut both ways. …Listen! Just because one calls themselves, a Christian does not make them one. The word Christian is taken as a name of a group of people that believe in Jesus.

This could be the entire nation. Believing in Jesus means absolutely nothing. The bible says the Devil believes in God and Jesus but he is not going to serve them.

The United States is known as a Christian nation because the people living in it are a much larger group than others are.  True Christians exist within the midst of it. True Christians are very few and hard to find in today’s society of wealth and fun things to do with so many easy ways to steal and cheat with out any conscious or consequences.

Republicans carry the name Christians but are far from being one no matter the great ministries they have.

You can read another message about Republicans on my website. It’s titled, “If Republican Go To Heaven, Send Me To Hell.” You‘ll learn from it…… Then think about it!


I am watching the Republican debate with some of the most craziest people in our country that’s supposed to be our leaders. These candidates are better than watching the Three Stooges. Prime Time comedy.

All of them got killing on their mind. Even mike Huckabee, whose suppose to be a minister  that states, “lets go kill every one of them.” He and the others care nothing for the innocence people that’s being held without their will or the Muslims soldier gone undercover, putting their lives on the line to furnish positions for planes to do their bombing.

These killers can care less. Just kill em’ all is what’s in the mouth of these God fearing Christian. By the way. The Republican Evangelicals have been lying about God “will do this or that” while robbing their flocks of billions of dollars, yet, doesn’t believe in God as they say.

I don’t know why they are so afraid of a few radicals Islamic extremist  in the country when they have so many high powered guns and brag how tuff they are with them. It is they that say they are more safer owning guns but it seem they are more scarier with them. “BOO!!!” “I’m over here!!! NO!!!” “Right here!!!!

They lie, as I have shown, that God “will do this if you trust in him,” yet, they believe that a super government and a mightier army along with threaten the world would do a much better job than God.

Listen people, these guys cannot be given power over the country or we will certainly go to war, as they want, that there will be no winners. They are crack pots naturally spawn.

As you see also, over half the Republican Evangelicals believe in Donald Trump, and believe Muslims is our problems. 26 school kids in Sandy Hook was killed by a white boy not Muslims. 9 black worshipers were killed by a white man in a church. 10 or more people were killed in a movie theatre by a white man.

I don’t worry about a Muslim wanting to kill me. I worry about  the Republican Party, the white supremacists in it and let’s not forget those that love the Rebel Flag.

These are those that would love to bring back slavery so they can have the chance to use their Christian guns on us and get away with it. My fear is the white Republican Evangelicals of the south and the police. My fear is the continuing injustice still lingering 500 years after slavery by the Christians.

If you will open your eyes you will see the false church all around you as Democratic Christians battle it out against Republican Christians. Now you tell me some thing’s not wrong with this picture.

Republican got something waiting for poor people and more over the Democratic Party. You better get your head out of the toilet because if one of these persons get to be President, the flushed  waste will jump out and hit the fan for you and me. 

By the way. Do it seem like I’m loosing sleep over ISIS or an Islamic Terrorist sleeper cell. I don’t think so. What I fear is the Republican Presidential Debate Team headed by Donald Trump, Bush and the other clowns.  

I will be flipping the channel when “Moonshinners” comes on. That’s is if I can stomach a few minutes of their vomit. Read more truth on my web page. Then Think about it!