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Will God Answer Prayer and Common Sense?

God does not answer prayers and is not supposed to. Scriptures are misinterpreted. We pray to give thanks and honor and especially hope. I hope you get better or I pray you get better. No where in our history, not the bible, is there any where in the world where it say the church or any religion used prayer to curve or stop any event, whether sickness, war or diseases. These are things we must accomplish on our own. I would such a thing was possible. But if we could pray for things and wants and God gave them to us, just think what would happen. It would bring chaos to the world. First, no one would stay sick or die, because no one want to lose a love one. We could pray to stop wars before they start. Every one would be rich wanting for nothing. Just pray for mega homes, 100" HDMI TV in every room. 5 or 6 cars, airplanes, yachts, rooms full of clothes and tennis shoes. We could even pray to stop work because rich people have no need to work. But if we all are rich, who will do the work. You should know as well as I, that if God gave us any visible thing, we would only want more out of greed. This is why he doesn't do such a thing as pastors and others say. Many people are caught up in telling people to pray for this or that. But funerals, death and the poor continue. It will continue until Jesus return. Remember, prayer is not stopping anything today. Look at death right in the church. Laws or security are now in many churches. You should Pray or hope that our government stay intact to protect us with the gun, the police, the armies. Because if they fall, we fall. Just like those Christians outside of the United States. ......We can thank the Lord for all his goodness and for our military keeping us safe. We also give God thank for life and salvation through what ever situation we are caught up in. But to pray for God to give us something is playing with lies. Lies has overtaken the churches.  No liar will enter heaven, the bible state. Think about it!

Do God Wake Us Up? What Is The Proper Way To Pray?

It is so sad to see people turn God into a game. They speak of him without thought. They say things that  make no sense nor can they see truth. God is not on earth! Why do people pretend he is? God is not working in people's lives. If such a thing was true then he is loosing. Death and diseases, murder, sickness, the poor, ISIS and filth is worse now than it ever was..... God has a kingdom to run that involve millions maybe billions of angles and might ones. They all have missions though out the universe..... Just from the thought of God having Mighty angels and warriors should suggest to you that God is busy with other things. .....If you would have been taught, as you should have been, you would know that you are free to do what ever you want to. It's called, FREE CHOICE!.... God the Father will get involved at the Judgment, and not before. ....But God did say in scriptures that no liars will enter in or be left to stay in Heaven. Most in this False Church are liars. They repeat lies. They speak out of the imagination of their minds, scripture read..... Again, let me respond to God waking us up as someone said. ...The proper way to pray is to say " thanks you for another day." This is for those that truly conformed to the will of God. To say thank you God for waking me another day is incorrect. This indicate God woke you personally. If this be true, then God can be held responsible for waking up ISIS to kill and murder, waking up rapists, murders, thieves, drug dealers, white supremacist and other evil people, knowing what they are going to do. Or the Charleston killer to kill his own people. .. NO! ....We wake because of how we are already constructed by God to do so. We give thanks out of respect and glorification for our being allowed salvation through Jesus Christ and that we wake and go to sleep is all a free gift allowed to us all..... How we us it is up to us. .....Be careful of what you say and agree on. You could be condemning you own selves to hell following the wrong people.... Read more why this is the False Church. Go to my Website and enjoy. Then think about!

Donald Trump and Government of Mexico sending Murderers and Rapist to America - Is He right?

The Republican from runner, as it stand on this date, is billionaire Donald Trump. He made a statement when he first entered the race on how immigrants was nothing but cut throats, thieves, rapists and murderers that Mexico sent over intentionally from their prisons..... While this is not true, such a thing did happen and Donald knows about it real well.... The fact is, that America was founded by white people that was cut throats, rapists and murderers sent over here from Britain prisons. These were the ones that filled and built colonial United States. It is a fact of history that Britain emptied their prisons and sent them to America. Not only men but women to!... It is belied that 52,000 was sent over but this could be a hundred thousands or more scattered through out colonies.

Even Austria was sent over 100,000 which could be much, much more since they were sent prisoners before sending them to America.. ..... This country was built by rapists, cut throats, thieves and murderers and you can clearly see why over half the country hate and act the way they do and why they love and cling to their guns, millionaires and rebel flags...

They have no choice but to live their DNA..... Yes, Donald Trump was right at what he said, but about the wrong people. "Be sure, your sins will find you out!"  Visit Website

Now what will you do?

Now that church is over with, and you're learned nothing new, it's back to our business as usual until next Sunday. Yes, you was told nothing you didn't know about before you went. You're been had again... You paid someone to tell you what you already know.... You do it Sunday after Sunday like you forget no sooner than you leave the Church.... Some where in time you must graduate and become the teacher instead constantly falling as the new student having to repeat the same course over and over again.... To be called a Christian, you must know every way to maintain your Christian status and relationship to God...A failure is, as the bible say, is "some one forever learning, but never able to come to the understanding of the truth."... Graduate and get your mission started. ....You can't do it sitting on pews singing songs of joy. God did not put Jesus on the cross for this to happen...Think about it!....Most of you doesn't even know why God would even want you in Heaven. Think about it! ... How can you benefit God? ...You can't go to heaven praising TD Jake, Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers and others...Why should you not go to hell?....Silence is golden, but this silence will get you in hell. Posting banners will not get you in heaven either..... Regardless of what you have been told, the objective of a Christian is to be a sounding horn (brass) for God.... A minister to carry the gospel from one to the other..... So finish your course, graduate and go out into the hedges and highways. There are many to fellowship with out side of the walled up church where the bible clearly say, 'God does not live in a house made by hands." You are the temple!
Read more truth on my sight and graduate with honors. Spread the word and think about it! I welcome personal comments.. END.


Church Associate Pastor Accused of Rape

In a town call Bayboro, NC, an Associate Pastor by the name of Melvin Wallace Ollison Sr, age 60, was accused of raping several children that goes back to the 70's. In April 2015, the police received information about a rape that occurred at Ollison's home on NC HWY 304 in Bayboro. He has been arrested and placed under a $1,000,000 bond.

This is another example of false pastors leading false congregation in a false church. Rapes that goes back to the 70's certainly was covered up by other so called Christians that new of his crimes, yet, through lack of knowledge of the word of God, they sat and actually listened and clapped as fiery sermons was preached by him. This is another example of the blind leading the blind. Finally some one eyes became unglued. The false church is alive and well.

Pastor recently Had a Stroke In our area

While I am always sorry for any sickness one has, I cannot help but think that this was a man that told lies after lies to his flock about God taking care of you personally. That God will heal and hear your call and prayer...... I've been telling you for years, this was not true, as people of all ages must die and succumb to sickness and death. This will happen to all pastors and every man,woman and child that has lived. Even from Mortality to Immortality.  ....We must understand that whether sickness, murder or just plain trouble in our lives is a part of life.... To tell people such false lies, as done more in Undenominational Churches, and then cannot overcome your own sickness should be proof to his or her members that he or she has been lying to them all alone..... Death to Church people are common, not only in New Bern NC, but through out the whole world. It's life!.... If one do not get the understanding of the truth, no matter how much they claim to be a Christian, is no good to God.  Stop lying and believing in something you can't prove. Any one who say otherwise, please go heal at hospitals. Think about it!

We Owe Israel Nothing

Pastors often preach about Israel. Christians have fell in love with Israel because of Jesus and vow themselves to protecting Israel. Well let me bust your bubble. The Israel in the bible is not the Israel of today. The true Israelites back then was black. Moses was black. Jesus was of an olive color or black. Through invasions and mixing in we have this new light and white skinned Israel. You should also know that Israel of today dislikes Christians. Yes, Jews have no quarrel with Christians and is not violent against them as Muslims are. Yet, they feel the same about Christians as does Muslims. That is, they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God and he was only a prophet. Jews do not eat pork just as Muslims do not. Jews disown their children and family if they turn Christians...Also, Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu party is a conservative party just as the Republican party in this country, and he and his party hates Obama just as worse as Republicans does. Also Israel has long legalized gay marriage 1n 1988, but do not allow the marriage to take place in Israel but else where, then come back to the country for full rights.. Also, a race riot broke out in around the same time as that in Baltimore, Israel between black Ethiopians and white police. The riots was because two white Jews, which was policeman, pulled a black Ethiopians, which also was a police, off his bike and beat him causing the Ethiopians to shout racism..... What I'm saying is this Israel is the same as the United States as far as being fair and handing out fair justice to blacks and Arabs living there. We owe this Israel that rejected Jesus, nothing. They have to come through Jesus like the rest of us or this whole things of salvation through Jesus would be a joke. Israel of today only deserve our protection just like we give Japan and South Korea. But Israel of today is not God's people. Only those that does the will of God through Jesus Christ is God's people. Read more of the truth on my website. Then think about it!

True Christianity Can Survive, But False Christianity Must Die

Most religions are devised with no basis. Yet, Christianity has a basic, but it has been turned into a clown show. Yes, the only religion that could have helped the world has been reduced to a mere name with no power left to change anything. The people in it has been tricked into telling lies on God. Playing games, having programs and the such, is all it has come to. People has been lured into becoming pathological liars. Drunken and saying things that are not true nor biblical. The stuff that comes out of their mouth cannot be proved nor can evidence of what they say be seen. Even poor people that's been poor all their lives believe God will give them something, and something never come. Easily tricked out of their money by clever pastors that has no relationship with God at all. If people do not stop lying on God, hell will be their final resting place..... I have and continue to challenge any body to prove God is given them this or that. Is healing people. I challenge any pastor or person to meet at any hospital or medical institution any where and prove what you say by healing those people. Leave the church and heal diabetes, cancer, strokes and other problems going on around the world. Who will come forward and prove their lies....? My warning to you is that God hate liars.... It should have been teaching love!  Visit my website and you can identify those bitten by Satan. Then separate your self from them. Send me a date and time and I will be there. Then think about.

The Blind Leading The Blind

Did you Know that there are more going on in this world that you are not paying attention too. Did you know that Satan long split the church against itself well over a thousand years ago. Did you know that it was the church that enslaved blacks? Did you know Satan and the Constitution pit Christians against Christians? The United States claim to be founded on Christ and therefore is a Christian nation.  However, in the United States we have parties of Christians that constantly fight against each other. They are Republican Christians and Democratic Christians with other liberal and Conservative small parties.... Republicans and Democrats does not understand and teach the bible the same. They vote against each other, while saying they serve the same God, but see the word of God differently.... Even Love is view different. And guess what? They call themselves brothers and sisters... They go to church disliking each other. Their vote prove this....Think about it! Christian waring against each other. Do this sound like the work of God or the work of Satan? Christian are suppose to be on one accord. This is just one more thing that prove this is the False Church. God never intended for such a division to tare his Congregation apart. .....Come to the light. Right now you are blind..... There is more going on that you are not paying attention too. Not your fault! Read, study and learn. The key to salvation has always been love. Where is it?  Think about it!


Those foolish signs in front of church

There was a sign out in front of a church that read, "God makes you change." I thought, how wrong it is for a pastor to suggest such a thing. That this was a lie being advertised to the public...  God do not make us change. We have to make the change toward God ourselves. We have free will. Free will let us accept salvation or reject it. It's our chose. Asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God is not God making us change. We change because we are fed up with the way we live our life against the will of God. If God made us change, we would not change because of the love for God, but out of fear. We change because of the love and respect for God and who he is and through the love of Jesus Christ that made it possible to be reunited again with God who hold salvation in his hand. This sign is located down town in a small town call Pollocksville, NC. Try reading church signs as you pass them by. Read my website first and you will see that things are really messed up coming from pastors and churches. Think about it!