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Nigbit - March 2015


Police Shootings Of Blacks And A Country Gone Mad

Once again, another black man was ganged and then shot by five large well over 220 pounds and over 6 feet tall policemen while trying to keep from falling as these thugs hit, slung, kicked and punched this seemingly one hundred and 180 pound man suffering from mental illness til finally falling to his back.

Then as his hands flung to keep these thugs from beating and strangling him, they decided to holler "he got a gun" or "he's going for my gun" or "his hand touched my strap" as though they could not move backward or push his hands away, just for an excuse to shoot and kill him without mercy and like a rabid dog.

Here we have men on the police force, each on their own is big enough to challenge the biggest professional wrestler. Yet, five policemen claim they were overwhelm by seemingly a child to their comparison. That his strength suddenly turned into superman with the power of the gods and no mere man nor football team can subdue him. 

"We had to shoot him" they say. "His arms and hands were flinging and flopping but then suddenly a sharp supper vision suddenly spied out one of our guns and through the throwing about and beating he was given us, manage to overpower us kiddie police weaklings and we had to do it". 

Now, all of a sudden, the policemen on top of this man was struck with frighten fear. While two or three policemen held down this super human man for others standing to shot him many times. 

This sound like a lie and anyone that believe such a thing occurred is a fool. This black man was shot out of meanness, racism and madness. But if five huge policemen can't subdue one man then they shouldn't be on the force.

However, madness, not only on the police force, but in this country is reaching a climatic epidemic proportion. Policemen having the backing of racist madmen in political offices and jobs who's primary function is to eradicate blacks when ever and however they can. Why? Because policemen know that one distinct charge is hard to beat. "They went for my gun and I had to shoot!"

Just say, "they were going for my gun." Yea Right! People are so dumb and tough that they run around attacking policemen to take away their guns. And especially good at taking away five policemen guns. 

These people should be in comic novels and given special powers and names, lets say, "Super Fast," " the gun ripper from planet Bullet, and can attack any policemen on earth without fear of dying from a bullet."

Yes, "they went for my gun" will be the claim when ever black men get shot and killed in the future. You can bet on it. More than likely they will get away with it. So, keep you cameras handy and travel in two's if possible. 

Stay in the light and around crowds. Try not to be along with them. If alone, do not resist. If a cell phone is handy, turn the mike and recording on and tuck it under but near the edge of you car seat or toss it away but close enough to record or even get a picture for  later use, if you are still alive!

Sound bad and even ridiculous, but your life could depend on it.Ferguson is proof of this.  Now think about it!!


Lawyers defend Boston Boomer as being influenced, should be spared

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on trial for his part in killing and maiming many people during a Boston Marathon race. His lawyers are trying to keep him off death row because they believe he was influenced by his older brother who was killed in a police shoot out.

They alleged this poor soul is but a teenager, who at the age of 19 didn't no right from wrong as other 19 year old in this country  does. That he really didn't no what he was doing and could not stop because he didn't even no he was making the bomb he was making or planning what he was planning and therefore, should not get the death penalty because it was his brother than influenced him.

We have some screwed up laws in this country that no wonder so many, would be terrorists, leave here to fight for ISIS then returned knowing our law system is so messed up, that they will get the very people they were trying to kill to defend them and get them off death row.  Just go to prison or even get off to wait for other occasions to do something else to us.

Listen folks, someone being influence, especially a grown man, or anyone, is no big deal and is the basic for building the world. It's called teaching others what I know whether you like what is being taught or not.

Every terrorist has been influenced by another, whether by mother, father, sister or brother. It make no difference whether it was a child 5 years old or a grown man, someone influenced that person. Many in Isis are young people that are not afraid to do gruesome murders.

So since these killers was influence by another, does this mean that if captured by the United States, they can be taken before our courts and found not guilty to warrant a death penalty because they were influenced to kill, thus, having a legal allaby then placed in our prisons to be feed by us for the rest of their lives? Maybe! It's happening now!

No19 years can be influenced to do anything they do not want to do unless having a gun held to their head or facing family threats of death. But to have freedom of movement and knowing his friends and the school he was attending wasn't building booms all around him is a very lame excuse to say "I didn't no any better" or "I was under the influence of my brother."

He want us to let him live and that we should forget all about the whole matter of sinless death he caused. Yea, Right!

What is wrong with our judiciary system that allow such a law for those out to destroy us, even a citizen? You think about it!