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Conservatives Churches Back Racist Ted Cliven’s Bundy’s Racist Remarks

For most younger and middle age people that are not interested in what is going on in the world, it is up to me and a few others to give those that think every thing is going great, a jolt of reality that every thing is not what it seem though living in a fantasy world of every thing is going great because I have money and living a great life of whoppeeeeeee!

Well, wake up and smell the burning and stinking odor or rubber tires and fires of brimstones that’s constantly flaming around you in silent small flames waiting to be ignited again and again from not one but many matches that lay low but continually waiting, looking for a way to destroy and burn your very existence in the name of their god.

Such stinky burning tar like smell of hell matches of a gospel cling in silent agreement with Cliven Bundy, the so-called Christian Conservative that’s against  the government, Jews and blacks.

Cliven Bundy spoke the heart of Conservative Republicans when he stated, “African Americans would be better off as slaves where they received free benefits.”  Referring to the government as so-called taking care of blacks and other poor minorities just because it care about the poor and offer low cost health care.

While many Republican are pretending to distance themselves from his remarks, basically because of the small Republican blacks they have in their ranks. They however, are not really apologetic for his actions. 

Why? Because he spoke what they have always said for years which was that they are against so-called big government  and government helping poor people, or free loaders they call them or the 47% statement made by their Presidential Chose, Mick Romney, whom they tried desperately to put in the White House hoping he would do away with health care and many social programs.

I can’t see how Republicans or Conservatives as a whole calling themselves Christians can attempt to distant themselves and claim they do not believe or have the same views about black, Jews and other minorities as Cliven Bundy when they and Cliven Bundy vote the same way and believe in all of the same people.

How can I say this? It’s because well over half of their party are racists and they all vote the same. This mean Republicans and other conservative so-called Christians, as you see in the Tea Party, Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Riley and other leaders speak the thoughts of all and all are one.

Never have I seen White pastors and especially Republican pastors and their members make an issue against racism by constantly speaking out against it. Why isn’t the Conservative pastors and big shot Conservatives TV pastors on TV every Sunday that speak about God, Christ and love never mention the subject of love between all men and women of all color being one in God.

We haven’t moved so far away from segregation  that we no longer believe it no longer exist. Any one that believe such a thing is truly a fool. It’s all around us in both parties yet much worst in the Republican Party where they say Christ reside only.

Yes, the Conservative Churches are in denial and is filled with such hate that they actually believe God is  Conservative and has reversed his thoughts and desires about how the poor should be treated. 

But they should consider that every race that God made is good and none are better than the other. Nor can anyone or race offered God anything to cause him to decide, before Judgment day, that the fate of certain races are left in the hands of others to, at any giving time as they please, launce their own personal judgment day and destruction upon them.

I see many going to Church in droves, but haven’t changed nor intend to change. If they don’t start to learn what Godly love is, then all will be lost. The false Church as a whole is upon us. Who will stand up for the Lord? You think about it!

Obamacare still a Game changer for Republicans

Republicans are voting for their best choice to win the Senate and possibly be in a position to overturn Medical Insurance for the poor. The Tea Party lost most of their run for office but still no they are in good with their other buddies republicans.

Meaning, it matter not who win because they all still have the same agenda. laid back Republicans pretend they want no affiliate with the Tea Party but it is only because the Tea Party choice was weak ones and had no chance of beating Democrats come November.

So, they stayed with the old grizzly bears with hanging snake like fanged teeth that already has an head up on what the whole party want.

Backed by every Republican Church, which make up most of the party, they prepare for the battle of Armageddon. Only this battle is against the the word of God and poor people led by King Satan.

They intend, if they win, to bring down most social programs for poor children. Make it harder to get unemployment. Keep raises out of the hands of those deserving it. Take from the poor and give to the rich. Take back health care and cause the poor to suffer. Bring back racism. Deport immigrants and of course at the same time do the will of God what ever they think that is.

But out of all of the above their great fight will be to appeal Obamacare. They think this is their great game changer. Stupidity never stop. I wonder who their god is? You think about it!