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It’s a fact! Most are not ready based on Church teaching

It is a fact, most people do not under stand the Bible. Mostly pastors teaching things not biblical. But because they are pastors they can get away with it. The problem with this is that anyone caught up in their antics will fall into the same delusional trap of Satan and thus hell bound.

We live in a time where people no longer use their common senses. Where thought and conscious is left up to someone’s else opinions. Where Bible words of God are no longer used as the basic building blocks of all that is God. People have no will nor care to compare the word of God to what is being taught to them. They are just an audience...

It is a fact that most of what is being and has been taught has been 80% lies. Just as it is a fact that most that claim Christianity are just thieves and wolves in sheep clothing pretending to be Godly through self good works, attitude and character.

Many people are unaware that they are followers of sinful cults claiming  God and Jesus as their inspiration for their behavior. But they are charmers that enjoy charming and being charmed.

One such Church I have been hearing about from credible sources is one has charmed people with twisted lies are being taught by a Church in James City, NC where it is said the pastor and his wife have their members calling them “mother and father.”

Why and what this has to do with God is “nothing?”  "Nothing" except foolishness and knee bending mind controlling demanding throne worship me power over their weak minded followers.

It’s sad to say but one of the greatest facts I can ever tell any one is that the kind of Christian Church services that exist today and have existed going back well over 1900 hundred years are not the intended type of religion God sent forth from Christ.

For it is filled with nothing but liars. Liars that spend every Sunday listen to lies and telling lies. It has to stop. The games and showmanship has to stop. The jokes and story telling has to stop. Telling people God will heal them at the Church but not in the hospitals has to stop. No liars shall enter into heaven.

Are you a liar? Let’s see! Say something God did especially for you (except sending Jesus to die for your sins). Can your prove it? Did he really? Why you and no body else? Are you stumped and amazed? It’s not your fault. Think about it!


Lying Christian Movies and the effect they have on you and Children

If you notice there are religious movies popping up in movie theaters as bad as ordinary secular movies. It's like they found a gold mine for slick actors and writers. Here's what I mean.

Most theatrical movies contain lies and made up performances. They present to the onlooker  impossible situations, conditions, characters and life styles that are more than not, unattainable.

Perfect love, richness beyond your imagination. The gun blazing hero that come to town and clean up the bad guys with shooting guns and flying bullets then walks off in the sunset with no court or jail time. Leaving you smiling, feeling like that could be you. Superman, the Avengers and more.

We watch these types of movies all the time knowing we will never live this kind of life or become super heroes. We know they're not real and dare not jump off a ten story building thinking at any time, as we fall, that any moment we will catch ourselves, angle our arms and glide upward across the sky. Yeah, babbbby!! No big smash-a-rue for me!

You left the theater knowing you enjoyed a good movie. But that's all it was. A good move. An enjoyable lie that you can tell others. Case closed. Millions of dollars made for the sly foxes.

Now what is the difference from these kind of movies and the so-called Christian movies that captivate the so-called Christian universe when one is introduced? None!

Why? Because Christian movie producers are now producing money making movies that has the same effect on onlookers as secular movies. They both contain lies. Impossible feats! The problem we have here is that the ones going to see Christian movies actual believe the lies and tricks they see.

They believe that Jesus is really appearing to certain ones in this day and time according to the Christian movies. Even in visions of angels being in their lives as their protectors. Even God himself talking in a gruff unseen voice to someone he particular like even granting their family special miracles over others.

Christian movies are no different than the superman and other movies. Impossible dreams brought to life on the big screen. God delivering signs and wonders are shown when they really are not shown in real life.

So, since signs and wonders are not shown movies are used to con the onlooker into a false sense of God will act the same way as in the movie if you believe. 

Unlike secular movies, the so-called Christian pretenders will keep believing that at any time God will do for them something he hasn't done for them before or any one else. Blind hope!

Whereas, theose seeing secular movies leave knowing it wasn't real. Their minds are clear and life goes on until the next fiction movie. 

The Christian leave more confused than when they came in. They came looking for a so-called fix and came away believing in a fiction. They became drunk with false delusion.

So, who here has the better judgement between truth and fiction? Between what is real and unreal. I hate to say it, but the secular movie goers.

Who came away laughing all the way to the bank in both cases? The writers, including those whom wrote and acted in the so-called Christian movies.

Nothing but the righteous shall see God. The first five letters in the word righteous is "Right. The knowledge to know right from wrong is the traits of a beginning Christian. Adding "eous" at the end of "right" mean the height of knowing the truth has been achieved. Therefore one become righteous. 

So, is a so-call Christian any better going to a so-called Christian movie that a secular movie. NO!

So, what about innocence Children? They are told by their parents to believe in these Christian movies. There little brains are wired by their parents to believe in what their parents are trying to teach them. They believe their parents are always right in what they tell them.

Thus, one generation after another continue the path of false Christianity. Never getting what Jesus taught. Never coming to the understanding of the truth.

The blind reaching out to believe the blind. Pretending to be what you don't want to be but satisfying yourself in a false movie. Then it's back to your old self. You think about it!


Was The Constitution Written Fair? Or Was Their Other Motives Written between lines?

There was a shooting by a supremacist where people were killed just for being or might have been Jews. It's so sad when we live in the 21th century and there are still racist combing half this nation.

It is pitiful that over hundreds of years there are the same amount of hatred as was the forming of the Constitution and during slavery.

But who's faught it is that haters still have the right to make people lives miserable. To kill at any thought. To receive the courage to destroy another's life at any time. To use the gun for courage as one uses strong beverage to build their courage to speak out or do what they would not ordinarly do.

The fault is the Constitution. It was intententionally written to protect the haters and racists against that which would come up. Foreseeing a time when these slaves no longer would have a master but the rich shall reign as masters forever.

It Gave land owners the right to bear arms, to form a milithia even though there be a military and law to to protect them as does it today. Rights to kill and assemble at anytime when one felt threathen without altercation.

The Constitution is the reason those innocence people lost their lives by the hand of a man that felt the Constitution gave him the right to kill if he felt the country was in jephardy.

The wording of the Constitution is written in such protective ways that it reguire constant study and intrepretation by scholars who themselve are not sure of what it mean and is almost left to any one's imagination.

Around the United States, instead of many feeling sorry for those that died, the other half, the Republican conservatives, are almost silent againt saying this guy was wrong.

The sad part that I can't get away from is that this guy vote the same as Republican pastors and other so-called Christians, which many are anti-Sematic as this guy is. Against Jews.

How can so many Republican supporters for the Jewish people have so many that are against the Jews in their party? How can the Church vote for the same people as this guy? Are they all thinking the same thing?

However you look at it ,they all use the Constitution as their road map. As their reason to carry conceal weapons. As their reason to own high powered automatic weapons within city limits and at any time knowing there isn't much wild game to shoot but insist to buy and own as many as they want no matter how powerful.

You might say within the reading of the Constitution it gives many the right to hate and become armed racists and even take up arms against the country if they think it's falling them. Remember, It upheld slavery. You think about it!