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July 2014

The Church and no Guilt

I see many people standing outside stores selling doughnuts for special causes or asking for donations to help some children fund your never heard of nor even knew existed in town. Even Church members stand outside with bake goods and Church leaflets claiming their Church is better than the other so you are invited to come here such and such a one preach cause he or she is dynamite.

While I watch these people I can't help looking back asking myself what are they accomplishing. While funds are reaching many needed children and other causes that we can visibly see I cannot see exactly what the Church is doing or have accomplished.

I think all the time when I see flocks of people and cars circling Churches then looking back on the out side and see that when all this is over in about three hours nothing would have changed. The people revert back to their old selves waiting for the next Sunday to repeat the same.

Looking at people I know that's less than worthy holding position of power in Church later to be heard cursing and disrespecting the Lord just hours after leaving Church.

But what is so frighten is that I look for an impact the Church has made on society. When I do, all I can do is shake my head in sadness. The failure from so many not knowing what they have achieved other than buying a new piano or building another Church we don't need.

I will always question any minister that claim God is moving and ask moving on what?  On who? Why must God do your moving? And if you are moving what battle in our wicked society have you won?

The people which are the Church are also those committing the serious sins. People are just as divided and filled more with disrespect toward the Lord worst than ever.

Children of the Church have their own agenda and keep Facebook, Twitter and other media of music and YouTube functioning. Nothing private, enjoying everything no matter what.

What have the Church accomplished is becoming a challenging for me to get those calling themselves Christian to actually show it in their deeds and actions. Challenge something without fear. Stop hiding behind buildings whispering where no one but your congregation hear you. Are you afraid. Jesus wasn't.

To begin with, pastors must start anew, They must stop lying on God and their members must stop lying on God also. Preach the truth.

Christianity must return to it's roots.  Go back before Revelation and the seven Churches, all the way back to Christ and his disciples and his crucifixion. Pastors must learn to preach what is written and live by what they preach.

Get money and power off their mind. Get tricks and jokes off their mind. Get out of those slick fancy giddy bug suits and expensive rings, cars, airplanes and hosts of luxurious homes. Stop running and jumping around the pulpit hollering and screaming acting like clowns and idiots.

Teach the people to leave the Church and go out on the highways and hedges. Use the Church to teach those that do not no about Christ. All others need to be teaching somebody some where and not laying up in Church every Sunday trying to become Christians. Ever learning and never coming to the understanding of the truth.

Sooner or later, you should, by now, know how to live for Christ. If not, you're still a sinner. I guess there is a reason why political parties calling themselves Christians are at odds with each other.

With all the stuff that go on in the United States that the law has passed and the people went along with against God, I can't see how the people can still sit in Church and do whatever they do without any guilt. No sorrow. No sadness. No caring. No thought. Just let the country fall further and further into hell while the Church play games without guilt. You think about it!


Obamacare Suit, supported by Republican So-called Christians

Have your heard the news? Obama's being sued supposedly next week. John Boehner, Republican House Speaker, is suing Obama because he says Obama don't let them, the Congress, suck on his pacify.

He say he's bossy and laugh when he states he going to sue him and that's not fair. So he's going to tell mama and make him stop picking on them and let them suck on his pacify, even though they intend to tear the rubber off the sucker.

One of his points of suit is the Obamacare deadline last year for insurance signup's that Obama extended without them.  "Ohhhh... noooooo.... youuuuuuu...... din...it!

Congress had no intention of helping people get insurance and wanted to shut the program down and let the people suffer. They weren't going to extend it because they wanted to see it fail.

Obama extended it anyway with out them and now have over twenty millions happy insurers. In fact, the insurance is doing so well that 74% of so-called Christian Republicans that didn't want it but now got it is happy with it. Now ain't that something. Hypocrites!

Other hateful red states where racist Republican Governors would not allow Obamacare in their states are looking like fools and causing their own people high rates and even death unnecessarily because of denial of benefit in Obamacare that could save their lives.

But instead, these Republicans are saying "we rather pay higher cost, suffer and even die before we accept Obamacare until it's in our state." Then "gimme baby, I want tell!" ..... They really are not as silly as we think they are.

Oh by the way. Some of the Tea Party loud mouths also have Obamacare. How cool is that?

Did you know that 78% of American's are happy with Obamacare? John Boehner and Congress knows this but insist like lunatics, to push their stupidity forward hoping to take and tear away this insurance out of the hands of sick people and those that never before could afford health insurance.

This is some hateful stuff coming from people that call themselves Christians. But these cry babies want stop until they bring down their number one nemesis, Obama! And they're willing to bring down the rest of us to do it. Just like Satan is doing.

And these are those that's running for President in 2016 saying trust them, we got your back. I don't think so.  A dog can't change his spots. Or is it a leopard. What ever!

Either way the suit is ridiculous which match their behavior. You think about!

Republican Pastors Join the immigrant Cry

"Send the children immigrants home and secure the border" is the sound coming from Republican pastors. No such thing as "suffer little children to come unto me." These pastors are saying, 'suffer little children to get away from us.' " Slam out of our country."

Hell is going to be full and Republican pastors will be some of the first to enter in as they lead the way for all their followers.

If followers of these pastors doesn't wake up and figure out that they are being lied to, then they will go to hell with them.

That without love and compassion for other races beside yourselves there will be no place in God's new creation.

What good would you be. God can't use people that can't get along with others. There's nothing to be done with you except to be burned up! You think about!


The Failure of the Church and Wicked Pastors

Today is Sunday and as I drove pass crowded Churches it made me shiver to think that inside the people will, as have for over 1900 years before, will leave having learned nothing.

They will leave just the way they went in, Empty of an heart! They will have learned nothing about the reason for Christ and why he came. They will have ingested nothing about how to administer Christ's character.

They will leave the Church all pumped up for a second with no shivering thought of how to love thy neighbor and when should I start, if ever.

But they will go back to ignoring each other on the streets and in the markets. Being prideful with a little old four wheeler or hut we now call the luxury of a beautiful car and decked out homes having vaults of hiding places for their treasures of gold and silver which they clutch tightly in folding arms.

Most will fall back to that person that refuse to look in the eyes of those that past you by. Unable to speak, give a five second smile or two second wave.

Back to my own space and keep out signs of no trespassing while holding the historic thoughts of your pastor's words at heart that you can be this way because you are a member of my Church and God love you and your tithes and offering because this will guarantee you a plot in hell, I mean, a place in heaven no matter how you act because God is a forgiving God and he loves every one.

Something is wrong when this many people attend Church so regularly and yet, the people in it continue to fall lower and lower. Something is wrong!  It's wrong because the pastor and their wicked ways of twisting and delivering God's word has all been one big lie.

A lie that seat them on the throne with the people looking on them as gods thereby living by their words and tricks and not the true word of God.

Think how the world would be if the pastor's actually got the people to listen to God rather than themselves. It isn't happening but it's not too late.

Today I witness, as I will continue to witness, people playing Church. Look around you and open your eyes. You are responsible for you. Study to show yourself approved by God. Then think about it!


Eric Holder , Attorney General,  slam Republicans for "take back our country" remarks

A lot is being played out on CNN with different panel members on the left defending Eric Holder's remark and, of course, members on the right protesting it.

As usual, Republicans, like Hammas and other terrorist groups, quickly state, 'I aint done nothing", or "I aint racist".

They try to point of that "take my country back' is not racist but merely wanting to restore the country back to where the founding fathers had it.

Let me remind you that the founding fathers had slaves and was in total control of writing the Constitution which for hundred of years did not stand for equal and fair opportunity for blacks and other minorities.

For us, the blacks and other minorities, we know exactly what 'take our country mean. It means, returning the haters back to the days of the Confederates when the rich over powered the poor, controlling them with an iron hand and working them the people in the fields for next to nothing as long as they can.

It means, putting the country back in the hands of a white president...... Period! Reinstating separation of races.

I've seen many signs on and at the gates of many Republicans now that I know are racist. When people all over whole up signs of "impeach Obama" with no facts or legal means at all continue to cry "impeach Obama", I have enough sense to no this is about a black president.

The Republican or Conservative right, maintain there is no racism in this country, but racial web sights are all over the web. Even all kind of distasteful images of Obama. But this is not racist they say.

Target practice gun signs with the face of Obama on them have been sold for gun owners to shoot after for target practice. But this is not racist they say.

For the first time in history a President was call a "liar" while speaking to the nation on national TV. No other President has ever been disrespected as have president Obama.

No other President has been subjected to malicious name calling continuously like Obama. Same goes for their continuous denials that he is not an American and demand he show his birth certificate.

Any one that believe there is no racism in this country has got to be sniffing on gasoline while sucking Castor oil through a straw eating rotten banana peels.

In other words, if you think all this is all right then you got a serious racial problem. Think about it!


"Take Back Our State" Facts of Racism heavy in America proof with Ku Klux Klan
Taken from americanlivewire.com July 16

It's amazing that after just hours of writing the statement above, July 15th, of having Conservatives state they were not racists does a major component of their party and an old time favorite of their's called the good ole Ku-Klux-Klan, recently came out dropping leaflets at night on people's driveways in Oconee, South Carolina with the statement "Save our Country".

This is the same as "Take back our country" the conservatives were getting on Eric Holder about saying he was wrong to talk about it.

It's reported they received 20,000 phone calls a day wanting more information. Whether they join or not they are interested. Can you imagine how many Republicans this is that maintain they are not racists. And this is just in one small county. Now add these numbers all around the country. BAAAMMM!!! You got mail!

And as you should know if you are of middle age, maybe some what below, is that the Ku Klux Klan has always claimed to be Christians. oops! Did I say dat!  Yes I did! Cross burning and ghosts are their logo.

In any case, I want you to read the article and get the facts and the proof and judge for yourself. I'm giving you the Website to read this yourself. Go there now and read it before it's removed. Go to the Ku Klux Klan is not dead. Then think about it!


CNN exploit Families of Death Victim of Flight MH17 Shows Bias of Irag Civilian deaths

Is me or is there any one else that feel sick to their stomach to see CNN, Chris Cuomo run around acting like he's so sorry for these people's lost, as great of sadness it was, yet, make money off their grief by exploiting them on TV during their greatest time of grief when families need to be to themselves.

Picking the families to talk to and turning their or his back on the others. Even with these, when asking questions to them about their love one's, bring on even more grief and tears for the world to see how they are reacting while telling sad stories.

One news caster on CNN, Brook, stated that the scene was so drastic that they couldn't show it but went on to describe the horror scenes of how bodies was sitting and how some was holding a cell phone, books and so forth.

With all the death that takes place in the US there are plenty of people that grieve daily from all some sort of  death in their families. If CNN cared so much about the lost of love one's as they say then there are plenty of people right here to contact.

But, like always, news media's like CNN and Fox news care less about small stuff and small people and only rush to that which can generate the most money and viewers for their advertisers.

As a Christian I would never have the gusts to locate families of grief' as this and ask them to appear before cameras to tell the media how they are feeling while telling stories of and about their deceased children's like this is suppose to suppress their grief which to news media is only good news coverage and of course, money.

It's so sad to know that most of what make the news is tragedy. Yet, THEY can exploit death and grieving families for ratings but are not called animals and monsters as they call the terrorists.

It's funny how we call ourselves civilized while doing the same things, only with finesse. I don't mind hearing news but he with out sin, cast the first stone. And the United States is full of sin.You think about it.

United States Killed nearly 200,000 civilians in Iraq And No One Said A Thing

But I am also concern about why these same medias did not complain when the United States 9/11 killed so many innocence civillian including childrens during the Iraqi war to people that had nothing to do with 9/11, then laughed about it.

There was 30 days of constance bombing and no one mention a cease fire to move out civillians. No one cared. These lives meant nothing. It was said, "these were children of officers and the military." "They should not have been where we were bombing."

Did you know that America killed so many babies, and children's that the number to this day cannot be confirm. Some estimate nearly 200,000 civilians while others put it higher. This was a nation that didn't strike the United States but paid a price and continue to pay a price because we picked them to kill and had the power to do it.

Remember, the United States bombed with cruise missiles and other 500 bombs and more for over 30 days. Yet, because these was supposed to have threaten the United States meant their lives were worthless.

I didn't see any one from CNN or other news focus on these deaths. The same in Afghanistan with drone killings. I didn't see Chris Cuomo and CNN rushing news crews to these area. They don't care. It's only about the humanity of certain global partnerships.

Now the hypocrites reaction to "we care about the innocence Palestinians civilian being killed by Israel" is such a concern.

The quiet world that didn't care about Iraqi children now want to put pressure on Israel to stop their bombing because they are killing inocence civillians and the death rate are not equal.

Civillians in this case are mostly Hammas and Hammas supporters. They let Hammas place missile sites in their homes and hospititals. They in very large gatherings cheers at any Isralie death. This give Israel the right to destroy these homes.

Many say it is not right for Israel to use their tanks and planes because Hammas has only small missiles. Well, small missile kill just as quick as big one. If you want to fight then don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

There is an old saying. Don't write a check you can't cash.Israel has a right to defend itself inany manner it see fit.

When it come to civillian deaths, the United States should be the last country to say anything to Israel about humanity or anything else.

The news media like CNN should cut the bull also. If some one from any country shoot just one missile into the United States we will throw every thing we have at them with no civillian in thought. We did it to Japan. Now think about it!

Russia and the world

You can take a dog, put him in a corner and keep jabbing at him and he'll come out bitting. It seem we want to make Russia suffer through economic means. I once read that Japan was heavily sanction also then lashed out at Pearl Harbor which lead to our dropping the bomb on them, civillians not the military.

We were the only one with the bomb but not any more. Many countries have it. When one feel they can no longer take care of themselves then they lash out and make some one besides themselves suffer also.

There's a lot of tough talk that's just all it is. Tough talk. Any further and nobody wins. This is not the past and should not be looked at like we are the only one's that can bring a gun to a gun fight. Times has changed.Think about it!

The Pope and prayer for Peace

I like to know how this is going to be accomplished. Like always, these guys will say anything they think will make them look good. No matter how ridiculous. World war 1, world war 2, Holocaust, slaughter of Indians, Civil War and the list goes on.You're a little late Mr. Pope. Maybe you're talking about a piece of rib eye stake.

Peace on earth come only through Christ when he take the Pope and his sidekick's positions when He's crowned the true King and sit upon the true Throne. Then the false throne call the Vatican will fall with no stone left upon another.