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The Danger Of Israel To Let Palestine Become a State

Many countries and even many in the United States want a State and even in our government want Palestinians to have a State right next to Israel. Hamas, a terrorists group that runs Gaza and the Palestinians, claim they just want a State of their own to be able to run their own businesses and be free to roam and cross the borders and have access to wilder ranges on the sea or waters.

If you haven't been paying attention and feel the same way as these above feel then let me speak on something you should know.

Hamas has a death wish for Israel. It matter not if Israel give them a million tracks of land or a golden city. The outcome will still be the same. Total wipe out for Israel.

If Israel agree to give them what they want, and I hope not, but it could take place one day, this is what will happen.

First, what do you think a State can have. Our country is loaded with states that connects with other states that allow us to travel across each border with out being searched. We have access to their water way with out being searched. Are you getting this?

A State can have heavy weapons to defend it's self. It can buy from anyone that will sell to them and it will be legal. A State can have practically what it want.

Can you imagine having someone that can cross your borders into your state with out being searched, like Hamas, coming and going in and out your State when ever they want to? What about them sending killers by way of  scuba divers that can come in the night from the water ways? Even Hamas having heavy tanks, helicopters and more. Just think about it.

Do you not think that Hamas will not become more of a danger to Israel than they are already? Setting off bombs and bombers all over the place? Do you really think this terrorist group will stop? Then let me sell you Walmart for a $1.

Do you not know that if Palestinian flood Israel they will quickly become the majority and take over Israel?

A State will also give all these Islamic States access to each other. There will be a tighter bond with those trying to slickly make peace. The Arabs, Egypt, Jordan and others act like Palestine or Hamas will be quiet.

They already engage with Hamas, the terrorist group, in peace talks as though Hamas and it's leader was a legal government

But this is just a clever trick that the world is falling for. Even Egypt and Jordan can sell them weapons legally. They all believe in the same destruction of Israel. Has always and nothing will changed. It's just a matter of time.

And one day they all will form an agreement or an alliance and attack Israel. There are some in the United States that want this to happen. They want to sever relationship with Israel and leave her open for destruction. Can Israel defend it's self from multiple states or countries with weapons as mighty as hers? No! Then what happen?

Will a two state solution bring this about. Yes! Will it happen? For Israel sake, I hope not. But what must be will be. You think about it!

CNN a Danger to the U.S.

I don't know about you, but when someone intentionally give the enemy a heads up as to what our government and military is getting ready to do and how they are going to do it before hand is putting America, it's solders and military advisors in danger by giving the enemy all the intelligence it need to regroup and easily attack us, wouldn't this be called a traitor also? Why isn't any one complaining?

Has any one notice that our government is answering to CNN as though CNN is running the nation? I'm just saying. Something is taking place here that you should start to look at. Just how much power does CNN has over the White House and the Pentagon? Watch closely and pay close attention. I'm just saying again. I could be wrong but you think about it!


What I think about Ferguson Killing

I think it is a shame and against human conscious to think that one can shoot any unarmed human being down in cold blood as though they was a butchering a hog. It is also bad when we live in a divided society where all pretend to be govern by civilized laws and Godly principles yet adhere to neither unless serving their own self needs and wants.

A society that has falling behind countries they termed violate human rights. Such as South Africa, China, North Korea and others.

Also, within our society there is a law that give police complete authority to kill the very people they are to serve and protect.  yet, they have become the very killers we are afraid to confront without fear being killed.

A law that give the officer the right to kill even when threaten by thumb tacks with sharp points. All they have to say is that the individual was coming toward them with a box of thumb tacks and their life felt threaten and they had to shoot them 45 times for each thumb tack that was in the box to protect themselves.

This is what happen in Ferguson when an unarmed man, name Michael Brown, was gunned down just for turning around and facing this officer that pulled the trigger and killed him because he felt threaten by his size and that Brown came charging at him in the middle of the street. This is what he will state as Michael Brown, was the other dead blacks lay silently unable to challenge them.

I believed no such thing occurred.  But our good ole police protection enforcement will stand by their man and do all they can to prove and give other police officers the right to kill those they have sworn to protect.

There is no case here for the protection of the officer when considering what is right according to the word of God so to speak. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

But then there are people that claim to be of God that is saying black people and Michael Brown in general should have been killed when killed by a white police officer.

I'm thinking what these same people would say if a black officer shot and killed one of their children. Would they say it was alright because they took a bag of bubble gum and was shot 20 times to death because later on they was seen eating a barbecue sandwich while leaning against a tree?

No! they would be calling for this black cop's head and the law would bend to them. If not, these whites would be at the officer's home, even shooting into their homes. I know this and you know this.

That's why you never hardly ever hear about a black officer shooting a white male. He know what his fate will be and think before he pull that trigger. His peers would throw him to the wolves and even arrest him pending a very quick investigation. So, why can't the white cop be treated the same?

He want because he has been given a license to kill. Cowards embolden by a gun. Take away the gun and you have a coward.

No! no man or women should be treated  inhumane in this country no matter their crime. Every man should have their day in court to be heard. Our law gave terrorists the opportunity to give up when they stop shooting. Terrorists that bombed in Boston killing many was allowed to give up.

But no such thing for an innocence black man walking across a street in his own neighborhood. Gunned down!  It does not make a different's as to what he took or his juvenile record.  He was shot without a weapon and the law and the cop said this was right because the police have the right to kill any one when ever they get mad.  To get away with it just give any kind of account. Case closed.

I think about all the thieves that got caught stealing from stores and is let go or the court put them on no more than community duty and or pay a find.

So for those that say Michael Brown was stealing from this store and deserved to be murdered think the same about your child or yourselves or all the people that get caught stealing out of stores. Should there be a death penalty for you to?

Remember that more whites steal from stores in the United States than blacks. Should you be shot to death for your punishment. No! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.You think about it!


ISIS American Fighters coming Home to the United States

If the United let ISIS fighters back into the United States, passport or not, deserve what we get. Known terrorists should not be here. Stop being fools with our Constitution.

They know that we have these stupid laws that protect them until they do something here while they plan. These kind of laws will be our own downfall.

To fight brutal people you must become as your enemies are. This is the art of war. Fear must be met by fear. The same punishment they hand out should be also handed back to them.

Being sweet will catch us by surprise and we may have to battle here within after they have merged within us and cannot be found because they will carry out their acts of murder then merge back in the public just as in Gaza. Then we will have Satan to pay until we are once again purged. It's coming. They have told us it's coming.

We can fight like them or die like FOLEY. The choice is ours.

We can at least post their photos all over so every one will know who they are. But it's easier to post a sex offender than a known terrorist. Terrorists have their rights here and even in the rest of the free world.  Human rights people will also contribute to more brutality to us, yet protect them. pitiful!! You think about it!