January 2014


Republicans Hoping Obama will send Troops to Iraq

2014 for the Obama administration is starting out the same as it ended in 2013-2008. Republicans challenging and blaming him for anything and everything they can come up with. Now the new bombings and fighting in Iraq is all Obama's fault because he pull troops out of Iraq.

Well as always they are wrong and quick to not place blame where it should be. Number one, George Bush should have never attacked Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein from office. After all, every one knows Hussein had nothing to do with the New York Tower Bombing. Iraqi people has always been at odds with their own different tribes.
Republicans cause the death and crippling of thousands of US soldiers simply because they had the power to send them to Irag with out regards for their lives. Now they want to do it again. Trying to force Obama hand through blame. But John Kerry, Secretary of State, say it won't happen. It shouldn't happen.

I believe every body that think we should put fighters back in Iraq should pack up and go there themselves. If Republicans want to go to war, then I feel Obama should furnish all them that want to go to Irag and fight a one way plane trip with them carrying their own weapons. In fact, they are free to go at any time they want to.  But we know they want God.
It's easy for Republicans to risk the lives of somebody else's sons and daughters or mothers and fathers. McCaine should arm himself and go to battle. He want because he's afraid. He and the rest of Congress are afraid to fight so they talk big because they are safe behind their desks. Rush Limbaugh should go and fight also but he's too scared of coward so he get behind the backs of our troops and talk big.

Republicans are gearing up to make this year just as hard as every year Obama's been in office. I hope Obama pay them no attention and let the Iragi's fight and die for their own country. Our soldiers should not have to pay again such a high price for people that could care less for us except what they can get out of us. We have to stop being fools for these people. Think about it.


Why is Dennis Rodman being attacked so because of North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong Un ?

Before I get started let me say I'm no fan of Kim Jong Un nor of the antics of Dennis Rodman. But I have a lot of criticizing to do of my own when it come to US high officials and news media's to include other lesser people when it come to human rights issues.

United States is saying that Rodman should not be mingling with Kim Jong Un because he had his uncle killed and his human rights violations against his own people'

When I heard this I wanted to see just how our human rights stack up against Kim Jong Un. Yes, we do have freedom unlike people of North Korea, but what about the poor in our country that is still suffering, hungry and living in bad housings under freedom.

We have homeless people living on the streets that's hungry, yet, ignored. We have people living in their cars with family, yet, ignored. we have many poor people that depend on food stamps and food furnished by our government. Pitiful!

We have 1.4 millions hungry kids and families right here in America that is being ignored. Food stamps are threaten to be taken away. The poor is threaten to be taken off social service programs.

The Republican Party, if they had their way, would put blacks and every minority back in slavery if they could. The only thing preventing them is the law.

Just look at how Congress want to deny help to those struggling. Protecting the rich and taking from the poor and at the same time condemning North Korea of doing the same thing.

This is America! Leader in the world of equal opportunity for every one. A country where no one should be hungry and sleeping out doors. A country where no one should, in this modern time, has to depend on the government for food stamps and housing because of racism and greed. Because of decent pay being denied the poor thus keeping them in poverty.

The word poor should not be in the vocabulary of rich countries like the United States with freedom and constitutional rights. Yet, well over 300 years people are still fighting for human rights.and resistance to those that want to take back what was gained through equality.

The rights to a fair trial. The right to decent health insurance and so on.

Why do we still have soup kitchens? Before we continue to get on other countries about their human rights, killing and injustice we should look at the injustice handed out in our country. It would be fair, according to the Bible, to get our own house in order before telling some one else how to fix their's.

Things here in the United Stated are still far away from where it should be even though it's better and greater than any other country .But if one person is violated, mistreated and denied necessary help by the people or by part of the government in this country when they can help then this is human violations. Something that shouldn't be at all in our country. Being hungry is hungry no matter where you live. Think about it!


Joyce Meyer's (minister) Mind control Scheme

Not only does Joyce Meyer have millions of followers. She keep them bowing to her by using twisted phrases to keep them paying her money and buying her lying books that never work.

I recently watched a 3 minute segment by mistake, and caught her saying one of the most heart felt emotional convincing phrase from the bible that is universal in every Church and in the mouths of every slick scheming minister or pastor.

Here's what she said.... " God want you to do all you can". "Then when you can't do any more, then God take over."

You know, I would be the richest man in the world and you would too if God actually made all of us rich, wealthy or well to do, so they say, especially the poor that's always struggling doing all they can do if such a thing was true. You see the poor in your Church. Are you one?

It is a fact that over half of Americans call themselves Christians. It is a fact that most of them are poor well to do folks that's always needing more. If needing more is the only time God will answer, according to Joyce Meyer, then he's been late for over two thousands years because the Christian poor has always been with us. Even Jesus said they would.

Matter of fact the poor every where are still waiting for this Joyce Meyer rendition of " trying to use God to do all your dirty work". Even using him to get out of something that you yourselves put yourself into after receiving all the warning signs.

Don't get me wrong. I would (wish) for Joyce Meyer and any other jack leg minister or pastor that uses this phrases to be right. But logics beg the difference. Impossibility become truth. The speaker become the liar with no proof to prove her statement. Nor can any other minister.

I just thought of this one and I must share it with you.......

"If God said it, I believe it" is another phrase that she is using that has been made a pastor's trademark in order to convince one to give to them if they believe. While this is true it is used in a twisted manner.

This lead to another particular phrase that is always following that one. It's, "Now it's time for that which all of us can participate in." Guess what this is? Money! All is a build up to money.

The poor must learn that wealth come to the rich messengers, speakers, pastors or whomever from the poor or weak minded. In the religious realm the poor is needed to sustain the rich, wealthy or well to do. The money which most speakers receive does not come from their rich buddies but from their congregations. The needy! The sick! The troubled.

God is not someone that's lurks around in petty people's problems. Nor in billions of people around the world problem at any time. Any one with common sense knows this would be a perfect world if such was so. No such thing as God in this person or that person or God love the rich and wealth more and that's why they have more than any one else.

But if the word of God would have been taught then this would almost be a perfect world. However, the word of God which Jesus brought to us has never took hold. I mean, "The love of God and each other." Let's not forget that the "Loving of God" carry a multitudes of do's and don't's. Obedience!  None of this has been taught. It's being talked about but never taught. You think about it!

Dennis Rodman attacks, are they justified?

The first mission of the Church is to carry the gospel to all the world. We know that the world is full of violent. It's a dangerous place both in and out of free countries. But as missionaries it is the job of every Christian or should I say even those claiming to be Christians, to find ways to reach the sinner.

That sinner may be a murderer, rapists, kidnapper, thief, liar, proud person, fornicator, adulterer or any sinner. We are to make peace and try to make peace even with those we think we are too good to mix with.

People's hatred must be laid aside to do the work or to reach out to those that do not no God and his wants for all men. Any less and we ourselves, even after knowing the word of God,ares loss.

We should not look down on Rodman for doing what hate in this country is preventing the word of God from moving into that country and hopefully come to the forefront into the heart and mind of leaders in North Korea and around the world.

Rather, the so called Christians, continue to live up to their true nature of Hate saying I'm better than the North Korean's president. Yet, if you die in your sins, you and the one you condemned will both end up in hell. So, who won if both lost?

Yes, it was a good first step for Christians. But because of American hatred and perfection, that window was lost. "Who among you without sin let them cast the first stone."I guess America is without sin.

Killing take place all around the world where Christians live in threat of being killed while killing of humans is a daily thing. Yet, Americans are there. Trying to stop it. Why not North Korea? You think about it!

Sunday and the Day for Sinners to pretend

Sound hard don't it. But is it true? Yes! I know it and most people know it. I hope not my readers. But facts are facts. In Church, on this chosen special day, all manner of sinners lay aside their sin for a few hours of pretending. Attempting to give God their filthy mouths and habits. Their cowardness in the face of the world.
A chance to pretend they are indeed followers of Christ because that's how they have been taught by their pastor's.

When Church is over, it's back to thinking I'm better than you because of where I live and what I drive. Because the color of my skin is better suited for this world than another color. Where freaks come out at night and very quiet during the day.

Yes, many sinners will go to church and as usual they will learn nothing that will cause them to change. Can't wait to return to their twirkings lives....  Either change and become Church or continue to go to Church "building." You can't have both! You think about it!


Christ Christie, New Jersey Governor and Republican's Presidential Hopefuls

Right now, if you listen to the news and especially to Republicans, they act like they have the answer to winning the White House in the next election. A few even think people are so stupid that they are forgetting what Republicans stand for.

It doesn't matter whether this so called slick Christie is elected or another Republican, the facts remain that this mad GOP will still be there being as ignorant as ever as you see them today. Nothing is changing with them and nothing will change with them.

For their party to change it will take having all the Republicans taken out in the wilderness and left for another 200 years away from civilization for a wilderness cleansing to take place. Forty years will not be enough. The old slave master's mentality has to die out.

If Hillary Clinton run for President she will definitely win. The poor and those wanting their rights will still be here as well as the gun toting hating Constitutionals that feel this is their country and all others should be field hands. Hillary can't lose. But enjoy their fake joy. You think about it!

So-called Christian Republicans still think God is on their Side with Abortion

It amuses me to see how Republicans so-called Christians use abortion as a mean to think this will get them into Heaven. They think God will let their vial hate into Heaven because of their stand on abortion.

That God sent Jesus not to preach love among our fellowmen but to stop abortions. I don't remember abortion being one the 7 deadly sins.

Proverbs 6:16-19

King James Version (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Am I wrong? Doesn't this sound like the Republican so-called Christian Party? YES!

Not liking gays or abortion will not get you into heaven. Yet the 7 deadly sins will get you into Hell. You think about!

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