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February  2014

Obama’s legacy 

As Democrats we must begin to think about how Obama’s legacy will be told. When we look back in history we find that a lot of history is incorrect. A lot of the truth has been deliberately omitted. We are in a time in history where history will be deliberately tainted for the future. How? By Republican writers of politics and history. With how this party hate Obama it is no way they will write the truth. This is why each and every Democrats must teach their children now in order that they may preserve this Historic moment when a black man became the President of the United States and with out the help of the Republican Congress in his first year brought America back from one of the worst economic disaster of our country created by the Republican Party starting from 2008. And he and his administration did it without the corporation of the Republican Party. This historic time cannot be lost but will be tainted and told that Obama was the worst president this country has ever had. Books are now entering the market. Yet, their hatred and discrimination about his color will never be made truthful. You think about it!


Republican Church hate continue with False TV Ads

There’s a running video being aired about how bad Obamacare is and how bad the website is working and that this wealthy lady has lost her insurance because Obama promise she wouldn’t and we should not vote for Kay Hagan for another term as Senator of North Carolina because she’s for Obamacare.

As usual, all Republican do is lie, lie, lie and twist the truth just as they did in the past with slavery and as they do now. The ad represent the heart of those that hate Obama with all their hearts, and these are so-called Republican Christians.

There is nothing this black man can do to win them over no matter whether it help them or not. They rather jump in an infested killer shark tank soaked in pig’s blood than to accept any thing from the Democrats lead by this black President they don’t recognized as President of the United States.

First let me say this is the Republican Church that hate Obama. So called Christians. But they are draped in lies and hate and like the devil, twisted truth.

The GOP (Grand Old Party - Republicans) run this ad several times as day knowing it’s a lie but run it anyway with the blessing of their Churches because there are many haters out there and they want to make sure they continue the hate and get em’ all.

The fact is, if they can depose Kay Hagan they can take control of the Senate and make sure the Obama Administration can pass no bills to help the poor and middle class. They want to block up every thing the Administration want to do. This include raises, immigration, healthcare, woman rights, food stamps, child care and more.

Primary voting is on May 6th and I want you to be as aggressive at the polls as you was for Obama. For other information on who’s running against Kay Hagan on the Republican side go to my website.

You can’t make the same mistake we made when we elected this sorry slick grinning Gov. of North Carolina that want to take away our voting rights or hinder our voting for Asians, black and Spanish Americans. 

Tell some one and stay on your toes and Vote Kay Hagan for NC United States Senator.

Santinic Christian Conventions to Steal and Lie

Conventions are held all over by slick ministers pretending to heal and tell you what God will do. Why don't they hold conventions at nursing homes where there are young and old seeking so-called miracles they declare will happen? Why? Because 1. there is no money there and 2. your so-called healing sins (lies) will show you up.

After years of going to church, when will you graduate

There is nothing a pastor can teach you that you doesn't already know, if you claim to be a Christian. You should be teaching your kids and others as individual ministers. If you still need to be taught about God then you need to continue going to a wooding or stone building or church. But when will you become the Church. The temple of God. God does not live in a house made by hand. That's bible. People love the beautiful buildings more than God. Think about!


Michele  Bachmann the lunatic

Yes, this very strange individual that speak for the Republican Churches are trying to quote the bible and place God on their side. She, like other Republicans, imply that Democrats are not Christians. She say Jesus is on their side. If fact, the whole Republican Church organization say Jesus is on their side. Not true!

If so, do this mean that Jesus vote and have the same views as the white supremacists. That he too hate Democrats. That Jesus hate blacks, Asians and Spanish people. Do this mean he hate the poor. He hate Obama also. That he hate the very people he created. No!

If Jesus was a Republican there would be no place for the rest of us in Heaven. I’ll serving would be in vain.  His words would come back to him voided. Jesus would be a liar. The Kingdom of God would be over turned and we all would be destine for hell. No savior!

Listen! Jesus has no party nor a respecter of people. He only care about the righteous, the poor in spirit and how they are treated and how we treat and take care of each other. We do it with love and understanding using the word of God to rightfully determine the truth and obey it.

Michele Bachmann and her Tea Party Conservatives base and bulk of the Conservative Republican so- called Christian Churches are followers of one god. The Devil! And if we, the true righteous, do not reform them, they will go to hell. We have a job on our hands to get them truly saved. Nothing but the righteous shall see God.


Never Understanding the Truth

Today, pastors like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen will tell lies to the world. They like most ministers will attempt to tell people about some one they already know about, Jesus. But they will use God’s name in the place of Jesus because using God seem to ring stronger in the ears of the unlearned.

Many will sit and listen at that which they know and declare that minister really preached. But all they did was tell you something you already know. The only different between you and them is, you paid for it.

There is nothing they can tell you that you as a true Christian shouldn’t already know. If you still need being taught then you may need to continue falling before their feet because you haven’t came to the understanding of the truth.

Rick warren and Joel Osteen are both filthy rich. You are still poor or mediocre. You made them rich by buying their lies of healings and broken hearts which as a true Christian you should know because every thing to fix your life is in the bible. All you have to do is abide by it. Rather, you prefer to buy a book of lies and twisted truth.

There are some that has been mislead and need others to put them on the right track. But you must know who are listening to. Every one cannot understand as well as others but the basic as a Christian you should know. “ “You shall love the Lord with all your heart.” You can’t get into heaven by being stupid or telling God I didn’t know.

Over the years these TV evangelists haven’t help anyone move toward the true love of God. Only the love of money. They can’t heal you nor can they save you. All they can do is Rob you. Just look at the world and look how long these character has been preaching and pasturing. It’s worst! Just as the bible say it would get.

The Churches are divided and so is Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and every single TV Republican and follower. Democratic Christians and Republican so-called Christians are divided.  How do I know?

It’s because Rick Warren, Joes Osteen and other Republican pastors and ministers and their followers vote along side the Ku Klux Klan in spirit and support what the same things and groups such as:

skin heads, white supremacists, rights to stand your ground laws, rights for their  so-called Christians to carry conceal weapons, against health care for the poor, against raises for the poor, against immigration, support racial web sites against Obama, support the antics of Rush Limbaugh, Fox news, against women rights, support stealing from the poor and giving to the rich and support hate.

There is a reason why you don’t hear them speak for rights of individuals. They can’t! 

Listen up folks and never forget this. It is your vote that determine who you truly are. All Republican have the same vote and belief. That‘s why they vote together. So why would any Democrat want to follow and listen to these guys and any Republican minister  on TV or Republican so-called Christian period tell you about God and his love.

There is a reason why we are Democratic Christians and they are Republicans so-called Christians. There is a reason why I can see that this division has caused me to question the division of these two churches fighting against each other both claiming to be Christians. So-called brothers and sisters fighting against each other against the will of God. Both presenting confusion.

But you can’t tell them anything because people like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen knows there are millions of fools born every minute willing to try an buy their way into heaven. They know the average person love money and they know how to play the game and you.

So if thing are this bad, then what have your storming loud mouth pastors achieved for God? Nothing! This is false religion. Visit my sight for more truth! You think about it!

Tainted Victory Supported by many Republicans

Michel Dunn, the murderer of Jordon Davis was found guilty of shooting a gun into a car containing three young black males. He will probably get 60 to 75 years as some are saying. But a real fact exist that he got away with killing Jordon Davis. His time will be for shooting into the car with the other three black males in it.

It was ruled as attempted second degree murder for them, not Jordon Davis.  Michael Dunn won and lost. You may say he got away with murder.

Though it is good he will get, I hope, 60 to 75 years this won’t stop the other Republican church raised  lunatics because of “stand you ground in Florida,” But it will send a little message to these so-called Christian Republican would be killers that if they make small mistakes it could cost them their lives trough incarceration. 

I say Christians, because every gun toting person in Florida claim Christianity and support “stand your ground”. This law is created to give them rights to kill black and Hispanic males even if they think smoking a cigar is a threat to their life.

All they have to say is that  “it looked like the barrel of a gun and they felt threaten because it was fallen to the left side of his mouth and it moved. When he saw the black male reach for it he shot first because he reasonably believe he was in imminent danger and had to defend his life. The black male could have been holding a shot gun in his mouth he said.”  But Enough, the white male wins. Not guilty! The black male shouldn’t have been smoking a cigar.

Yes, it’s open season on black males .  And  black males, especially are being killed for just trying to fit in and survive.

North Carolina also allow stand your ground in your home. The law say one can actually take deadly force if you think you are being threaten or in reasonable fear of their life.

Guess who the law had in mind of killing when written in North Carolina and in all the other places? Us! No justice no love still in this so-called Christian country. The law in Florida and other places must be changed.

If a black male would have “stood his ground” and killed a white male and got away with it the law would change before the week was out.

But what is happening around the country is not blacks killing and murdering then getting away with it but white males and white police officers. For a Country to tell another country about civil right, this country does a lot of discriminating and human violation using the law to get away with it.

This Nation is fooling itself.  Other nations are telling us to tend to our own business and take care of our own civil right problems.  It is hypocritical to tell someone else how to love others when you can’t even love yourselves. Think about it!