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   Publisher  Bishop, B E Ward
Poor People Uniting for God
Best political Religious websit on the internet
Dr James Dobson, focus on the family, and demonistic relationship with Rick Perry and so-called Christian conservaties.
Church and state and the agenda of the so-called Christian Conservative Churches.
Read why our wanting freedom for Muslim nations will never lead to peace for America.
Yes! UFO's are real! How do this affect the Church and the government?
What Democrats have to fear from Republican so-called Christians running the government. What will  life be under the Tea Party.

Bilderburg secret society, Rick Perry and the Tea Party. A bad combination for the world and for American poor people.

CNN Tea Party results Sept. 12, 2011! Obama presidency is safe, sound and secured. more>>
2012 Reading
If Republican so-called Christian TV ministers are going to heaven, then send me to Hell.
Who is the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus)? Most blacks doesn't know who they are or what they do. more>>

Rev Robert Jefferes, pastor of First Babtist Church Dallas TX, is a liar and so is his whole organization. more>>

Herman Cain is a GOP rat trap loaded with cheese to entise blacks to take risks on a no winning gamble. more>>
Is God part of a broken religion created by the Republican  more>> Conservative So-called Christians
Rick Perry should not be written off as long as there is a so-called Christian conservative. More>>
Any one that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Is it really that easy? Conservatives and Liberals think so. more>>
A touchy tale about ministers being called to the ministry of God by God. Is this possible? What about Christ birth?
What does Herman Cain and Pastor Bishop Eddie Long have in common. They are both creeps.   more>>
Politics, Christmas and the truth your ministers won't tell you. Reaching out for God never stops. More>>

New Year Eve, witch craft, demons and the Church. How politics shapes the world.  More>>
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Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves but Why?

Forever Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as Freeing the slave ...... more...
NAACP link Tea Party to racism.

CNN OBSESSION WITH HEROS and God's view of a real person...READ MORE..

Birthers, racism, Christian Conservatives, Donald Trump, OH My!

Can a Minister protest

Judge not less you be judged

Obama, gays and God.The Republican party are full of Gays many are teaching in their churches. Such hypocrites

So-called Christian Guns and Schools Teachers

My Sympathy, God, Guns and Warped Christians

The Church is the world

Where is the Church when it comes to Homosexuality?   Read more.... 

Conservative God? or Liberal God? You be the Judge.

The truth about blacks being Republicans.

The Conservative False Church and Islamic Terrorists

Are so-called Christian Republicans works of the Devil

Sunday, a time to return to God, a time to play Church

Clowns and so-called Spiritual Dancers

So-called Christian conservatives,Votes, White Supremacists, Blacks Republicans

Conquering America-The true Agenda of the Right

So-called Christian conservatives do not consider Liberal Christians as being true Christians.
Read their site beliefs. There you will find a list of pastors,churches and TV programs Liberal Christian should not watch. All hippocrites. Do not buy their products or donate to their cause. Separate yourselves from them for they are not your friends in Christ.
Carnal Christians and fleshly minds

Holiness Churches, Demons and lies

Pastors convince parents and followers they can pray and heal troubled Children and each other. Is it true? No!

The 2nd Amendments and Well Armed

Carnal Christians, Guns, and Hell

"Sisterhood" TV Religious show a Slap in God's Face

State Of The Union     of the Conservative Church

Big Churches in New Bern, NC and the Weak They take Advantage Of

The Blind leading the Blind Into A Ditch (Hell) Matthew 15:14

Never Understanding the Truth, Republican Pastors and Ministers

Excellence Prayer, No such thing,                Pretending Faith and Mixed Truth

Inspiration Campmeeting Ministries is a Fraud and Twisted liars