The PParty Movement
Democratic Religious Newsletter Representing Poor People and Poor in Spirit

Bishop, B E Ward
Poor People Uniting With God
Tea Party Republican abortion deception. Don't be fooled. They abort. more..
Christian conservatives are on the wrong side of God.  read more.. 2012
God, country, Republicans and Islam. End of all wars. more..
If God doesn't intervene within the next 20 to 30 years nearly all Americans might be homosexuals. more...
Our forefathers never intended for the United States to be a Christian nation. more....

Complaint led to bad road  slated for repaired in Jones County, Pollocksville, NC thanks to efforts of the Poor Party Movement.... read more..
Tea Party Playing poker with America by openly cheating with slick of the hand. more...
       Temporary work agencies and greedy employers are responsible for high unemployment.  Read more...
United States a rebellious nation spend time judging nude photos than worring about the economy. more...
Republicans gave the country cancer. Said it was terminal. Yet, Obama healed us. more...
Mitt Romney, a Tea Party person, want to be president in Nov. 2012 "for the people". But in 2011 he laughed at the poor and unemployed. more..
Tax increase may not be so bad! A new look at how it just may work. more..

The Right To Work law is a Tea Party "no brainier" that they think is a "brainier". Learn the truth about unions.

A need to know!
Southern Baptist Association is raising hell about immigrants but silent on gays and their take over of the country. This is great!
Rick Perry and unGodly Christian Conservative attempts to make fool of God with false prayers. A must read.
What does Racism has to do with the Tea Party, conservative churches and racist sites. Must read!    2012
News media's are making the US less safe by Aiding and abetting terror attacks on TV? Read more
Christian Democrats you have a responsibility to try an save all sinners incliding Christian Conservatives. Their values are not God's values. They share the same values as Tea Partiers and hate groups. We call you to repent now and be saved!!
Turn to God and become a Democrat!!!
Gays are more dangerous to the world than any terriorist groups. God is not pleased.

Christian Post website stated stated that "very religious American identify more as Republicans. The report also showed that nonreligious Americans are more likely to align more with Democrats or lean Democratic". The Christian Post website are liars.
Is Obama the "Sacrificial Lamp" for the nation's poor people. 
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One Party    One Nation    Under God
A Higher Level of Understanding Is Here
Evangelicals, gays, abortion, welfare reform lies  and hell

Breaking News! An old Republican silly gene particle has just been discovered

The Wickiness of Pastors and Ministers

So-called bible belt Christians and Confederacy Ruled.

Christian Right still angry - Need Hysterectomies

If any tell you I am here or there don't believe them.