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Bishop, B E Ward
Poor People Uniting With God
So-called Christian Republicans are using God's name in vain for political power over the poor.
Bishop Eddie Long crowning and his cult followers poses a threat to sane people. more>>
Catholic so-called Republican Christians has devilish consciences on controceptives uses.
Baptism for the dead, the Mormon's way to salvation
What is the conscience of man that he or she will defy God with it?   more>>
Talking with a black Republican so-called Christians about abortion
is like a visit to the "outer limits". more>>
Joel Osteen
What religion does Joel Osteen represent. it's certainly not Christianity? He's a slick deceiver
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June 10, 2012
Judge Not less you be judge
Good for life news printed July 7, 2012
God bless America and then leave us along

Christmas and false love from the Conservative South

New Politics, Christmas and the truth your ministers won't tell you. Reaching out for God never stops.

How hard is it for the rich and wealthy to go to heaven? Do the bible indicate there may be others? more>>

There is No such thing as a born again Christian. Once again backward and confused teaching is rampant in the Republican Church.

Valentine Day Celebration is not for the Church. more>>

Beware of the end of life as we know it. The season has finally come. The great white horse lead the way. more>>

August 25, 2012
Evangelicals, gays, abortion, welfare reform lies and hell

Gays, Chicken Fil-A  Appreciation Day, Republicans and "you're too late"

June 16, 2012
Spanking your kids. Is it unlawful to the God. What do knuckle head Atheists say?

Allowing GAYS to  become legal married couples is against God and supportors against  Amendment one will suffer because of it

Obama Gay History May 10, 2012
Obama, gays and God.The Republican party are full of Gays many are teaching in their churches. Such hypocrites

June 16, 2012
The Church is failing God and responsible for drop in believers

July 7, 2012 Nust read
Breaking News! An old Republican silly gene particle has just been discovered
September 23, 2012
Sunday, a time to return to God, a time to play Church

October 28, 2012
Why I question white Republican's Christianity

Nov 16th 2012
So-called bible belt Christians and Confederacy Rule

September 28, 2012
Are so-called Christian Republicans works of the Devil

October 2, 2012
So-called Christian conservatives,Votes, White Supremacists, Blacks

Good for life news printed July 7, 2012
God bless America and then leave us along

The Conservative False Church And Islamic Terrorists

One Nation    One  Party    Under God
A Higher Level of Understanding Is Here

The Great Noah’s Ark Movie Lie

It's a fact! Most people are not ready based on Biblical teaching

Bad Churches and the need to leave them

Using the Church as a means to destroy God’s People

Are Christians Suppose To Call Sinners Out of their Names?

Joyce Meyer's (minister) Mind control Scheme

False Lying Prophets and False Pitiful Believers

End of another Year of lying pastors and it all start again

Will straight people in the future go to jail for denying homosexuality

The Greatest Christmas Lie Ever Told 

"Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain"
Why most Religious people in America will go to hell if not reformed

Hypocritical Jehovah Witness and Non- Involvement In Government

Abraham wealth and twisted lies  by Pastors Vs Jesus

Jesus, hide me beneath your wings! Yea Right!

Jesus said they are fools and hypocrites -Conservative Republican Churches

Demonism in the undenominational Holiness Churches

Conservative Christians at it again! Confuse Satan with God

The Church lies about Lottery Tickets and Gambling

No! I do not agree with Obama Attacking Syria

Syria! Reformation ..The Most Righteous   and Filthy Rags

Reforming Christianity

The Keys to Salvation

Church Conventions and Seminar Rip Offs

The word NIGGER Vs Picnic (Pick a Nigger)

Mis-use of the Phrase,The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh  Away

Will Church People Ever Graduate Or Continue to Fail

Miracles, Church, Kidnapping, Raping, Is it God?      
What are blessings and why lie about them

Republican Christians at it again, Rebirth of the Silly Season

To Fear God is to Know God,   but There is More

Using oil in Church and voodoo

The Church and hate

Who are more powerful the  Pope or God?

Christians Hold on, Gay Marriages are Wrong

Does Walking Around a House Seven Times bless it?
The End Of a Pope - Not Mine

The Ultimate...The Day of Enlightening and Eye Contact

Did God create people,babies and gays

Death, Saved ,Caught up, Deeper Look Pt. 2 of saved

Shocking police Mafia, Militia, Totalitarian rule, Antichrist

World Christmas, No liar shall enter Heaven

Torture, Sword, God and US policy

Why Christianity is almost Dead-Whose the Blame-Devils, Why No one is Saved? pt.1 of saved

The Devil is in the Details by the blood he poured out

A Whole Lot Of  Churches In The World And a Whole Lot Of Sin

Hell Awaits The False Christian Churches

Satan And The United States Of Gay America, Capital Of The World

Pat Robertson 700 Club Hate for Obama and Democrats

Why Can't Churches and Other religions Pray For Peace in the world

Why do white people hate black people so much?

The Bible must be a Fairly Tale Book to Many, Especially to Pastors

Lunatics Posing As Christians, Healing and How Do We Pray

A generation of children deceived by pastors and parents unable to love God

Does Going to Church or Temple make you a Christian

What in Hell is so Tempting to the                  Republican Church

Church Revival, has it worked? NO!

Pastors Twisting Scriptures of Healings Is Big business

Is God talking to people like you‘re being taught?

Gay rights and cowardice of the people playing church
Is God Watching us as Pastors say?

National Prayer Day Another Satanic Lie

Why do Pastors insist Easter is part of the Resurrection?

Muslim killing Christian and Christian lies about it

In vain do they worship me

Black Pastors, Black Riots, Thieving Churches

God is not working through people nor doctors

Do God really wake us in the morning

Easter Jewish Paganism Claimed by Christians

Israel Not guaranteed the New Jerusalem, Why Bow to Them 

Is Mental Disorders Causing Pastors and Flocks to Lie

Muslim killing Christian and Christian lies about it

The truth shall set you free-racism and the false church

You can't Defeat violence with prayer  

The False Christian Church Of Today vs True Christianity