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    Can a minister of God protest?

They sure can! Most voters claim to be Christian any way.  And as Christians they must have a Shepard. That leadership is not just given inside a building but mainly outside because this is where you involve yourselves with the enemy, the wolves.

The pastor is the protector and should be leading the people in the right direction. Our job is to watch as well as pray because we (I am) are in this world and this country, therefore, I am affected by every thing that take place in it.

I get hungry, I pay bills, I get sick, I go to war, I pay insurance, I pay taxes, I worry about the country I love, I have a home, I worry about the people I'm in charge of, I care about unemployment, the weak, the shut-ins, the hungry, healthcare, my neighbor, my family, jobs and education. It is up to the ministers to care about these, the issues, that plague our flocks just as God care about our souls.

We were told to build and multiply. This task wasn't told to unbelievers, but believers. That which I built I love and do not want to see it and the people go down. God has a government and will not sit back and let Satan or any other being destroy it. He has armies of angles at his calling to make sure of it. (war in heaven)

Yes! Ministers should do more than just sit back and let the country go down. Remember! When the country goes down, as we have already seen, we, the ministers, go down with it.

I may go down but I don't intend to stay down! That's why I started the Ppartymovement to help bring my people, God's people, up and out of the mess the republican party put all of us in.

Bishop, Ward
Bishop, B.E.Ward
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