If medical insurance companies won't lower your insurance costs and premiums, then put them out of business.  It's legal!       
    Start a Group Medical Pool
Medical insurance cost is soaring out of this world. They are unregulated and sky is the limit on robbing us poor people blind. Many poor people are not rich like Tea partiers and most Republicans. We can't depend on those in office any more.

So, what I have come up with is a medical pool. This is only a few peoples from your church or small organization getting together and pooling your money to help each pay medical, dental and vision bills.

We really don't need insurance companies to pay our medical bills. Our money is our money and we can do with it what we want. So lets drop those insurance companies and insure ourselves. All the medical establishment wants is payment for their services. So, we pay them out of our "medical pool."

It's so simple that many around the nation can do it and pay huge medical bills totaling $25,000 and more.

First of all, a pools can be in  any amount level you want it to be. I suggest three level which is three types of monthly payment. These payments are according to how much help from the pool you want. For example, $50 per month for self or family for 70% payout from "Pool", or $75 per month for self or family for 85% payout from pool and finally, $100 per month for 100% (full coverage ) self or family.

To make this work and it will work better than you have ever imagine. Churches and control groups and organization can better make this work because they are determined to cut high costs. But any one can create a medical pool by bringing honest, reliable and willing people together to help each other for a cause that is serious to them and their families.

Now here's how its done. You need a certain amount of people willing to join your pool and wait until the amount of people you determine has all signed up. Of course, If you are starting the pool you are the head of it and need  only a secretary, bookkeeper, maybe 2 employees according to need and a bank account with a given company name.

Sign up require written and signed documents  agreeing to  make payments to medical establishment on behalf of member. How does this work. When a member visit  a doctor they pay the initial office fee. Normally this is from $15 to $50. The member then carry or mail this cost along with receipt of payment and bill to your pool handlers. Pool handlers will determine payout according to what type of pool level you join and make full payment. A full rebate is made to member according to medical receipt if full coverage.

NOTE: More members can be added to your pool as determined by the amount of money in your pool and use.

Any member in your pool or pools has the right to view all books and records at any time with any one or along.

Prescription drugs can be added for another   $10, $15, and $20 with full coverage.

                           Example of money invested to pay benefits

People/members                $50 Cost per person per/m                yearly accumulation
100                                                          $5000                                          $60,000
200                                                            10,000                                         120,000
500                                                            25,000                                         1,250,000

You can see from this $50 per month chart that insurance companies after merging hundred of thousands of people together are making a killing off of us. But this is done only because we allow it. Let's jump to a monthly payment of $120 per month with 500 active paying members in your pool.

500                                                           $ 60,000                                     $7,200,000

Multiply yearly accumulation by 2 years and you have $1,440,000. This is full coverage that include any amount of prescription drug cost within your 500 pool. Additional drug savings can be negotiated with drug companies and pharmacies for generic and brand savings. After 2 years members monthly cost will be decreased to satisfactory amount determined by members. Also, other investments like housing, businesses and jobs can be developed with determined amount.

Condition of pool membership based on pool level $50, $75, $100

1. Ability to pay
2. Coverage starts when pool limits are met (for example: 500 members in pool)
3. Family full coverage at $120 per month. Note; full coverage is determined by your pool at what limits. If you base full and family coverage on $50 per month that your chose.
4. Contract, rules, carrying cards, meetings.

Remember this rule: STOP! It means---stop-think-observe-plan.

Note: All pools are conducted locally for ease of handling.

                  If you would like to start a pool with me. contact me at:

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