How to Identify A Church Liar

You can tell if a person is lying on God when they say “God told them” and “God showed them” or “God revealed to them“. Such phrases sound good to the unlearned but it is not true to the learned. They lie!

Understanding the word of God is just the same as retaining what one learned in school or through other events and human nature occurrences like reading other materials. What we learn stay with us for our use throughout our lives dealing with others to come to memory for our use.

The bible tell the servant that his duty is to obey the written word of God. Not God himself coming to any person and personally directing them. This is the reason for the word. …. It is without the person. 

Writings are left and or stories are told of and about the history of those no longer here to speak personally for themselves by left behind writings. 

We are without our school teachers, but we remember and use what we were taught by them. Even what we are taught by our parents. The same with the bible.

Common sense is use of the written word that was learned and agreed to as a child of God for passing on to others. Christian duties are to reach out to people and spread the gospel. That’s what we do.

We do this without lying and trying to influence others that you and only you hear from the Almighty God personally. That God drops what he’s doing and spend his time only with you, ignoring the rest of us. Yea, Right!

So, I have to end by asking this question once again. “What make you so great that God will come down from heaven and talk with you or do anything for you and no body else and where is this great power and how come it is not being use toward others?”

Any one, and I mean any one that say such a thing is not only a liar but a fool. It take big balls or ovaries to lie on the Almighty God…. I wouldn’t want to be that person in the end. No liars shall enter Heaven… Think about it! 


God Called Me, They Said 

I was riding over in James City today and came upon a Church sign that read, a particular minister was to preach something true Christians has never heard of , what ever that is. It stated the minister was “called by God”.

I shook my head in disbelief at how ignorant and what liars are filling these false churches. No one is called by God! Any one that say they are is a liar on God.

Here is a fact! The only ones called by God were the disciples. There names are in the bible. Not ours! They were called to help Jesus personally to start and help spread the gospel from it’s beginning. 

What they did ended in the official and only written word of God to the people. There is no more new news from God to the people. God has no reason to call anyone else to deliver new news over that which Jesus brought.

Besides, any one that God call to the ministry would have to bring new news different from that of the bible. If this be so, then how would this new news get to the rest of the world? Would it bring new changes? How would it affect those never hearing it? Why would people have to believe it? Why is the person called fixed in a building or stays in the shadows?

No people, there is no new calling of no one. They all lie. The word of God draw anyone to teach the gospel that care about God and want to witness it to others. It is the duty of every Christian to teach the true gospel. Just think if this was done. What a world we would have. 

Next time someone say God called them to the gospel, ask them why, how and what is this new gospel only they know? And why would God call only them? Then ask them, “are you lying again? Think about it! 

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