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Minorities are not fools!
Herman Cain - A Joke!
Here is another minority black man who thinks blacks are really stupid. He thinks that he along with his Tea Party mongrels can fool blacks into giving back gains made under the Obama Administration.

He call himself the "Dark Horse". Mr Cain. you will continue to be the dark horse when it come to blacks not voting for you.

On CNN Feb. 11, he stated, in so many words, that blacks really doesn't know what's good for them. He act like we need him to steer us in the right direction.

Where were you in 2008 Mr.Cain, when your party was robbing this country blind. Like other Republicans you were sitting by enjoying as you stated on CNN February 11, "the good life" while the country suffered.

By the way Mr. Cain, the same poor blacks around you were losing their jobs, houses, going without enough food, and the list goes on, where was you?

Its easy to get on the radio and keep your job because you talk about everything rednecks enjoy.

Mr Cain is best know as CEO of God Father's Pizza and hosted "The Herman Cain Show" on Atlanta talk radio station News Talk 750 WSB until February 2011 and serves as a commentator for Fox News.

Cain has been cited as one of the primary "saboteurs" of the 1993/1994 health care plan of President Bill Clinton and then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Mr Cain In 2006, was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in both his colon and his liver. Cain underwent surgery and chemotherapy following the diagnosis, and has since reported that he is cancer free.[

He use this episode in his life to project a sympathetic image of himself to make people feel sad for him as though he is the only person to ever have had or beat cancer.

Mr. Can fought against past health care that all sick people could have benefited from. But because of his past efforts to kill it, many has died.

Now he want, along with the Tea Party to finish killing the rest of us poor people that the Obama Administration is trying to save with the passing of the "Health Care Act" in 2010.

He is just another stupid black man who the Tea Party and Republican Party uses like a piece of dirty candy to look at, talk about, and toss away.

He's a shelf piece!

He's  the hook on the fish line the Tea Party thinks can reel in sensible blacks with an artificial lure. It won't work!

This guy talked against Obama and his accomplishments on CNN as though he was the one who pulled us out of the ditch.

What are Republican candidates smoking!

How these candidates can in good conscious speak as though Obama stimulas didn't work only show how ignorant even a rich man can be,

And let me say this. Rich people can be stupid and ignorant just as some poor people. Stupidity is not reserved for the poor.

Remember, Poor people didn't get us into this mess. Rich people did!

Now that Democrats have saved the country and you did nothing to help, We don't need you Now, Mr. Cain!

Now he want to run for president. On his site he start off telling a lie. For he stated "I continue to determine how God wants me to best serve our great nation." 

As a minister I know God has nothing to do with him running for president. Peple love to use the word God in their statements, thinking this will prove him or her a better man or woman in the site of those he's trying to convince or get something out of.

Democratic Blacks and Minorities will never vote For Herman Cain and the radical Tea Party!

We are and will remain Democratic loyalist to the party.