Who is Jesus and False Pastor Worshiping in the False Church? Many people think by being in a crowd or belonging to an organization is entry into heaven. They think if they have a pastor to look over them and constantly tell them how to act is automatically entrenched into heaven. They think if they go to a building to falsely claim that that building is holy ground and it is there that God is worshipped and this must be done then let me say, “none of this is true, period!!

All that go to church are there for one thing. To worship the pastor. They go because they foolishly think the pastor can get them salvation. However, pastors have their own worries. There chances of receiving salvation is the same as ours or yours. Why? One word, “Christian!”

Anyone claiming the name Christian are on the same level. You cannot use this name unless you live by the word of God. To live by it means you no all that is required to be called a Christian.

Now! How can a Christian need a Christian to tell them how to act or to believe in Jesus, thus, God?How can a Christian need be reminded? How can a Christian need reviving, thus, “having a revival service?” If this is you and you believe this, then you are a pretender! A liar! A sinner!

So, what have you learned? You’ve learned that you are the same as your pastor and you should not be in need of being taught. You are kings and priest in your own rights and should be teachers yourselves to others around you every day and hour as it may present an opportunity.

You will go to hell if you go to Church instead of being the living Church 24 hours a day. The word is the true Church and you are the temple of God and the word of God dwells in you and not in a building. That is, if you claim to be a Christian. 

Besides, Jesus plainly stated, “he does not live in a house made by hands!” How hard is this not to understand. Returning back to temple and priest worshiping put Christ through the crucifixion all over again. That is, behaving like Jesus never died for forgiveness of our sins.

But let’s speak about your pastor pretending to replace the word of God,Jesus, and having you think they are something special to you.

I will also show you that no one is responsible for you but you and it is hard to receive salvation and not as easy as you are falsely told.

What I’m about to tell you is Bible truth. Now listen up! There is no one anywhere that is righteous. Anyone claiming they are is a fool. Putting your trust in a pastor is one being a fool. Our very best is not good enough for God!

The Mediator!
We, all of us, including your pastors, are so dirty and unworthy before God, that at judgement we need Jesus to help plea our case for salvation. He is our mediator. Without him we all are hell bound.

Take a look at what I’m saying! Jesus is standing beside us pleading to God not kill us. That, there is hope in some of us! Once again he’s putting his reputation on the line for us you again. 

But, can Jesus be overruled? Or is what ever he say in our defense is accepted by God! I sure hope so!! But for sure, Father God is the Judge!! We know how this works when we stand before. 

Better to be as close to righteousness as we can get when we pass over. If, not, God will say, “depart from me, I know you not!

In closing 

Yes, your pastor need, “The mediator!” And yes, you stand a better chance with Jesus to receive salvation than your pastor! Your pastor is the one having health insurance, but tells you that God heals. You have health insurance also. Woe unto liars!!

And as long as there are building pastors, they have to lie to keep you coming. But the Bible state to, “come out from among them!”

Now, If God is this strict, AND HE IS, no wonder Jesus stated, “many are called, but few are chosen!

There is a reason for obeying the word of God. But, what could be so important that good people will go to hell, but the few is given rule over many and then what? What is going on in the afterlife, the spirit world? What will the saved see and behold? Then what!!!!! 

Live life daily and enjoy this world God gave us to enjoy and build upon. Worship God in spirit and word. The word is always and always in print. When you, we eat it, Jesus said, “he will be with us always”...