Pastors Are Not Guaranteed Salvation
Going Here and there to Worship

Sadly the false Church will open their doors to welcome all manner of people. 

They foolishly go to see God. Some even say they go there to worship God. Both means the same. However, common sense, though not readily used, acknowledged that God is not there to be worshiped. 

However, there are someone there taking the place of God and require worship and respect as they take the high seat and look low. I speak of none other than pastors. Yes, the people go to worship their god in their house where their god rules and looks for love. 

They look up to someone who is in no better shape than they to enter Heaven. Yea, their sins are greater because they refuse truth because truth ends false power and all pastors will do and say anything to hold onto this power. 

The people have been told that there is a such thing as a particular time and day for worship. In other words, one can live like madmen for 6 days and some how receive forgiveness from the pastor if they come before them on Sunday, the special 1st day of the week. 

Yes, it is the pastor that has lied to his servants and keep them from understanding the truth.

The truth is, you do not have to go anywhere to ask forgiveness nor worship God. The only way to worship God is by the agreeing of the spirits. This come only by the written word. When you accept and agree with the written word, the word, which is the spirit of God written down, and you, become one.

You immediately begin to worship God. You are now the temple that house the art of the covenant, Gods word inside of your heart soul and mind. You eat it and it becomes you.

Everyday you walk with God. Your worship is controlling your attitude, action and habits trying to respect God whom you’re never met other than through the word. However, you believe because of a changing life force that is trying to teach you right from wrong.

You now seek truth and justice for those around you. Being in the world there are much to do to help others understand the reason for God letting us shortly rule over his world. He expect us to be happy and love each other and fight against injustice that all May live in peace.

Each one is called accordingly to their want and how much they want in the end. The Bible state that Christians are at war against Satan. Satan is the worse our world and country has ever come up against and servants must battle him.

Satan’s powers have divided the Church and have them warring against each other. Satan has his ministers in high places to counter the truth of God. Blinding the people and telling them not to fight Satan, but do good just towards themselves and those in their buildings. This is against the will of God. 

God require strong and obedience people that will fight injustice for him. When we do, we help and hopefully give one and another the chance to be chosen to live again in God’s ever so expanding universe.

Remember, God cannot build or rebuild with sinners and liars. He would be defeated before he started. There are big things waiting for those that endure.

For fools, a few short years of pleasure is enough for them. Hell waits where they think they will quickly burn and is no more. But not true! There is a long while of punishment before hell is quenched. If ever! 

Like prison, you must pay and know why you are paying this price. Suffering and screaming goes on deaf ears as time and time passes until the one thousands years are up and Satan now joins you for the final stage of oblivion.

But the chosen righteous, the fighters, the truth tellers, the oppressed will live among the stars as the sons of light.

Yes, if you go to Church you put Christ through the crucifix all over again. Yes, you are sinning. No, you are not a Christian when you do not know how to worship. Yes, you go to worship one person(s), the pastors. The Bible states, all will fall into the ditch.

Today, Sunday, like those before, nothing will be accomplished. Come out from among them and educate yourselves in understanding the mysteries the Bible in which Christianity is. It is a lot more than you have been told. 

We are not perfect but we better get close to it. You, the pastor and me need Jesus, the mediator, to please God. That’s how bad our sins are. 

Now how can the pastor help you? Who will help them? They are not guaranteed heaven. Think about it and become a warrior for God. For now, sadly, the true Church war against the false Church. Evangelicals must me called out as workers of Satan!