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Tea Party Spotlight!

                  Tea party  And Fascism

Exactly what does the Tea Party want? Is it power and control? Lets take a look:
Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems,
including the political system and the economy.

Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, singular
collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the
nation strong. They claim that culture is created by the collective national society and its state,
that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus they reject individualism. Viewing
the nation as an integrated collective community, they see pluralism as a dysfunctional aspect of society, and justify a totalitarian state as a means to represent the nation in its entirety.
They advocate the creation of a single-party state.

Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the fascist state and the fascist movement.
They identify violence and war as actions that create national regeneration, spirit and vitality. (Wikipedia)

In other words they are an extreme right movement that believe that only one political party is
capable of running the country and its theirs.  And they are willing to wage war internally to
make it so. (pparty)

On November 18, 2010  from HAVANA CUBA-  The conservative Tea Party movement, credited for a recent Republican resurgence in U.S. politics, is moving the United States towards fascism, Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in remarks published on Thursday.  He also stated, “we were a ruined nation on the road to fascism, thanks to the tea party which he describes as an extreme  right movement. ----- He should know. (Ppartymov.)